cNODE Micro (Photo: Kongsberg)

Kongsberg Introduces cNODE Micro

Kongsberg will unveil the innovative cNODE Micro system at Ocean Business this week. As the smallest member of the highly regarded cNODE series of subsea transponders, the new cNODE micro is designed to provide range accuracy better than 2 cm and is ideally suited for divers and shallow water ROVs, at depths down to 600 meters. With dimensions of 245 x 55 mm, cNODE Micro is both compact and light weight. It uses Kongsberg Maritime’s proprietary Cymbal digital acoustic protocols to provide the optimal positioning performance using the Kongsberg range of SSBL systems, from μPAP through

Photo courtesy of Hydro Group

Hydro Group Completes MeyGen Contract

cable up to the nacelle, including the dynamic cable, the in-board connection system and the mechanical loading system, transmitting a power output of 1.5MW at 4.0kV per turbine and incorporating fibre optic links.   Mr Whyte continued: “As offshore installation costs are the highest in any marine infrastructure, minimising those costs has been a strong focus for us. We design our systems to mate and de-mate (connect and disconnect) in less than one hour to ensure offshore installation cost is reduced.   “Further to this, Hydro Group’s system is designed for minimal maintenance

(Photo: Global Ocean Design)

SoCal Tech Focus: Global Ocean Design

standard with an o-ring face seal, four 7/16-20 tapped connector ports with blanking plugs, and a vacuum port. With only 5psi vacuum differential (approximately 10psi internal), the spheres are held together with nearly 300-lbs of force.      (As published in the March 2017 edition of Marine Technology Reporter

Photo: BIRNS

SoCal Tech Focus: BIRNS

Oxnard, Calif. based BIRNS, Inc. opened in 1954, and has been serving the global marine industry ever since with high performance lighting and connector products.The technological advancements in the field of cable assembly development have been rapid and exciting in the last decade in particular. BIRNS has been creating new connectivity solutions that provide immense performance characteristics in relatively small packages. In its flagship connector line, the BIRNS Millennium series, BIRNS customers are able to rely on a 6km open face rated assemblies that combine high and low voltage electrical

Figure 1: TE Connectivity’s SEACON 24/48 Channel HydraLight Wet Mate connector for optical subsea distribution systems. (Image: TE Connectivity)

Fiber-Optic Connector Technology for O&G Ops

may have generous lead-ins to guide the mating halves together.   Connecting Traditional Packaging to Subsea Applications To a great extent, subsea fiber optic connectors use new ways of packaging tried-and-true technologies, rather than radically new and unproven approaches. TE Connectivity Marine Oil & Gas adapts technologies that were well-established for telecom, network, aerospace and military applications to subsea applications. Subsea connector technology relies on ultra physical contact (UPC) and, more recently, angled physical contact (APC) for better performance (especially with

Hydro Group Chris Westren, business development manager with Graham Wilkie, head of global development (photo: Hydro Group)

Hydro Group Grows Australian Network

subsea cable and connector specialist Hydro Group plc has partnered with MacTaggart Scott Australia as the firm increases its positioning in the region.    The partnership is focused on consolidating Hydro Group’s current work on the Royal Australian Navy Collins Class Submarines and to extend its services to aid the Australian capability for Future Submarine and Future Frigate. Additionally, the company will offer its expertise in specific marine cabling systems.    Complementing the work Hydro Group undertakes, MacTaggart Scott provides solutions from analysis

The SEA drymate connector (Photo: SEA)

Drymate Connector Aids Wave & Tidal Development

Marine energy facility EMEC provides the hard infrastructure necessary to test wave and tidal energy prototypes at sea. The electricity produced at EMEC’s test sites is fed into an onshore substation through subsea cables, and is then connected into the national power grid.    Connected to the subsea end of EMEC’s cable, SEA’s Drymate Connector provides pressure balanced make and break connectivity. This enables rapid connection, proven in operation at the EMEC test site.     The connector also includes termination using a Partial Discharge (PD) free, testable

Image: Deep Ocean Engineering

Deep Ocean Engineering Debuts the Phantom L6 ROV

San Jose, Calif. based Deep Ocean Engineering, Inc. has introduced its newest addition to the Phantom series of inspection-class remotely operated vehicles (ROV), the Phantom L6. “The PhantomL6 is our latest entry into the 500m inspection class ROV arena. It comes equipped with active roll stabilization and heading gyro stabilization, allowing the pilot to control with precision, while minimizing exhausting, repetitive movement. As with other Phantom series ROVs, we offer an open-frame architecture for easier mechanical integration, and dedicated expansion bulkhead connectors are provided as

Photo: Fugawi

LCJ Captures Ultrasonic Solid-State Wind Sensors

LCJ Capteurs produces solid state ultrasonic wind sensors built for the harsh marine environment. Their durability and user friendly operation also lend them well to use in weather stations and industrial applications, such as agriculture. These innovative sensors are now available through Fugawi based in Toronto, Canada. Fugawi has been an industry leader in software and digital charts for the marine industry since 1995. In addition to its own software, Fugawi distributes high tech marine products such as the NMEA 2000 Actisense gateways. “We are proud to add the LCJ Capteurs’ unique

(Image: LORD Corporation)

New Inertial Sensors for Unmanned and Autonomous Vehicles

Embedded sensing systems developer LORD Sensing MicroStrain said it has expanded its portfolio of sensors for unmanned and autonomous vehicles for air, land and sea with the introduction of the 3DM­GX5 family of inertial sensors.   “We have a large portfolio that shares the same software and protocol, allowing customers to move up and down the product line where they need varying levels of precision with MEMS Inertial Sensors or GNSS,” said Andy Winzenz, Commercial Director, LORD Sensing. “Customers can stay within the LORD family and dial into their needs. LORD continues

Typical 100t pipeline suction anchor, installed on Greater Plutonio field, offshore Angola [Jayson et al – Offshore Pipeline Technology Conference 2008]

Partners Address Pipe-walking Challenges

The Industry Technology Facilitator (ITF) said it is welcoming additional participants to a new joint industry project (JIP) to develop pipeline anchoring and monitoring systems which could mitigate the risk of pipeline walking and cut pipeline anchor installation costs in half.   The Anchoring Pipeline Technology (APT) JIP will bring together major global operators and pipeline installation companies to collaborate with ITF and Crondall Energy, an independent oil and gas consultancy, to investigate alternative and less costly solutions and create a roadmap on how to manage and mitigate the

(Photo: Teledyne Marine)

Teledyne to Showcase New Tech at OI North America

Teledyne Marine said its team will be out in full force to showcase its range of solutions at Oceanology International North America 2017, held February 14-16 in San Diego where the group will offer facility tours, on water and dockside demonstrations, and a look at its latest products and technologies.   Local faculty tours As San Diego is home to several Teledyne Marine brands, the group is offering an opportunity to arrive a day early and spend an afternoon touring four local Teledyne Marine facilities: Teledyne RD Instruments, Oceanscience, Impulse and SeaBotix – capped off with a

Image: Soundnine

New Compass Module Simplifies Wind Sensor Integration on Buoys

Soundnine Inc., a manufacturer of sensors, inductive modems and real-time systems for marine research and monitoring, has introduced its new Inline Compass Module (ICM) that combines heading and tilt data with wind speed data from RS-232 wind sensors to produce a serial data stream of wind speed and vector-averaged wind direction on buoys or other moving platforms. It’s suited for upgrading existing sensor installations and can also be operated without a wind sensor as a digital compass and accelerometer. The ICM contains a three-axis magnetometer and accelerometer that measure heading and

Photo: Paul Unterweiser

Tech File: Blue Robotics BlueROV2

of nearly a dozen engineers and technicians working full time designing fresh new approaches to the challenges of ocean exploration.   The Author Paul Unterweiser is a retired U.S. Navy officer, USCG licensed master, ROV pilot and, for the last 10 years, president of Marine Simulation, a software company located in North Carolina specializing in developing training simulators for ROV pilot schools and other marine industry applications.     (As published in the November/December 2016 edition of Marine Technology Reporter

(Photo: Regeneris)

Brexit: What’s in Store for the Subsea Sector?

large role in its development, not only in the UK but also in Europe and elsewhere.”   The UK’s commitment to supporting low carbon energy, North Sea activities and promoting UK content assumes, post-Brexit, the government will continue to push for growth in its subsea, offshore and marine energy sectors. As these activities are linked, the growth of the subsea sector relies on the continued support of offshore renewables, oil and gas and large EU directives such as the new high voltage subsea connecters linking the UK and Europe.    It is likely that, for the foreseeable

Completed North Sea Caisson Replacement with GMC Mechanical Connector (Photo: GMC)

GMC Wins Third North Sea Caisson Build Contract

GMC Limited has announced that following its two recent caisson awards from North Sea operators, the company has been awarded a third caisson fabrications contract. All three awards will utilize GMC’s unique multi-tooth mechanical connector, specifically designed for replacement caisson applications.    GMC continues to expand its Sea Water Lift (SWL) caisson replacement service in providing Operators with a fully managed caisson fabrication service, including client specific coating requirements, and often working to tight delivery schedules.   SWL caissons are integral

(Image: Deep Ocean Engineering)

Deep Ocean Engineering Introduces Digital Control Console

Deep Ocean Engineering has introduced its new digital control system, the Phantom Digital Control Console (Model# NIS-300), compatible with new and existing Phantom Firefly and P-150 Systems. The new design of this digital control console has fewer connectors and reduced weight. The unit contains real-time diagnostics and can be monitored, serviced and upgraded remotely, resulting in a lower cost of ownership. Other features include a digital pilot box, an integrated DVR with audio annotation, an optional USB gamepad control support, a text and graphic video overlay and a universal power supply (90

Bill Mildon, president Photo  Hydro Group Systems

Mildon Appointed President, Hydro Group

in Pinellas County, Fla.   With nearly 40 years’ experience in undersea product development from complex sonars to sensors and undersea cable and connectors, Mildon has held a number of senior positions, most recently as technical director at Nest Technical Services. He has led teams in submarine penetration designs, under water connectors and numerous fiber optic inter-connect products.   In his new role Mildon will be focused on shaping and delivering Hydro Group Systems to carry the same vision of Hydro Group Plc, based in Aberdeen, Scotland. Along with developing this vision in

Well Cap Clamp. Photo: 3D at Depth

World's First Fabrication of Subsea Well Part Using LiDAR Data and 3D Printing

 Fugro and 3D at Depth, a global provider of advanced subsea LiDAR systems and solutions, announce the world's first application of subsea LiDAR data used to 3D Print an accurate 1:1 physical model of a damaged well part.    The ability to use accurate spatial data in subsea part fabrication with 3D printing, introduces a wide range of possibilities to reduce costs across intervention planning and Life of Field programs.    The subsea part fabrication was part of a larger project conducted in early 2016, using 3D at Depth's subsea LiDAR SL 2 technology and point cloud

Image: DeepSea Power & Light

DeepSea Power & Light Debuts LED SeaLite

New from DeepSea Power & Light is the LED SeaLite, which the manufacturer says is engineered to deliver a high-performance, field serviceable and affordable subsea light.   The LED SeaLite has up to 9,000 lumens with either a flood or spot beam pattern. The compact design weighs as little as 240 g in water and measures 78.7 mm in diameter and 88.5 mm long in a flood configuration without a connector. This light uses a hard anodized 6013 aluminum housing and is depth rated to 6,000 m with a standard sapphire port and 3,000 m with an acrylic port.   Both the LSL-1000 and LSL-2000

(Image: ROS)

ROS Introduces New Positioner Technology

Remote Ocean Systems (ROS) has developed a new lightweight pan and tilt positioner that can be computer controlled and programmed. The new P15 positioner includes a heavy-duty connector that enables RS485 communication protocol for precise positioning and allows for field firmware upgrades. The P15 is a smaller, lightweight rugged design that is ideal for small ROV’s and bridge and dam inspections. It can handle payloads to 15 lbs with an accuracy level of 0.1”+/- 0.1”. The P15 is available air filled (70 meters) or oil filled for depths to 6,000 meters.

EdgeTech Plans On-water Demos for MTS TechSurge

EdgeTech said it will conduct on-water equipment demonstrations from October 26-28, 2016 during MTS TechSurge, a “joint navy-industry-university ‘underwater cables, connectors and imaging systems’ three-day working session” held in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.   EdgeTech will use the demonstrations to showcase its 6205 Multi Phase Echo Sounder (MPES) and the 4125 ultra-high resolution, lightweight side scan sonar system. EdgeTech will hold the demonstrations on-board one of the two company-owned research vessels, the Ocean Researcher II. The vessel is docked in Ft. Lauderdale

Photo: BIRNS

BIRNS Invests in New Automated Molding Press

BIRNS, Inc. informs it has enhanced its existing molding capabilities with the addition of a new custom 40 ton hydraulic transfer press to provide additional firepower to the company’s molding facility for connector inserts, allowing computer controlled precision for functions like injecting glass reinforced epoxy (GRE) and providing increased speed and output for large orders. The press has an advanced user interface for seamless set up and process control, offers the options of either manual or fully automated cycles, and features multiple zone heat control, with closed loop thermocouple

MTX Xplorer (Photo: MTS)

MTS Supports Wave Hub Cable Work

Specialist U.K. vessel operator completes subsea survey charter at renewable technology site off the Cornish Coast.   Marine service provider Marine and Towage Services Group Ltd. (MTS) announced that its vessel MTS Xplorer has completed 'as built' survey works as part of marine cable installation activity conducted by contractor James Fisher at the pioneering Wave Hub site off the Cornwall coast.   Wave Hub provides a dedicated testing location for innovative offshore renewable energy technology, with purpose-built transmission infrastructure enabling installed devices to export to the

Photo: Shark Marine

MTR100: Shark Marine

Canada-based Shark Marine Technologies Inc. develops and delivers innovative technologies for commercial diving, scientific research, survey firms, film production companies, search and recovery organizations and some of the most elite military and law enforcement agencies around the world, and has recently secured a pair of naval references. The company supplies video systems, ROVs and accessories, diver held systems, diver delivery systems, software, sonar systems, magnometers, tether management solutions, connectors as well as other custom products. Shark Marine’s MAKO diver delivery

Image: MacArtney

MTR100: SubConn

are widely regarded as dependable, rugged and cost effective. Easily recognizable by their red locking sleeves and with a track record of almost 40 years at the service of maritime equipment and system operators, SubConn connectors are regarded as an industry standard connectivity solution within most marine markets, applications and industries.  [email protected]       (As published in the July/August 2016 MTR100 edition of Marine Technology Reporter

More Stim: jack-ups like the Maersk Gallant (seen from the business end) might soon be completing more wells with Fishbones stimulation technology. (Photo Ole Jørgen Bratland - Statoil)

Norway's Rising Subsea Stars

the same requirement,” the Class man asks somewhat rhetorically. DNV GL is hoping to foster site-specific regulation for P&A that would even the playing field, as Norwegian P&A rules require filling a 100-meter top-hole plug, although 8 m is enough in other oil provinces. The RP includes marine wells based on ISO 31000 standards. The recommendation follows a P&A project at the Huldra field, where Statoil learned that one double barrier was as good as five single barriers and would earn a savings of 100 million kroner on the test wells involved. Some 3,000 wells on the Norwegian continental

Image: / Teledyne Marine

Galway Bay Observatory Goes Live

Subsea observatory off Ireland’s coast goes live with Teledyne Marine interconnect   Ireland currently imports most of its energy from sources outside the country, but has an excellent natural resource in the form of ocean power off of its west coast, in Galway Bay. To take advantage of this clean, natural energy resource would make a major environmental and social contribution, and reduce Ireland’s carbon impact. Harnessing the energy from ocean activity will require a detailed understanding of the ocean’s behavior in this location, then subsequent commercial development to

Mike Read (Photo: Teledyne)

Teledyne Maintains Course

In what has become something of an MTR100 tradition, MTR visits with a trio of executives from Teledyne, a diverse company with links in each sector of the market, for insights on current developments and future trends. This year we speak with Mike Read, President of Teledyne Marine; William Egan - Vice President Sales & Marketing – Imaging & Instruments for Teledyne Marine; and Ken Nagengast, SVP, Global Technology & Group CTO.   Teledyne has grown steadily, serving as a market consolidator over the past decade. Please discuss the overall corporate strategy devised to align

Flowlines isolated, mechanical connectors and valves installed (Photo: STATS Group)

Murchison Decommissioned after 30 Years of Operation

STATS Group in collaboration with Paradigm Flow Services and Halliburton safely and successfully isolated, de-oiled, plugged and abandoned two 3.5” subsea flowlines as part of the Murchison decommissioning project.   After nearly 30 years of operation in the Northern North Sea, the CNR International operated Murchison field had reached the end of its production life. Prior to the removal of the topsides jacket, it became evident that two subsea flowlines were still connected to the platform. These lines were known to still contain hydrocarbons and required to be de-oiled and cut to

First Subsea BSC ready for deployment on Statoil’s Gina Krog FSO. (Photo: Gina Krog)

Relatchable Bend Stiffener Connector for Gina Krog FSO

Subsea connector specialist, First Subsea, has supplied a relatchable bend stiffener connector to NOV Completion & Production Solutions for a flexible production riser for Statoil’s Gina Krog, turret moored, Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO) vessel in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.   The API 17L-1 compliant, Type II bend stiffener connector (BSC) comprises a ball and taper connector attached to a bend stiffener, which is pulled into a pre-machined, compact J-tube built into the turret. During pull-in the end fitting is fixed to the male BSC, once locked into the receptacle

Image: TE Connectivity

TE Introduces New Connectors

TE Connectivity’s high-power AMP MCP 9.5 two position connectors are designed for harsh environment wire-to-wire and wire-to-circuit board connections. Part of TE Industrial & Commercial Transportation’s portfolio of rugged electrical connector solutions, the connectors utilize TE’s AMP MCP 9.5 contacts and have a current rating of 78 amps for 10 mm² wire.   The AMP MCP 9.5 two position connectors are constructed of heavy-duty thermoplastic and withstand severe vibration and mechanical shock. They are IP 67 & IP 69K rated and protect connections from dust, dirt

MacArtney Brings Workshop Services to Northeast US

operations in Massachusetts to larger office space and adding new workshop capacity.    The new workshop will feature molding and termination capabilities designed to support customers and provide custom cable assemblies and turnkey connectivity solutions with short lead times to the local marine community in North America.   For MacArtney, being able to provide effective local service and support to present and potential customers, is the overarching incentive for the continuous expansion in North America, which recently also led to the inauguration of a new MacArtney operation on

(Image: Rolls-Royce)

World's First Offshore Fish Farm Rig

industry has to offer from both fields of aquaculture and offshore oil and gas."   The eight point mooring system to be delivered by Rolls-Royce includes monitoring, fairleads, connectors and subsea load sensing system.   Rolls-Royce has signed a contract with the Chinese Institute of Marine and Offshore Enginering, and the new semi-submersible rig will be constructed at Qingdao Wuchuan Heavy Industry Co. Ltd in China. It is designed by Global Maritime in Norway, and the pilot ocean fish farm is planned to be completed by the second half of 2017.  

Madhukar Kulkarni, India; Benoit d’Alancon, France; Tik Sun, China; Alex Phan, Vietnem; Mike Swann, USA; Marianne Eleanor A. Catanyag; Philippines; Marek Narewski, Poland; Graham Wilkie, Hydro Group; Eric Pham, Vietnam; Steve Ang, Hydro Group Asia Singapore, Doug Whyte Hydro Group (Photo: Hydro Group)

Retaining Company Consistency with Global Collaboration

Doug Whyte, managing director at Aberdeen-headquartered subsea cable and connector specialist Hydro Group, discusses the importance of investing time and effort into educating global partners on your company’s offering, outlook and ethos, to ensure standards are maintained and successful results are achieved when moving into international regions.   Businesses are constantly looking to grow and diversify into new regions and areas, with a recent study, carried out by Coleman Parkes Research on behalf of the Bank of Scotland, reporting that a quarter of U.K. oil and gas companies have

Image: Fischer Connectors

Fischer’ Rugged Flash Drive Now Five Times Faster

Fischer Connectors, producer of push-pull circular connectors and cable assembly solutions, has launched the USB 3.0 version of its ultra-portable, miniature, lightweight and extremely tough Fischer Rugged Flash Drive. This memory stick has been specially designed for the safe transportation and storage of sensitive data in harsh environments.   The USB 3.0 Fischer Rugged Flash Drive is even faster, smaller and more user-friendly than the USB 2.0 product introduced to the market in 2011. The read speed is now up to five times faster; standard memory sizes are 32, 64 or 128 GB; the body is

Image: iXblue

iXblue Offers a Full Range of INS for All AUV Types

 iXblue Offers a Full Range of INS for All AUV Types   With Phins C3, C5 and C7 range, iXblue now provides fully scalable systems that cover all inertial navigation needs for any size of AUV. Based on iXblue’s silent true solid state Fiber-Optic Gyroscope technology, the Phins Compact Family guarantees high accuracy, unrivalled reliability and proved robustness.   The iXblue’s Phins Compact Family has been designed to offer the AUV industry players the ability to choose an inertial navigation system adapted to their vehicle, whatever their size and mission, from accurate

FPSO Turritella (Photo: InterMoor)

Chain Tensioning, Cutting Completed for FPSO Turritella

InterMoor said it has completed the final tensioning and chain cutting operations on the FPSO Turritella for the Shell Stones project, located in the Walker Ridge protraction area in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM).    The FPSO Turritella will connect to subsea infrastructure located beneath approximately 9,500 ft (2,896 m) of water, breaking the existing water depth record for an oil and gas production facility. This ultra-deepwater project marks the first FPSO for Shell in the GoM, and the second FPSO in the GoM.     Having arrived in January 2016, the Turritella is a disconnectable

Turritella FPSO Photo InterMoor

InterMoor completes Chain Tensioning, Cutting on FPSO in GoM

InterMoor, an Acteon company, has successfully completed the final tensioning and chain cutting operations on the FPSO Turritella for the Shell Stones project, located in the Walker Ridge protraction area in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM).   The FPSO Turritella will connect to subsea infrastructure located beneath approximately 9500 ft (2896 m) of water, breaking the existing water depth record for an oil and gas production facility. This ultra-deep water project marks the first FPSO for Shell in the GoM, and the second FPSO in the GoM. Having arrived in January 2016, the Turritella is a dis-connec

Xin Lian (Photo: BIRNS, Inc.)

BIRNS Hires Lian as Manufacturing Engineer

Xin Lian has joined BIRNS, Inc. as Manufacturing Engineer.   BIRNS, an ISO 9001:2008 certified designed and manufactured lights, connectors, penetrators and custom cable assemblies, said Lian’s hiring is in line with the expansion of its Engineering and Production Departments.   In her new role, Lian will be responsible for writing detailed work instructions, operation procedures and job travelers for all BIRNS production operations. Reporting to the Production Manager, the role will include collaboration with the company’s Manufacturing, Engineering and Quality leadership to

Image: WFS Technologies Ltd

Using Subsea Technology to Drive Down Costs

Demonstration of Wireless Subsea Asset Integrity Monitoring and Subsea Automation   WFS Technologies, Focus Subsea and Aquip Systems will demonstrate the Seatooth wirelessly enabled products at iTech’s test tank facilities in Wangara, Western Australia, on May 18 and 19, 2016. These control and monitoring systems can increase subsea production and strengthen field economics for operators by improving asset integrity management and flow assurance. The presentation will focus on three main cost-saving solutions: Seatooth PipeLogger, Seatooth Wireless Networks and Seatooth Inclinometer.

(L-R) Doug Whyte, Hydro Group managing director, and Steve Ang, Hydro Group Asia technical sales manager (Photo: Hydro Group)

Hydro Group Plans for Asia Pacific Growth

 Aberdeen-headquarter subsea cable and connector specialist Hydro Group plc announced multiple Asia Pacific Business Partner agreements as the firm continues strategic growth in the region.   As part of international expansion plans in 2013 the firm formed its Singapore based division, Hydro Group Asia, which has shown an annual increase of sales in the region of over £1.5 million. The five new Business Partner agreements with Uni-One in Taiwan, ISL in China, Oceanpixel in the Philippines, PT Indonesia in Indonesia and DKHG in Vietnam will aid Hydro Group’s cabling interconnect

MacArtney and dotOcean delivery of an integrated solution comprising dotOcean’s DensX density profiler with a MacArtney winch system for Government Agency RWS Photo MacArtney

MacArtney Winch Deployment from Vessels of Opportunity

five different standard winch models constructed from high-quality stainless steel. Customers choose between a broad range of specifications including speed, pull, motor size and cable capacity. MacArtney CORMAC M winches are portable, dependable and versatile systems capable of handling multiple marine applications and tasks. The winches feature a modular and compact design allowing for flexible system installation on board vessels having confined deck space. Ultimate application Dutch Rijkwaterstaat (RWS) is the end user of the integrated dotOcean/MacArtney solution and it is to be deployed

First Subsea gets ABS 2009 Approval for larger R4 steel forgings up to 562mm diameter. (Photo: First Subsea)

ABS Approves First Subsea's Large Scale Steel Forgings

Subsea mooring specialist, First Subsea, has achieved American Bureau of Shipping ABS 2009 Approval for its larger R4 steel forgings up to 562mm diameter. These are the largest diameter forgings to have received the approval, and set the benchmark for Offshore Mooring Accessories with forged bars to the requirements of ‘ABS Guide for Offshore Mooring Chain (2009)’, section 1.9 Special Subsea Mooring Connectors.   The ABS 2009 Certification of Offshore Mooring Chain (updated 2014) specifies the requirements for materials, design, manufacture, and testing of offshore mooring chain and

Doug Whyte, managing director. Photo  Hydro Group

Expansion Underway at Hydro Group

Aberdeen-based subsea cable and connector specialist Hydro Group, has expanded its premises by investing £2 million in a new 13,700 sq ft bespoke facility, set to open in spring 2016.   The company currently occupies a 45,500 sq ft facility at the Aberdeen Energy Park, purchasing the additional 0.63 acres of development land from Buccleuch Property and Moorfield Group (Buccmoor LP) to enable it to expand operations and develop a brand new workshop with mezzanine deck.   Doug Whyte, Hydro Group Managing Director, said: “The new facility and additional space was required in

Doug Whyte, managing director Photo Hydro Group

Hydro Group Shortlisted for Made in Scotland Awards

Aberdeen-headquarted, Hydro Group plc is recognised as a finalist at the 2016 Made in Scotland Awards for the categories Manufacturer of the Year and Exporter of the Year.   The subsea cable and connector specialist is at the forefront in the development and innovation of subsea product technologies, with involvement from prototype concept through to design, manufacture and project management.   The company has been named as a finalist for the Manufacturer of the Year as a result of its continued, and outstanding manufacturing efforts. From its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities

HYDRALIGHT Optical Enables Deep Sea Communications

mate-ability.   With design lifetimes counted in decades, our connectors, cables and sensors withstand the harsh environment pressures, temperatures and other hazards of offshore exploration and development.  SEACON is part of the growing portfolio of brands that make up TE within the marine oil and gas market, which also includes brands such as DEUTSCH Offshore, Rochester Wire & Cable, and Raychem. These brands will also be featured at the booth. TE’s engineers will be available for interviews at its booth throughout the show.  

Figure 1

CWDM for the Subsea Market

functions over significant distances with zero latency. As this article highlights, CWDM is a proven technology with exceptional capabilities and expansion potential.     For more information email the author at [email protected]     (As published in the March 2016 edition of Marine Technology Reporter:  

Camera Enables ROVs to See 360 Degrees

could have become time-consuming to reverse, had it not been caught utilizing the camera’s 360 degree capability,” said Chad Brown, GM Operations of Canyon Offshore.   The video system is now available for sale or rental throughout the global offices of Seatronics Ltd., specialists in marine electronic equipment

Photo: Damen

Damen Builds Cable Installer For Maersk Supply Service

;ren Karas, Chief Commercial Officer of Maersk Supply Service, praised the constructive cooperation between the three parties: “Maersk Connector is the result of a successful tri-party cooperation between a quality yard, an experienced subsea service provider and a leading vessel owner and marine operator. Throughout the process there was close communication between all parties, focused on finding solutions.”    “We’ve already been awarded three U.K. and North Sea contracts for Maersk Connector, so we’re very satisfied,” reported DeepOcean Commercial

US Issues Alert on Offshore Oil Equipment Problems

The U.S. Interior Department issued a safety alert on Tuesday, warning offshore oil and gas drillers about a "recurring problem of connector and bolt failures" in equipment including blowout preventers.   The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE), a unit of the department, said it was aware of the problem, which affected components used in risers and underwater blowout preventers used in offshore drilling.   "These failures are of great concern to BSEE due to their frequency and the potential for a catastrophic event," the agency said. In 2012, failures

Image: Vicinay Marine

Mooring Components Ordered for Floating Wind Park

Statoil has signed a contract with offshore chains and mooring systems supplier Vicinay Marine for the design, manufacture and deliver mooring components for the world’s first floating offshore wind park, the Hywind pilot park offshore Scotland. Under the terms of the deal, Vicinay Marine will provide the mooring chains and connectors for the Hywind project, to be delivered at place in Scotland with in 2016. The fabrication of the mooring system will take place at Vicinay Marine´s facilities in Sestao and Galdames in Spain. The 30MW pilot project will consist of five 6MW floating

Final fixation of GreenLink connector to its plate (Photo: SABELLA)

Tidal Turbine Connected with Onshore Electricity Grid

French marine renewable energy pioneer SABELLA has completed a cable operation connecting a tidal turbine to an onshore grid.   The operation was carried out in the Fromveur Passage, off the island of Ushant, France, and the future outcome of connecting the two halves is a coverage of 15 to 20 percent of the Ushant island’s electricity consumption needs. Completed with the help of a MacArtney connectivity solution, the ‘Sabella D10’ tidal stream turbine project includes two drymate GreenLink connectors, one linked with the turbine, the other one connected to the export cable.

First Subsea Ballgrab subsea mooring connector allows quicker deepwater moorings (Photo: First Subsea)

First Subsea Completes Heidelberg Spar Mooring

Deepwater mooring specialist, First Subsea Ltd, has completed the installation of subsea mooring connectors for Anadarko Petroleum Corp's Heidelberg truss spar platform moored in 5,310ft (1,620 m) of water in field development in the Gulf of Mexico.   The 23,000-ton spar has been moored by nine Series III Ballgrab ball and taper mooring connectors attached to polyester mooring lines. The connector's male mandrels are manufactured in compliance with American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) 2009 Approval for specialist subsea mooring connectors.     Ball and taper subsea mooring connectors

Image: CAS DataLoggers

Things to Know When Choosing a Water Level Logger

CAS DataLoggers and Onset Computer Corporation discuss the five most important things hydrologists should consider when choosing a water level data logger. As the demand for water resources continues to grow in the United States and abroad, the ability to assess the impact of urban development and agriculture is more important than ever. To meet this growing demand, water resource managers, engineers and hydrologists have a greater need to monitor groundwater and surface water levels with water level data loggers. This enables them to document baseline and changing water levels over time.   W

Image: 2G Robotics

Subsea Well Operations Equipment Scanned

2G Robotics' ULS-200 provides Total Marine Technology with detailed dimensional data of subsea well operations equipment   Seatronics and 2G Robotics recently conducted a demonstration of the ULS-200 with Australian based company, Total Marine Technology (TMT). TMT provides locally built Work Class Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and intervention tooling designed specifically for the offshore drilling and production industry.   The demonstration generated great interest and led to TMT taking delivery of a ULS-200 for a trial period. TMT's objective was to test the accuracy of the

Cable Connector for World’s Largest Floating Wind Turbine

Cable Connector for Largest Floating Wind Turbine

Subsea connector specialist First Subsea has been awarded a contract to supply a cable connector for the third phase of the Fukushima Floating Offshore Wind Farm Demonstration, offshore Japan. In this latest phase of the project, the connector will be used to connect 22kV cable to a 7MW wind turbine – reportedly the world’s largest floating wind turbine.   So far First Subsea has provided all the cable connectors for both 22kV and 66 kV cables on the Fukushima project.  In Phase 1, two First Subsea cable connectors were used to connect 22kV cable to a 2MW wind turbine and a

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BIRNS Introduces New Coax Contacts

, BIRNS Mechanical Design Engineer. “Preventing the dielectric and or center conductor from being extruded from the outer conductor or creating a leak path under pressure would have to include radial transitions, seals and compression resistant materials—however, coax contact designers in the marine industry have historically avoided such features to control impedance.”    BIRNS’ engineering team achieved its new pressure resistant coax line with a proprietary design, optimizing transitions to prevent extrusion and minimize impedance discontinuities. Plus, it incorporated

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Exploring the Subsea Cable Market

, with ocean environments varying significantly in different regions and therefore different risks to consider such as salinity, water temperatures and seabed conditions. As industry explores deeper sea depths, this affects the design and material selection of cables, with challenges such as UV stability, marine growth, microbial attack and even the burrowing Teredo Navalis Shipworm to be addressed.   The combination of the above design factors and the fact that equipment demands are increasing rapidly is driving more customized solutions. In addition to the design approach employed and increased

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New Transparent Connector with Integrated LED

in areas with difficult connector visibility and accessibility. The new two-way plug features a transparent housing and a wedgelock with an integrated 12- or 24-volt LED. The Detector connector is environmentally sealed and designed to withstand the demands of the construction, agricultural, trucking, marine and mining industries, the manufacturer said.   Key Details: Part numbers: DT06-2S-SDT-CE27 (with end cap) & DT06-2S-SDT-CE28 (without end cap) Uses wedgelocks: W2S-SDT-12V (yellow 12VDC) or W2S-SDT-24V (red 24VDC) Accepts size 16 DEUTSCH contacts (13 amps) Multi-direction

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