Posted by February 8, 2017

LCJ Captures Ultrasonic Solid-State Wind Sensors

Photo: Fugawi

Photo: Fugawi

LCJ Capteurs produces solid state ultrasonic wind sensors built for the harsh marine environment. Their durability and user friendly operation also lend them well to use in weather stations and industrial applications, such as agriculture. These innovative sensors are now available through Fugawi based in Toronto, Canada.

Fugawi has been an industry leader in software and digital charts for the marine industry since 1995. In addition to its own software, Fugawi distributes high tech marine products such as the NMEA 2000 Actisense gateways. “We are proud to add the LCJ Capteurs’ unique and popular products to our line and make them available to North American boaters” said Robin Martel, President Fugawi.
The LCJ patented technology uses electro-acoustic transducers that communicate in pairs to determine wave transit time differences induced by air flow following the orthogonal axes. The four independent measurements are used to accurately determine the wind and its direction in relation to the reference axis. The temperature is also measured for calibration purposes. This patented and proven method delivers excellent linearity with 0.12 m/s (0.25 knots) accuracy in 40 m/s (80 knots) conditions.

The LCJ Capteurs solid-state wind sensors are lightweight and compact with a robust design and low power draw. They are shockproof and resistant to wind gusts, resilient to gyroscopic effect, and very stable and sensitive in light wind conditions.

These award-winning sensors come in different configurations to best suit the boaters’ application, at an angle to match the more familiar mechanical wind sensors, the 2 Hz vertical 20 cm aluminium mount, or the high performance 4 Hz vertical 70 cm carbon mount, all with 25 meter cable. The interfaces range from the Raymarine ST40 and ST60, to B&G, and NMEA 0183 to NMEA 2000. There is even a wireless sensor with no cables and a solar panel for motor boats and marinas.

In addition to wind sensors, LCJ also manufactures the plug-and-play BaroPlug, a barometric sensor in a compact housing with a built-in NMEA 2000 micro connector that can be directly connected to the NMEA 2000 backbone and immediately output the air pressure on a host of displays and chart plotters. The BaroPlug has received rave reviews from sailors, fishermen and others that have a need to measure the engine room pressure. In addition, the hi-tech BaroPlug and the LCJ wind sensors have been recognized at the annual Marine Equipment Trade Show in the Netherlands and awarded their prestigious DAME award.
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