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November 16, 2017

Benthos Pop-up Buoy Turns 20

(Photo: Mooring Systems, Inc.)

(Photo: Mooring Systems, Inc.)

It has been 20 years since Mooring Systems, Inc. designed and manufactured the original pop-up buoy components of the Benthos 875-PUB.

For two decades, Massachusetts based Mooring Systems has supplied the syntactic float, canister and rope assemblies as an OEM kit directly to Teledyne Benthos. The proprietary design has changed very little in this timeframe, though an improved robust urethane molded rope canister and an ellipsoid shaped syntactic float have been adopted. 
The kit is fully compatible with the newest Teledyne R500 acoustic release. Sales of the R500-PUB kit are now directed to Mooring Systems, who is still the Teledyne Benthos’ recommended supplier for the pop-up buoy kit. Mooring Systems has sold hundreds of 875-PUB kits and will continue to offer direct sales of the R500-PUB kits.
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