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Forum Energy Technologies’ remotely operated vehicle (ROV), the Perry XLX-C, has reportedly completed harbor trials for the Vietnam Navy. Photo: Forum

Forum ROV Completes Trials for Vietnam Navy

Forum Energy Technologies’ remotely operated vehicle (ROV), the Perry XLX-C, has reportedly completed harbor trials for the Vietnam Navy. The vehicle is the compact derivative of the XLX work class ROV, and is a heavy-duty work class hydraulic ROV with a depth rating of 4000m, outfitted with cameras, lights, altimeters and sonars.The Perry XLX-C will be used to support the Vietnamese’ submarine rescue vehicle in its operations during assessment and preparation of a site for a submersible rescue. The XLX-C is fitted with Forum’s latest technology and can deliver specialized equipment

Photo: Xsens

Robotics Community Gains Access to Xsens IMUs

and to specify the best MTi-series product for their application.  Clearpath Robotics already provides a component sales service for low-volume customers such as university researchers and development engineers, stocking and shipping products such as LiDARs, collaborative robots, machine vision cameras and force sensors. Now these customers will also be able to buy MTi-series IMUs from stock, for immediate shipment in any order quantity.Shahab Khokhar, Business Manager Components at Clearpath Robotics, said: ‘Xsens’ MTi-series IMUs are an attractive new option for our customers because

The first container loaded onto the MV Pride contains furniture products.(Photot: AMSA)

First YM Efficiency Containers Retrieved

unaccounted for.During recent  pre-lift surveillance of one of the container sites, an additional two containers were identified that were previously unaccounted for. This site, initially thought to contain two containers joined together, actually contains four containers as revealed by the cameras on the MV Pride’s ROV.(Image: AMSA)Cause and responsibilityAn investigation led by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau's (ATSB) revealed cargo stowage deficiencies caused the YM Efficiency to lose the containers when it encountered five-meter swells off the Australian coast in

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NASA Asks Gamers, Citizen Scientists to Help Map World's Corals

.During the past several years, researchers at NASA's Ames Research Center in California's Silicon Valley have developed new instruments that can look below the ocean surface in more detail than ever before. Using techniques originally developed to look at stars, these "fluid-lensing" cameras use complex calculations to undo the optical distortions created by the water over coral reefs.NASA has deployed these instruments – mounted on drones or aircraft – on expeditions to Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, and elsewhere to collect 3D images of the ocean floor, including corals

Image: SubSeaSail

SubSeaSail G6 Platform Passes the Test

to hide from extreme weather and bad actors, carry other unmanned systems to remote destinations, and perform long-duration missions. For ANTX 2020, SubSeaSail will be demonstrating the ability to remotely release unmanned systems, act as a mobile gateway buoy, and carry additional sensors such as cameras for protection of Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) and other applications, as well as our current work on a payload delivery variant for another agency.“The entire SubSeaSail Team is very proud of the G6 platform accomplishments with our key client, the USACE ERDC, and are excited to collaborate

Eagle IP (Photo: Unique Group)

Unique Group Signs Exclusive Agreement with OTAQ Offshore

environment, the DragonFish’s high precision laser measurement system generates sub-millimetric measurements of welds, chains and other targets from a low cost easy to operate package.  Unique Group will also represent OTAQ’s new Eagle IP range of high quality IP ethernet underwater HD cameras and IP integration infrastructure products. This equipment, along with a number of additional specialist systems, will be made available to clients through Unique Group offices located in the partnered regions.  OceanSENSE System (Photo: Unique Group

Photo: OceanAlpha

​Water Drone Christened in the Port of Hamburg

up to six hours at a time in the harbor to improve the understanding of the water depths and provide information about the condition of the quay walls. With its length of only 1.65 meters, the drone can also explore areas that were previously difficult to reach.There is no captain on board, but sonar, cameras and satellite signals navigate the USV. The course of the USV is monitored on land using a monitor, said Meier. "We are testing autonomous driving on the water here in real operation. To do this, we want to get the port customers used to the fact that such vehicles are in the port here between

Morten Fon, President & CEO, Jotun (left) and Geir Haaoy President & CEO, Kongsberg (right). Image: Jotun

‘Hull Skate’ Your Way to Cleaner Hulls, Better Fuel Efficiency

, and in combination with the SeaQuantum Skate antifouling and a set of services, the HSS will help ship operators combat early stages of fouling. The HullSkater stays on the hull by the force of its magnetic wheels, each equipped with electric motors for propulsion and steering. The vehicle has several cameras and sensors, supporting the operator with data for navigation and documenting fouling on the ship hull. The specially designed motorized brush are intended to keep the hull free from fouling without causing erosion or damage to the hull coating. The vehicle is connected to the operator’s control

Photo: Klein Marine Systems

Klein Chooses RadarWatch for Korean Offshore Wind Farm

, a subsidiary of Mitcham Industries, Inc. as part of a project to protect an offshore wind farm and its associated submarine transmission line off the coast of South Korea.Cambridge Pixel’s radar display, tracking and recording technology has been integrated with the radar, daylight/thermal cameras, an AIS receiver and long-range acoustic device (LRAD) as part of Klein’s HarborGuard maritime security and surveillance solution. The local integrator is Seoul-based company iSENTECK. The surveillance system monitors vessel traffic around the wind farm and along a 10km submarine transmission

Armed and ready: an Ecotone Underwater Hyperspectral Imager, or UHI, attached to an ROV (top) and stand-alone. Photo: Courtesy Ecotone

Pipeline IMR: An All-seeing Eye

vast, sprawling, subsea infrastructure and of seabed life.IMR-ready: Ecotone CEO, Oddbjoern RoedstenIt excelled at pipelines, where anomalies could range from torn seals to worn welds, corrosion and leaks. The UHI could find flaws on silt-covered pipes that would remain invisible to an ROV using regular cameras and lights or UAVs with available sensor arrays. By 2016, the UHI had evolved for pipeline IMR into SpectraPipe with analysis and archiving software understood to be faster and safer than x-ray or acoustic methods of pipeline maintenance surveying.“It’s all automated based on machine-learning

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