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Advanced Drilling Technology: Mapping-While-Drilling

May 30, 2014

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Oil and Gas drilling teams usually contend with tight schedules for project developments and this may eventually lead to low quality plans and limited risk assessment, which may cause expensive and potentially dangerous drilling problems, such as, stuck pipes, violent kicks, unproductive time and cost overruns. The introduction of Schlumberger’s reservoir mapping-while-drilling service is enabling drillers to make better decisions in short timeframes and avoid costly mistakes. For the operators, the main benefits from the effective well placement may be maximized production, minimized construction and intervention costs. The process of well placements brings together many different disciplines…

Hybrid Bit Technology - Smith BIts/SLB

April 30, 2014

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In a Technical Paper from 2013, Slim Hbaieb and Michael Azar of Smith Bits, a Schlumberger Company explained the advantages of an innovative hybrid bit design that had been tested successfully in Brazil’s pre- salt formations. The main advantages were that the hybrid bit mitigated geological and formation uncertainties, and eliminated the need for several trips to replace damaged bits. Normal PDC (polycrystalline diamond compact) bits can drill pre-salt carbonate rocks effectively until the cutters are damaged by problematic chert inclusions. The hybrid bit is capable of similar ROP (rate of penetration) and run lengths as standard PDC and allows the operator to achieve a long run at high ROP when no silicate inclusions are present.

Brazilian Subsea Equipment Market Views

November 30, 2010

With an eye on the lucrative subsea equipment market, suppliers are investing in technology, local workforce and expanding local facilities. New Brazilian companies specialized in subsea equipment and services also strive to compete with foreign suppliers.Today Petrobras is one of the greatest if not the greatest subsea equipment buyer in the world. With the ongoing discoveries of new deepwater and ultra-deepwater O&G plays in Brazil´s offshore, there is a sustained demand for essential subsea systems such as BOPs, Christmas trees, subsea manifolds, risers, rigid and flexible flowlines, umbilicals, subsea control and monitoring systems, ROV´s, AUS´s and all manner of subsea support systems.