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Advanced Navigation

  • Navigation & Communication Systems-Sonar / Acoustics
  • Navigation & Communication Systems-Dynamic Positioning
  • Navigation & Communication Systems-Gyrocompasses
  • Navigation & Communication Systems
  • Navigation & Communication Systems-Underwater Communications
  • Navigation & Communication Systems-Satellite Navigation

Advanced Navigation is a global company headquartered in Sydney, Australia. We are one of the most innovative providers of inertial navigation systems, acoustic navigation solutions, and robotics technology.

Trusted by many of the world’s leading technology companies, we provide cutting-edge solutions and critical technologies for sea, land, air and space applications.

Advanced Navigation's mission is to drive the autonomy revolution with high-reliability AI-powered systems delivering unparalleled capabilities and performance. Our customers choose us for our high performance, reliability and advanced design. 1) High Performance: Our systems deliver the highest performance and richest feature set on the market. We back our performance claims by free product trials. 2) Quality: Our systems are built to the highest quality standards in Australia to endure the test of time in the most difficult conditions. You can rely on our products. 3) Trusted Reliability: All our systems are designed and tested to safety standards with fault tolerance built in to provide you with the highest reliability possible. Our reliability is trusted by many of the world's largest companies. 4) Worldwide Support: Our experts are part of your team. We’re on hand to ensure that our solutions are successfully integrated into your systems.

Advanced Navigation is an ISO 9001 certified company and maintains a strict quality control system across our facilities.



Level 12, 255 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000

North America

1420 Kettner Blvd, Suite #100
San Diego California 92101
United States

Europe - UK

One Kingdom Street
Paddington Central, London W2 6BD
United Kingdom


All our solutions are designed and manufactured in Australia to the highest quality standards. Our advanced automated manufacturing applies quality tests above and beyond other manufacturers to ensure our customers receive the most reliable and consistent products possible.

Our expertise encompasses: - Inertial Systems & GNSS Navigation (AHRS & IMU, MEMS GNSS/INS and FOG GNSS/INS) - Acoustic Navigation (USBL and Transponders) - Robotics and Underwater Drones (AUV)



Subsonus USBL


[Category: Navigation & Communication Systems-Sonar / Acoustics]

Subsonus is a next-generation USBL/Modem that provides high accuracy position, velocity and heading at depths of up to 1,000 metres. - Position Accuracy 0.1 m - Roll & Pitch 0.1 ° - Acoustic Heading 0.3 ° - Range & Depth 1,000 m

Subsonus Tag

Subsonus Tag


[Category: Navigation & Communication Systems-Sonar / Acoustics]

Subsonus Tag is a battery-powered acoustic positioning transponder that operates with the Subsonus USBL. - Position Accuracy 0.25 m - Range 1,000 m - Depth Rating 2,000 m - Battery Life 18 months


Boreas D90

Digital Fibre Optic Gyroscope

[Category: Navigation & Communication Systems-Gyrocompasses]

Using world-first Digital FOG technology, Boreas is an ultra-high accuracy INS offering 40% lower SWaP-C. - Roll & Pitch 0.005 ° - Heading (Gyrocompass) 0.01 ° seclat - Bias Instability 0.001 °/hr - Position Accuracy 10 mm

Certus Evo

Certus Evo


[Category: Navigation & Communication Systems-Dynamic Positioning]

Certus Evo is an ultra-high accuracy MEMS GNSS/INS that combines low SWaP-C and FOG-like performance. - Roll & Pitch 0.03 ° - Heading (GNSS) 0.05 ° - Bias Instability 0.2 °/hr - Position Accuracy 10 mm

GNSS Compass

GNSS Compass

Satellite Compass

[Category: Navigation & Communication Systems-Dynamic Positioning]

The GNSS Compass is a plug-and-play GNSS/INS navigation and heading solution. It is commonly used in both marine and autonomous agriculture applications. - Roll & Pitch 0.4 ° - Position Accuracy (RTK) 0.01 m - Heading 0.2 ° - Update Rate 200 Hz
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