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FarSounder, Inc.

  • 3D technology
  • Ocean/ Marine Services-Survey
  • multi-sensor underwater security solution



151 Lavan Street

FarSounder is a world leader in the design, manufacture &marketing of 3D sonar systems. The company applies their 3D technology to commercial, recreational, defense & homeland security markets, internationally as well as domestically.

From advanced 3D long range navigation to underwater Diver Detection, they provide a whole new vision underwater. The technology is suitable for surface/sub-surface vessels & along waterside perimeters.

The FarSounder-1000 is FarSounder’s flagship navigation sonar & offers benefits to safe navigation: 3D forward looking navigation information out to over 1/2 nautical mile (1000 meters) ahead of the vessel. Delivering the 3 critical readings required: range, bearing, & depth, FarSounder challenges the boundaries of sonar technology to provide operators with a practical addition to navigation safety.

The FarSounder Ship Protection System is a unique multi-sensor underwater security solution. System capabilities include 360º detection of divers and other threats with automatic detection, tracking, classification and alarm algorithms. The technology has been optimized for challenging and shallow environments. The display offers electronic overlays & differentiates between divers/marine mammals & other benign objects, with minimal false alarms.

They can be tools to study the ocean; AUV navigation & missions; fisheries & marine mammal research; by-catch reduction; offshore wind-farm/dredging monitoring; security & operations support; for FLMB surveying.


Functional in shallow water: Shallow water 3-D bottom mapping, in-water multiple target obstacle detection; industry leading water depth performance.

Wide Field-of-View: 90° field-of-view with COTS sensors/configurable to 360°.

Navigation: Appropriate for coastal vessel navigation through crucial Port & Coastal & ice environments. COTS products: 500m/20+ knots, 1000m/25+ knots. Fully networked with CPU Processing Server & Server Software.

Fully networked, multiple user interfaces: TCP/IP based architecture allowing multi-user, multi-node, multi-location flexibility.

Fixed Frame of Reference: Able to reference images to fixed frame of reference.

Fast Update Rate: FarSounder’s technology implements broad beam transmitter with narrow beam receiver allowing precise, simultaneous directionality. Fast, single ping updates.

Phased Array Technology: No mechanical moving parts.

Data Collection: Using techniques that allow for less complex/less expensive data collection electronics.

Multi-path Processing: Unique processing routines & array geometry allow for suppression of false targets from multi-path reflections.

Advanced Processing Techniques: Break away from established resolution limitations. Specially developed Target Models allow increased effective resolution of given sized array compared with traditional processing techniques.

IP: four patents issued/others pending; providing the ultimate in advanced capabilities; see tech blog:

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