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MIB Engineers

  • Equipment, Machinery & Materials-Submersible Equipment
  • Equipment, Machinery & Materials-Launch & Recovery Systems
  • Equipment, Machinery & Materials-Hydraulic Systems


Corporate, #250

8203 Willow Place Dr S, #250
Houston TX 77070
United States

MIB Engineers is a registered engineering and design company with vast experience in managing complex engineering projects of all types and sizes. Since the company formation in 2008 we have successfully completed a range of demanding projects in various market sectors of the energy industry including offshore engineering, machine control, fluid power equipment and renewables.


Our services include: ◾ Machine Design and Upgrades ◾ Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Studies ◾ Renewable Energy Consultants ◾ Hydraulic Machine and Control Specialists ◾ Offshore, ROV and Underwater Equipment ◾ Product Development and Verification