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JW Fishers Mfg.

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1953 County Street
East Taunton MA 02718

In 1971 JW Fishers began manufacturing underwater metal detectors for recreational scuba divers. The company quickly gained recognition for making rugged, reliable instruments that were easy to operate. Demand for their products grew and commercial diving companies and police departments began asking for other types of underwater search equipment. In the late 70’s Fishers expanded their product line to include boat-towed detectors, video systems, and ROVs. As their knowledge in these technologies grew, the company expanded its R&D into sonar. At the time side scan sonar was mainly in use by the energy industry and military, but the greatest demand was in the commercial market, by public safety dive teams and law enforcement agencies. As computers became smaller and more capable, they allowed development of powerful, low cost sonar systems. Today Fishers offers three side scan systems employing the most commonly required frequencies, 100K, 600K, and 1200K. Low frequency provides long range but lower resolution, high frequency gives the highest resolution but shortest range, and the middle frequency provides an optimal combination of both. Without these technologies the only way to find things lost in the ocean is to send a diver down. Using Fishers equipment search time is significantly decreased, diver safety increases, costs are reduced, and success rates of finding drowning victims, sunken vessels, submerged vehicles, downed aircraft, and a variety of other targets are dramatically improved.


Since its inception 40 years ago JW Fishers has continually developed new and better underwater search systems. The company offers one of the broadest ranges of products in their industry. Fishers designs and manufactures all of its underwater search systems at their factory in East Taunton, Massachusetts. Their extensive line of equipment includes hand-held and boat-towed metal detectors, hand-held and boat-towed magnetometers, underwater video systems, ROVs, side scan sonars, scanning sonars, acoustic pingers and receivers, and pipe and cable locators. Fishers continues to expand their line of acoustic systems with the recent addition of transponders and an interrogator. These devices are used to mark the location of underwater objects or oceanographic instruments. The key advantage of the transponder is its ability to lie silently on the ocean bottom using almost no power until activated by the interrogator to begin transmitting a signal. The company is also constantly updating and improving the software used with its sonar systems and boat-towed detectors, adding new features and capabilities, and making the equipment easier to use and more powerful. Fishers actively solicits feedback from its customers to improve products and expand their line, always developing new search systems most needed in the field. As a result of feedback another new product was recently added, the CMS cable management system which makes it much easier to handle, store, and transport long lengths of cable.

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