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MetOcean Telematics

  • Safety & Security-Surveillance Systems & Equipment

MetOcean Telematics, headquartered in Dartmouth, NS, Canada, provides complete end-to-end telematics services, with a focus on niche MetOcean solutions and custom Defence and Security products. A manufacturer of Iridium satellite solutions, drifters, buoys, beacons, and flashers, in addition to providing Iridium satellite airtime as a leading global Iridium reseller. MetOcean Telematics is one of the few manufacturers in the world to achieve ISO 9001 certification.


Head Office

21 Thornhill Drive
Dartmouth Nova Scotia


NOVATECH Beacons & Flashers - MMB Infinity, RF-700AR, MMB-1000, MMB-7500, RF 700A1, iBCN Infinity, MMA-7500, AS-900A, iBCN, IR-7300, MMF Infinity, MMF-1000, MMF-7500, RF-700C1, ST-400A, ST-400AR, St-400B

Current Monitoring - CODE/DAVIS Drifter, SVP, iSPHERE

Ice Management - Air Deployable Polar iSVP, CALIB, Polar iSVP

Oil Spill Tracking - CODE/DAVIS Drifter, iSPHERE

Polar Platforms - IMB, Ice Beacon, PAWS, POPS, Snow Beacon, Solar Beacon, UpTempo

Iridium Hardware - 9555 Handset, 9575 Extreme, Iridium Go!, Go! Marine, Iridium Pilot, Shout Nano, Shout TS, iTrac VMS, iON Signal Detector


Iridium® 9555 satellite phone


Iridium® 9555

[Category: Navigation & Communication Systems]

The Iridium® 9555 satellite phone is the ultimate in trusted, reliable mobile communications in a sleek portable handset from the only company that covers the entire globe. Key Features Removable & rechargeable Lithium Ion battery USB connectivity Pole-to-pole global coverage Removable SIM Card Capabilities

9522B Iridium Modem

[Category: Navigation & Communication Systems]

Smaller and lighter than the 9522A, the 9522B is Iridium’s 2nd-generation satellite transceiver for truly global voice and data communications. The 9522B Iridium® transceiver is ideal for registered Iridium partners who need a satellite transceiver to incorporate into a final Iridium® subscriber solution for a specific application or vertical market, such as a maritime voice telephone terminal or a vehicle tracking solution. Key Features Single 26 pin IDC Connector providing connections for: Power On/Off Control Analog & Digital Audio Interface including microphone input and speaker output RS232 9-wire Interface Integrated SIM Card Reader Enhanced AT Command Support SMA Antenna Connector FCC, IC and CE approved RoHS models available GPS antenna feed through connector