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SeaView Systems, Inc.

  • electronic/electro-mechanical devices
  • software development
  • Navigation & Communication Systems-Dynamic Positioning



7275 Joy Road
Dexter MI 48130

SeaView Systems was founded on experience in the world of maritime electronics and offshore ROVs. We are a small, growing group with skill sets covering ROV operations and high end underwater surveys including the use of Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) for geo-referencing and 3D sonar & laser modeling. Our portfolio of in-house developed high tech custom devices range from fiber multiplexers, a modular smart hydraulic control stack (patented), dimmable networked LED lamps, HD cameras and other electronic/electro-mechanical devices and software.

Our capability stands on three legs:

Operations: We operate what we build. Our operations include inshore/offshore ROV operations, various forms of underwater sonar survey and the deployment of custom tooling.

Design and development: From concept through design, assembly, fabrication, machining, software development and other processes, SeaView has a proven track record of developing sophisticated systems, at fair cost and with shorter lead times.

Quality Systems: In keeping with our ongoing commitment to improve the quality of our service, SeaView Systems has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Since starting inshore operations in 2003, we have built an extensive portfolio of more than 50 projects working in 6 different countries catering to varying industries including hydro-electric; nuclear; salvage, oil & gas; municipalities (potable water and processed sewerage); pulp mills; mines; military/police and science (NOAA and NASA).


Our solutions use off-the-shelf components and original systems to enable us to provide our clients with unique inspection, survey and intervention services.

In-house developed systems include:

Inspection technologies: •Long Distance ROV: 10k ft internal tunnel and pipeline inspections through restrictions down to 18” diameter •Custom articulated ROV with DVL aided INS dynamic positioning, HD video and multibeam sonar profiling •SeaView Serpent: Articulated ROV for inspection of small pipelines •SeaView PipeWalk 3D sonar visualization software •Modular fiber multiplexer to support: gigabit Ethernet, PECL, composite video, serial data (RS-232/RS-485), HD-SDI •I/P 1080p HD camera (1000m rated) •Dimmable LED lamps on RS-485 network •Pan/orbit/zoom color CCD camera •Duel parallel lasers

Survey technologies: •DVL and USBL aided INS/multibeam sonar system •DVL aided INS system for dead reckoned navigation within flooded mines •DVL aided INS bathymetric survey system for restricted access hydrographic survey and 3D modeling •3D sonar modeling tool for reverse engineering

Tooling technologies: •SeaView SmartStack: modular, networked, smart hydraulic control stack (patented) •Robotic core drill for drilling holes and collection of fines •Robotic rock bolt insertion tool for potable water systems •Electric torque tool for use in potable water systems •ROV backbone: modular ROV system for rapid system development •SeaView Smart Grapple (steerable grapple system)