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Shoghi Communications

  • Safety & Security-Surveillance Systems & Equipment
  • Navigation & Communication Systems-Remote Sensing
  • Safety & Security-Target Acquisition & Recognition


Shoghi Communications Ltd

plot no 74, Industrial Area shoghi
Shimla Himachal Pradesh 171219

#74 Electronic complex

Shimla Himachal Pradesh 171219

Around the world the Military, Defence forces and Intelligence agencies of more than seventy countries reach out for Shoghi when it comes to integrated electronic defense technologies, products and systems.

Shoghi Communications Ltd. has been recognized as one of the fastest growing defense technology company globally holding leading market position with reliability and responsiveness in Communication Intelligence and Information Processing Systems, Jamming Systems for Radio Operated IED, Signal Processing and Data Acquisition Systems, High Resolution Processed Satellite Imagery, Military Grade Encryption, Network Security Systems, Integrated Logistics and Support Services.

Shoghi Communications Ltd. based at Shoghi in Himachal Pradesh, India is a leading supplier and provider of innovatively integrated electronic Systems, products and services to military forces, intelligence agencies of nation-states and to our prime global contractors.

Focused on defense technology and preemptive counterintelligence strategies, Shoghi develops, manufactures and supports a wide range of systems for mission critical and military sustained requirements, as well as futuristic homeland security demands, especially in the context of counter terrorism, cyber security, Spectrum Surveillance.


Satellite Monitoring Satellite Carrier Analysis System C/Ku Band Satellite Monitoring DCME Analysis System GSM Abis Link Monitoring Module IP Link over Satellite Monitoring VSAT Carrier Scanning and Analysis VSAT Monitoring System Satellite Geo-location System

Satellite Phone (GMPCS) Monitoring Thuraya Monitoring System Strategic Thuraya Monitoring System Tactical Thuraya Monitoring System Strategic C-Band Only Thuraya Monitoring System Iridium Monitoring System Tactical Inmarsat Monitoring System IsatPhone Monitoring System

Cellular Monitoring Wideband Passive GSM Monitoring System Audio Enhancement Application Voice Print Analysis Passive GSM Monitoring System Semi Active GSM Monitoring System A5.1 Decryptor 3G Module 4G/LTE Module GSM Direction Finder GPRS Data Processing Module Passive CDMA Monitoring System

Radio Monitoring and Signal Analysis Wi-Fi Interception System HF-VHF-UHF Monitoring System Signal Classification and Analysis System RF/IF Record and Playback System Wide Band Digital Tuner Shoghi Wideband DF Narrow Band Hand Held DF Microwave Monitoring, Logging and Analysis GSM Backhaul Monitoring Systems

Lawful Interception Visual Document Analysis Digital Voice and Fax Monitoring System Lawful Interception Solution for Fixed Line Lawful Interception Solution for Cellular Network Lawful IP Monitoring With Https Decoding Submarine Cable Monitoring System Social Media Monitoring Voice and Fax Logging and Analysis Switch Based E1 Monitoring Satellite Carrier Scanning

RCIED Jammer Portable Multi band Jammer Manpack RCIED Jammer Vehicular RCIED Jamming System Cell Phone Jammer

RF Jammer VHF/UHF Frequency Hopping Jamming System Radio Reconnaissance & Jamming Station Small Size Jamming Transmitter Set

Area Protection Jammer Intelligent Prison Jamming System FM Jamming System Cellular Satellite Phone Jammer C/Ku-Band DTH/VSAT Jamming System GPS Jammer

ESM/ELINT System Mobile ELINT System Portable Radar Warning System Radar Counter Measure System Radar Signal Detection, Identification and Direction Finding System Radio Electronic Signal Monitoring Station

Surveillance Radar Primary Surveillance Radar Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar

Modernization, Repair and Overhaul Combat Aircrafts Civil Aircrafts Spare Parts

Training & Simulators Theoretical Training Flight Training Maintenance Training Simulators

UAV Fixed Wing UAV Rotary Wing UAV

High Resolution Imaging Solutions On Demand SAR-Optical Image Acquisition Ground Station for Direct Reception and Processing of Satellite Imaging

Cellular Applications Inbuilt Secure GSM Secure SMS Application Secure Messenger Application

Radio Encryption HF Encryption Module VHF/UHF Encryption Module

Services Algorithms Customization Key Generation Key Management


Vsat Monitoring System


VSAT Monitoring system is a state-of-the-art product designed to meet the aspirations of our customers to enable them to intercept and process various VSAT networks and their terminals in an interactive manner. Features System performs fully automated scanning of entire frequency band of satellite of interest Automated identification and classification of VSAT carriers,their parameters and information payload Intercepts inbound and outbound traffic through VSAT HUB and Terminals operating on C and Ku-band System can intercept and decode iDirect Infiniti Series, iDirect NetModem, iDirect NetModem2, Hughes DirecWay, Hughes PES, Hughes TES, Gilat Dial@Way, Gilat Sky Star Advantage System provides Plain Voice, Fax, HTTP Pages, E-mails with attachment, downloaded files etc.
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