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Teledyne Oceanscience

  • Ocean/ Marine Services-Survey

The Oceanscience Group is a world leader in development of oceanographic, hydrographic, and hydrologic deployment equipment designed to save survey time and improve data quality. Our major products are remotely-controlled and tethered instrumentation deployment boats for acoustic Doppler current profilers, the UnderwayCTD and UnderwaySV that introduced the possibility of affordable and compact profiling from a moving vessel, and the popular Sea Spider and Barnacle seafloor platforms. We supply turnkey remote hydrographic survey boat systems to individual project specifications, typically including environmental monitoring or bathymetry equipment, GPS positioning and data telemetry. Our experienced ocean engineers can design customized equipment deployment buoys, and we are the supplier of the Clamparatus ADCP frame to NOAA for the PORTS Aid to Navigation (ATON) system.