OI 2014 Technology Preview

By Marine Technology Reporter

This month the global subsea community gathers in London for Oceanology International 2014. MTR examines new technology set to debut.

2G Engineering
2G Engineering offers a full range of electric subsea rotary and linear actuator systems. These units are unique in that they are fully self contained requiring nothing more than power and a digital or analog control signal to operate. 2G is excited to introduce two new products, it’s Mini Rotary Actuator with an output rotational force of 1000 ft. lbs. and it’s Subsea Hydraulic Pressure Unit capable of 5000 PSI with 0.5 GPM flow. All units are capable of operating depths greater than 10000 ft.”

4H- JENA engineering GmbH has a large and diverse portfolio. It develops systems to monitor physical and biological-chemical water parameters in close consultation with our customers. It puts emphasis on autonomous measurement systems equipped with anti-fouling procedures to ensure high quality data for a long-term operation. Its spectrum ranges from small low-power flow-through systems, FerryBoxes and complex seawater supply systems on research vessels to mesocosms and underwater nodes. To comply the requirements of the water framework directive automated litter, plankton and passive sampler have been developed. 

AML Oceanographic
AML Oceanographic (AML) has partnered with OSIL to offer Xchange sensor recalibration services at OSIL’s facilities in the U.K. With a European recalibration center, field-swappable sensor-heads become even more convenient for European users of oceanographic instrumentation. OSIL is expected to begin accepting Xchange sensor-heads for recalibration by March 1, 2014. AML’s Xchange line is a series of field-swappable sensor-heads. Each sensor-head contains its own embedded calibration, allowing the sensor to work with any AML instrument. Field-swappable sensors also streamline recalibration: instead of sending the entire instrument back to a calibration center, a recalibrated sensor-head can be delivered to the instrument in the field. 
Instrument downtime is dramatically reduced. Established in 1974, AML Oceanographic (www.amloceanographic.com) designs and manufactures innovative instruments for the ocean sensing market. AML is headquartered in Victoria, on Canada’s Pacific coast. OSIL (www.osil.co.uk) provides marine instruments and systems for environmental measurement and monitoring. OSIL also provides a range of high precision calibration standards for measuring salinity including IAPSO Standard Seawater, Low Nutrient Seawater and Iodate Standards. OSIL is located in Havant, near Portsmouth.

Amron International
Amron International has developed the Model 8330i, an integrated air control, depth monitoring (pneumo) and optional communication unit for up to 3 surface-supplied divers. Designed to meet the IMCA guideline that “no other diver is deprived of breathing gas if another diver’s umbilical is cut or ruptured,” the Model 8330i features independent high- and low-pressure air supplies for all 3 divers. The inclusion of crossover valves between the 3 air supplies, each of which has been designed by Amron to safely accommodate up to 3 divers by itself at one time, provides dual backups in the event of an emergency affecting 1 or 2 divers, such as air supply contamination or failure.
In addition to the air control section, the Model 8330i features a pneumo panel with 6-in. depth gauges capable of registering depths up to 250FSW/76MSW and an optional panel-mounted version of Amron’s Amcom III radio module for diver communication. The unit is entirely self-contained and is housed in a durable, pressure-fused fiberglass case.

Caley Ocean Systems

Caley Ocean Systems is a supplier of offshore handling systems for ocean science and oceanographic research. It supplies high specification A-Frame, single point lift, launch and recovery systems for manned submersibles and Conductivity, Temperature, and Depth (CTD) Rosette Handling systems. In addition, the company offers a full range of ROV, AUV and dive handling solutions, certified by the leading certifying authorities and in full compliance with industry standards. Caley has many years experience in the design and manufacture of bespoke traction, storage, umbilical and Abandonment and Recovery winches for demanding oceanographic applications to depths of 10,000m.

EvoLogics presents at OI 2014 new developments in their hydroacoustic navigation and communications systems. The highlight is the introduction of the new mini-modems with the same performance as the previous models. These models will facilitate the integration in ROVs and AUVs to enable simultaneous positioning and communication.  In addition, new advances in underwater networking capabilities such as DTN and DDTN protocols will be presented for applications with a need for extra reliability. Navigation and positioning have become more flexible through the integration of LBL and USBL with inertial navigation systems. Sonobot, an autonomous surface vehicle, includes now novel applications for hydrographic survey of coastal areas and security of harbors.

Fischer Connectors

Fischer Connectors has been designing, manufacturing and distributing high performance connectors and cable assembly solutions for 60 years. Known for its reliability, precision and resistance to demanding and harsh environments, Fischer Connectors’ products are commonly used in fields requiring faultless quality such as all types of oceanology and marine technology applications.
Fischer Connectors’ high-performance, reliable, push-pull connectors are light, compact and rugged. We work closely with customers and partners to develop innovative reliable products that satisfy our clients’ needs. Primary design and manufacturing facilities are located in Saint-Prex, Switzerland, with eight subsidiaries and over 25 distributors located worldwide.

Geomara is launching its Subsea Asset Protection and Intervention Service at Oceanology International 2014.
Geomara will provide emergency response, fault finding and intervention services to Irish and UK subsea interconnector asset owners. The service will extend to communications (fibre optic cable), electricity and gas cable assets.
Having successfully completed a fault identification programme in 2013 Geomara are currently working with Mutual Energy on an HVDC cable fix which will highlight Geomara’s innovative approach to subsea asset protection and intervention.
We also provide an extensive range of interrelated maritime services which have a strong focus on efficiencies created through interoperability capabilities.


Marinexplore, the expert in ocean data, cloud services and big data, presents marineOS, a cloud-based data management solution that streamlines dataflows within a single extensible platform. MarineOS helps offshore and maritime businesses reduce their data handling time five-fold by improving data reliability to enable faster, more informed decision-making. MarineOS delivers powerful, easy to use tools for ingesting, organizing, analyzing, visualizing, and securely distributing ocean data to partners, clients, and internal teams.

OceanTools is an independently owned, world leading subsea engineering company specializing in the design and manufacture of subsea equipment.  Deployed in harsh environment applications including subsea survey and ROV operations, OceanTools products are field proven, trusted and reliable.  Visit Stand P110 for: positioning and orientation packages, leak and cement detection, video, optical and image enhancement systems, subsea instrumentation and high precision laser measurement.   With highly experienced subsea engineers on stand we look forward to discussing your engineering and project requirements.  Sharing the stand this year is our sister company OTAC, displaying its latest aquaculture related products including seal deterrents.

Optech will showcase the Optech CZMIL in booth G100 at OI14. Optech pioneered advanced airborne lidar systems for bathymetry, and offers the full-waveform CZMIL, a system for seamless depth accuracy in both clear and turbid conditions. Currently there are five in use by government agencies. Leveraging the comprehensive HydroFusion planning and automated processing workflow, CZMIL produces simultaneous bathymetry, water column characterization, object detection, and seafloor classification.  CZMIL is the only system actively producing seamless land-to-water 3D data and imagery, performing well even in shallow turbid or muddy bottom waters.

Remote Ocean Systems

The new C600 color zoom camera puts you in control. Its user-selectable SD and HD functionality offers great flexibility and value.
Key features and specifications include: 30x optical zoom; 4,500 meter depth rating; Titanium housing; 66° field of view (diagonal) in water at full wide; angle zoom level; Field replaceable connector available for analog
configurations; and Water corrected hemispherical viewport, among others.

Rockland Scientific Inc.

At OI 2014 Rockland Scientific showcases various applications of its versatile MicroRider Turbulence Instrument. This modular sensor payload can be integrated with a wide variety of autonomous or moored platforms, such as gliders, AUVs or Wirewalkers. MicroRider is on display at Teledyne Marine, stand D100, or at Rockland Scientific, stand P200. Rockland Scientific develops and manufactures instruments for the measurement turbulence in oceans, rivers, lakes and laboratories. Applications for RSI sensing technology are in climate research, ocean renewables, pollutant dispersal, fisheries, and security.
Rockland Scientific has been awarded a contract to deliver a VMP-250 Turbulence Profiler to the University of Bergen, Norway. The VMP-250 system includes a buoyancy collar and remote-controlled weight release mechanism, allowing the profiler to be operated in an uprising configuration.
Rowe Technologies, Inc.
Rowe Technologies, Inc. (RTI) develops and manufactures advanced ADCPs and DVLs in the industry. RTI’s state-of-the-art electronics design combined with advanced acoustic transducer technology provide ADCPs and DVLs that are robust, compact and flexible. Rowe has a wide variety of products for use in real-time or self-contained applications capable of handling conditions from shallow water to full ocean depth.

SBG Systems

SBG Systems released the Ekinox Subsea Series, a product family of survey-grade inertial systems designed for underwater applications – up to 6,000 m.
Based on the robust and cost-effective MEMS technology, the series includes the Ekinox-M, a Motion Reference Unit (MRU), and the Ekinox-U, an underwater Inertial Navigation System (INS).
The Ekinox Subsea Series integrates the latest MEMS sensors to offer robust, small-sized, cost-effective, but high performance MRU & INS.
Ekinox outputs survey-grade roll, pitch and heading (0.05°) at a high update rate, making it compliant with IHO standards.  To obtain the most accurate and reliable navigation data, the internal Extended Kalman Filter fuses in real-time inertial and aiding information (DVL, RTK GPS, etc.). All collected data are recorded in the 8 GB data logger.

Silicon Sensing
Silicon Sensing specializes in the development and manufacture of MEMS gyros, accelerometers and IMUs suitable for a wide range of applications in the marine industry.  The latest high performance single-axis MEMS gyros; CRH01 and CRS39, have outstanding drift characteristics which render them suitable as small, low-cost alternatives to larger and more expensive FOG gyros.  Gemini dual-axis surface mount MEMS accelerometers offer excellent bias stability and are available in both flat and orthogonal packages, and in five different dynamic ranges from ±0.85g to ±96g.  Typical applications include precise ship positioning systems, stability control, guidance and navigation.

Seamor Marine
SEAMOR Marine designs and manufactures the subsea SEAMOR Observation/Inspection-class Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), and related modular accessories and devices. A range of robust ROVs, designed to maximize adaptability, portability, and ease of use, is available from SEAMOR Marine Ltd. and represented on a global level.  Responsive technical services are available from our SEAMOR production, engineering and repair facility in Canada. These ROV systems are a cost-effective system with the ability to easily assemble a completely customized underwater system.

Sonardyne International 
On Sonardyne’s stand, G300, you can explore technology for acoustic positioning, inertial navigation, wireless communications and sonar imaging. Sonardyne’s new Connect software for LBL metrology campaigns will be making its debut, as will the latest updates for Ranger 2 USBL. SensorView, a new software application developed for accessing raw sensor data direct from 6G instruments will also be on display whilst optical and acoustic communications technologies, BlueComm and uComm, will be demonstrating wireless video and camera imagery transmission. 
Outside on the water, Sonardyne will be hosting daily demonstrations onboard its Predator vessel in the dock where visitors can get discover more about the company’s SPRINT INS, 6G LBL and 6G USBL positioning technologies. Sonardyne is also presenting papers and participating in panel discussions across Underwater Communications and Underwater Positioning and Metrology streams at the conference.

Subsea Technology & Rental

Subsea Technology & Rentals specialise in the design, production and rental of advanced subsea technology for the offshore energy industry. STR’s in- house research and development team delivers enhanced solutions for seafloor investigation and inspection, along with bespoke engineering solutions. To complement its equipment supply service, its personnel can attend vessel mobilizations and support worldwide offshore operations.  From its HQ in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk (UK) STR offers a range of services including pressure testing, sensor calibration, and fiber-optic cable termination and molding. STR will be showcasing its 4 channel HD SeaDV Inspection Recorder at stand K601.

SubCtech is an international operating company based in Kiel, Germany. As a developer of marine technology and underwater power supplies the company presents a product family of pCO2 analyzer, complete mobile and stationary environmental and condition monitoring systems and PowerPacks. On OI’14 the new PowerPack with enlarged capacity, special design opportunities and for applications up to 6000m are launched. In addition, the company launches the newest Datalogger technology which has reduced size, energy uptake and integrated power supply for Datalogger and sensors. See SubCTech at shared Booth R500 (Sea&Sun Technology) and RS Aqua Booth F550, its appointed representative for U.K. & Ireland.

Subsea Tech

Subsea Tech is an engineering company based in Marseilles, France, and specialized in design, manufacturing and sales of marine and underwater intervention and instrumentation systems. Subsea Tech manufactures and sells a full range of mini-ROVs, tele-operated catamarans and underwater camera systems. The main applications are: underwater and oceanographic surveys by video, sonar, bathymetry; fauna and flora video observation; seabed mapping by single and multibeam sounders; video and sonar inspections of underwater structures such as dams, harbors, bridges; ship hull inspections; water tanks video inspection and cleaning; objects identification by sonar and video.

Tritex NDT Ltd will be showing its Multiple Echo Multigauge 3000 Underwater Thickness Gauge which is designed to be a simple, robust underwater ultrasonic thickness gauge designed to survive extremely harsh conditions that exist in the offshore and underwater industries worldwide.
The gauge uses multiple echo which means measurements can be easily taken without the need to remove coatings, and the large bright 10mm LED display ensures the display can be seen by the diver, even in poor visibility. It has an integral battery with 55 hours runtime which means there is no need for a spare battery. Also, the gauge can be easily upgraded to a topside repeater by exchanging the end cap.

Unique System (U.K.) Ltd
Unique System (U.K.) Ltd, a Unique Maritime Group company, will participate at OI 2014.
Unique Systems will display several products like the Klein sonar, Tritech, Ixsea and Sonardyne 6G equipment, Unique Seaflex Air Lift bags, etc. A key feature will be the newly designed Unique Hydra eDMS100 dive monitoring system which is the first fully integrated surface diver monitoring system; operating via a PLC/PC based unit housed in a standard 19” electronics rack with remote “Sensor Stations” located at key areas around the dive system. The unit can be tailored to fit almost all current IMCA compliant diving systems.


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