Halliburton-Sperry Drilling Solutions for Optimizing Drilling Efficiency

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April 22, 2010



Sperry Drilling is a Halliburton brand which has a long history in the O&G drilling market and is an acknowledged global leader in groundbreaking technologies, such as MWD/LWD, multilateral drilling, and real-time applications.

Sperry Drilling is leading the industry in drilling wells faster, safer and more accurately. They optimize drilling efficiency through increasing rate of penetration and lowering non-productive time. They place wells precisely to maximize reservoir drainage, real-time operations are core to deliver, from remotely operating rigs to consultant solutions. For more than 75 years, Sperry Drilling has been delivering high-quality drilling and geological services critical to safe and efficient drilling operations.
Sperry Drilling remains a leader in groundbreaking technologies, such as MWD/LWD, multilateral drilling, and real-time applications. From modeling to measuring to optimization, Sperry’s drilling reservoir evaluation solutions result in optimized drilling performance, precise wellbore placement and accurate formation evaluation.
Another Halliburton proprietary technology, designed by Sperry Drilling, that looks to be very interesting is their GeoTap® Formation Pressure Tester, which has been proven to improve formation evaluation, increase drilling effectiveness, thus reducing rig time associated with wireline testing. The gas lift process is another important technology which is being used in deepwater wells and involves artificially lifting oil or water from wells that have insufficient pressure. In this process the gas is injected through the annulus and reduces the density of the regular fluid so the pressure is sufficient to force the fluid out of the wellbore.
Petrobras has also been testing a system for raw water injection in wells with good results and has ongoing test in CO2 re-injection in wells and both Halliburton and Petrobras have projects related to CO2 storage in reservoirs, definitely an environmentally friendly concept.
The new GeoTap® IDS Sensor, for fluid sampling and identification on LWD will be receiving a technology award at this year´s OTC in Houston, Texas.  With this system, fluid samples can now be obtained while drilling a well. Only available on wireline before, formation fluid sampling is now possible using LWD technology. The GeoTap® IDS sensor is revolutionising  the drilling  industry by allowing downhole capture, identification and surface recovery of representative fluid samples on LWD. Built on the acclaimed GeoTap® formation pressure tester platform, the GeoTap IDS sensor delivers real-time reservoir characterization and helps eliminate the time and cost of wireline sampling.
Here in Brazil, Halliburton – Sperry Drilling Technology has been important to many drilling operations, a good example was the drilling operations at Petrobras’ deepwater Mexilhão well, completed in record time, saving rig time and $7.5 million at the Santos Basin.
Claudio Paschoa
Paschoa, Claudio
Claudio Paschoa is Marine Technology Reporter's correspondent in Brazil.