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Leadership Profile: Elyette Roux, Nexans

Posted to Marine Technology TV (by Greg Trauthwein) on March 21, 2023

With two decades of engineering background, Elyette Roux today leads the Sales, Marketing, Communications & Transformation division at Nexans. She discusses the vast opportunities for women in leadership positions at technical companies in the maritime and offshore energy sectors.

Sofar Ocean’s Quest to Unlock Ocean Data

Posted to Marine Technology TV (by Greg Trauthwein) on March 20, 2023

Understanding our planet more than ever depends on understanding our oceans, and Sofar Ocean is on an epic quest to unlock and extract data from the world’s waterways. Co-Founder and CEO Tim Janssen recently visited with MTR to discuss the rapid growth of his company, and the burgeoning use cases for information from our oceans.

Hydromea Moves Fast Forward on Subsea Robotics, Communication Tech

Posted to Marine Technology TV (by Greg Trauthwein) on March 12, 2023

Born eight years ago, Hydromea is a dynamic and fast-growing Swiss-based subsea technology company that aims to help solve some of the subsea industry’s most vexing problems. Co-founder and CTO Felix Schill shares with Marine Technology TV insights on the technical trends driving vehicle and communications tech development.

Argeo Moves Forward Fast on Autonomy

Posted to Marine Technology TV (by Greg Trauthwein) on February 20, 2023

Born from offshore energy, Argeo is a small but fast-growing Norwegian company that is breaking barriers on the development and deployment of autonomous vessels and patented electro magnetic sensor systems, too. Trond Crantz, Argeo’s CEO, chats with Marine Technology Reporter to discuss the course ahead.

USEA Moves Ahead on Autonomous Ocean Data Initiative

Posted to Marine Technology TV (by Greg Trauthwein) on February 9, 2023

The need to discover and recover masses of information from our oceans is well understood and agreed, a potential boon to business, science and defense. Today there are many individual and coordinated efforts globally to more efficiently, effectively retrieve and distribute data, including an initiative from USEA Ocean Data, a Norwegian start-up that is aiming to leverage advanced autonomy as an exponential multiplier of capability. MTR TV recently spoke with Felipe Lima, CEO, USEA Ocean Data, for insights on his organization’s progress to date and the challenges ahead.

Blue Venture Forum Brings Blue Tech & Finance Together

Posted to Marine Technology TV (by Greg Trauthwein) on February 7, 2023

There are many ‘blue’ initiatives domestically and abroad, but Toby Stapleton and his crew at the Blue Venture Forum are unique in their approach in seeking to match blue tech start-ups with both mentorship and money. Stapleton visited with MTR to discuss his recently concluded forum, which attracted 300 visitors to Newport, Rhode Island.

Catching the MIROS Wave

Posted to Marine Technology TV (by William Stoichevski) on October 30, 2022

Real-time, cloud-based wave monitoring helps offshore operators perform more efficiently and safely, as Jonas Røstad, Chief Commercial Officer, explains.

JAIA Robotics: A New Name in Micro AUVs

Posted to Marine Technology TV (by Greg Trauthwein) on September 20, 2022

Ian Estaphan Owen, co-founder and CEO of JAIA Robotics, discusses the rationale behind the company’s founding and it’s prospects for the future.

Armach Robotics Aims to Revolutionize Hull Cleaning

Posted to Marine Technology TV (by Greg Trauthwein) on September 16, 2022

Karl Lander, Director, Regulatory Compliance and Outreach, discusses the “hull cleaning as a service” system pioneered by Armach Robotics, as well as how it falls into the “decarbonization” discussion.

High Definition Hydrographic Survey in Extreme Tidal Sites

Posted to Marine Technology TV (by Greg Trauthwein) on August 29, 2022

Teledyne’s Reson Seabat T50R multibeam echosounder (MBES) was the essential piece of kit deployed in extreme tidal sites (currents speed greater than 3m/s) off the coast of western Scotland, UK. Christian Armstrong, PhD candidate, University of Highlands and Islands and Pim Kuus, Teledyne Marine discuss the project and the findings.
In this Oceanographic edition, MTR dives into the Seabed 2030 project with updates on the technology, technique and pace of the collaborative project to map the world’s oceans by 2030.
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