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June 11, 2014

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  • large scottish marine renewable energy a new wave of development large scottish marine renewable energy a new wave of development
  • 1354554102214 1354554102214
  • Albatern Muck deployment Albatern Muck deployment
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  • Wave NET Alba TERN Wave NET Alba TERN
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WaveNET Squid array being tested at the FloWave circular wave pool in Edinburgh, Scotland

Albatern is a company specialized in designing and assembling wave energy generators to produce electricity from the energy industry.WaveNET is AlbaTERN’s wave energy array system. Constructed from multiple SQUID modules, the array can be readily adapted to suit the specifications of the site and the customer’s power requirements. A prototype array comprising 6 modules with a rated capacity of 45kW has been built. Larger arrays (250kW +) can be assembled at the current scale. The unique WaveNET wave energy conversion system is based around a series of smaller interconnected units called Squids. This approach reduces the operational challenges of handling and deploying very large structures while allowing the device to be tailored to the requirements of a particular site. This reportedly results in a product that is better suited to mass manufacturing, and benefits from early economies of scale, making it a realistic export proposition.

By exploiting previously unrecognized kinetic phenomena, the WaveNET is able to demonstrate non-linear yield increases when compared with traditional array based approaches. Albatern’s units are currently rated at 7.5kW and, although lower than others have used, it has allowed the development of the technology at a significantly lower cost. Some of the next steps involve identifying and developing pilot projects in aquaculture and remoter communities to prove that Albatern can produce useful power for these markets, and the wave energy converters can be handled by boats and equipment already available in these areas. The current project will provide a solid foundation for scaling modules up to 750kW and WaveNET arrays in excess of 10MW, capable of meeting the requirements of grid scale project developers.

Albatern is currently initiating the partnerships to deliver these larger projects. SQUID is the modular building block used to construct WaveNET arrays. The device can also function as a standalone wave energy converter suitable for low power requirements and aquaculture installations. SQUID devices are currently being developed at 7.5kW nameplate capacities. The SQUID device is road transportable and can be launched from a wide variety of locations. Development of the 75kW SQUID modules started in 2013.


3 SQUID modules forming a WaveNET


WaveNET testing at FloWave circular wave pool


WaveNET deployed at sea

WaveNETtesting at FloWave

SQUID Module


WaveNET at FloWave circular test pool


Paschoa, Claudio
Claudio Paschoa is Marine Technology Reporter's correspondent in Brazil.
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