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Mike Read (Photo: Teledyne Marine)

5 Minutes with Mike Read, President, Teledyne Marine

Integration Center of Excellence in Massachusetts. Teledyne Marine also benefits significantly from a close relationship with Teledyne Scientific, an internally funded Research & Development Center located in Thousand Oaks California.Teledyne Marine GroupTeledyne Marine is comprised of 23 undersea technology brands assembled by Teledyne Technologies Inc. Teledyne Marine’s technologies are broken out into five categories:Teledyne Marine ImagingTeledyne Marine Imaging group develops and manufactures acoustic and digital subsea imaging systems for a variety of application areas including offshore

A dive team investigates sonar targets collected via the REMUS 100 AUV,  with RV Norseman II sailing in the background (Photo: NOAA)

US Destroyer Wreckage Discovered off Remote Alaskan Island

mission was the first to thoroughly explore the underwater portion of the battlefield. Many ships, aircraft and submarines from both the United States and Japan were lost during a punishing 15-month campaign to reclaim this distant wind- and fogbound corner of America.Now, recent advancements in undersea technology, many developed by the Office of Naval Research, are helping to reveal the forgotten histories of long-ago valor.After multibeam sonar mounted to the side of the research ship Norseman II identified a promising target, the team sent down a deep-diving, remotely operated vehicle to capture

(Photo: Riptide Autonomous Solutions)

Riptide Opens New Facility

; This new location offers Riptide space to grow its staff and manufacturing capabilities as well as an onsite marina. As Riptide focuses on compact, easily deployed, UUVs this site ensures easy access for engineering testing and customer demonstrations. Plymouth is conveniently located near major undersea technology centers including Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution on Cape Cod and the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport, R.I.    With its new expanded space, Riptide said it looks to grow both its team and customer base in 2018. 

Molly Donohue Magee

Undersea Technology: A Strategic Rhode Island Advantage

rich history continues today, as the state is home to the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, which provides the technical foundation to ensure the U.S. Navy’s undersea superiority. Fitting for “the Ocean State,” we have identified more than 170 Rhode Island organizations that touch undersea technology—and we believe that is a conservative count. We are a cluster leader not just in New England but indeed in the entire country.    While it may be difficult to measure the economic impact of the Rhode Island undersea technology cluster as a whole, we can look at the Rhode

Mineman 3rd Class John Stephen-Torres, Commander, Task Group (CTG) 56.1, observes data from a MK 18 MOD 2 UUV for a training evolution during a mine countermeasures squadron exercise (SQUADEX) aboard the Bay-class landing dock ship Cardigan Bay (L3009) of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary. CTG 56.1 conducts mine countermeasures, explosive ordnance disposal, salvage-diving, and force protection operations throughout the U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations. (U.S. Navy photo by Jonah Stepanik)

Unmanned Underwater Vehicles: Is Bigger Better?

format,” said Eng. “Technologies developed under the ONR LDUUV-INP have informed, and will continue to inform the Navy LDUUV associated program of record. Further LDUUV-INP advances will enable future missions envisioned for this system.”   ONR has long been involved in undersea technology and the development of underwater vehicles, including LDUUVs. According to Chief of Naval Research Rear Adm. Mat Winter, ONR’s Innovative Naval Prototype LDUUV program will design and build five LDUUVs: two preliminary designs, two pier-to-pier vehicles, and one submarine compatible

David Fries (Photo: IHMC)

Undersea Technology Expert David Fries Joins IHMC

and Machine Cognition (IHMC). The Tampa-based scientist, who has been on faculty at the University of South Florida for two decades, will work at both the Ocala and Pensacola IHMC locations until next summer, when he relocates to Pensacola.   Fries’ main area of specialization is undersea technology. He holds 35 patents in the field, and is best known for inventing underwater sensors and robots that can determine the extent of oil spill contamination, detect submarines (or other robots), and help take fish counts.   The potential benefits of using such devices are economic, political

Cyclops 1 Submersible (Photo: OceanGate)

Peering into Ocean Depths with Eyes in the Back of Your Head

on vehicles currently in use or incorporated into newly built platforms using the COTS connector of choice. It can replace multiple cameras with one device that is lighter, uses less power and has no moving parts.   OceatGate’s Cyclops 1 submersible is suited as a platform for testing undersea technology. Seating for five people allows real-time collaboration during the dive, with the option to get immediate testing feedback. Direct communication with the submersible pilot provides flexibility to alter the dive profile based on changing conditions.  

The Musashi carried two 15-ton anchors. The starboard anchor remains in place. (Photo: Paul Allen)

AUV Helps Locate Sunken Japanese Warship

Bluefin Robotics underwater robot helps locate historic sunken Japanese battleship Musashi; located by philanthropist and entrepreneur Paul G. Allen, aided by advanced undersea technology    Bluefin Robotics underwater autonomous vehicles (AUV) scour the ocean floors around the world looking for items critical to the defense industry, oceanographic researchers and the oil and gas industry. Most recently, a Bluefin vehicle was used by Paul G. Allen and his team of researchers in their search for the sunken Japanese battleship Musashi, the largest battleship in naval history. Allen and his

Commercial diver with recovered ADCP & pinger, Inset - diver with PR-1 receiver (Courtesy JW Fishers)

Acoutic Pingers; Not Just for Airplane Black Boxes

The search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has put a lot of undersea technology in the media spotlight. Equipment such as the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) and Acoustic Pinger are now part of everyday conversations at workplaces and homes across the globe. Everyone now knows that pingers are underwater signaling devices, and a pinger receiver is used either by a diver or attached to an AUV to detect the sonar signal transmitted by the pinger.  But putting an acoustic pinger on an airplane’s black box is only one of the many purposes for this device. Pingers have been around for a

The ROV Manual

results quickly and efficiently. The ROV Manual, Second Edition is available on line in both print and e-book versions. About the authors: Robert Wernli, Sr. is President of First Centurion Enterprises. He is an engineering consultant with 40 years experience in the field of ROVs and undersea technology. In addition to his technical publications, he is an award-winning author in fiction where he is continuing his work on a series of underwater techno-thrillers. wernlibooks.com. Robert D. “Bob” Christ is President of SeaTrepid International, LLC, a full-service subsea robotics

Registration Open for SENEDIA Ocean Conference

p.m.   Dwight Coleman, "Inner Space Center and Telepresense" •2:40 p.m.-3 p.m. Jim Miller, "Underwater Acoustics: Challenges and Opportunities" •3 p.m.-3:20 BREAK •3:20 p.m.-3:40 p.m. Harold "Bud" Vincent, "URI Center of Excellence in Undersea Technology" •3:40 p.m.-4 p.m. Pam Rubinoff, "Sea Level Rise - Implications for RI's Waterfronts" •4 p.m.-4:20 p.m. Dan Codiga, "Autonomous Surface Craft for Long-Duration, Multi-Disciplinary Sampling in Coastal and Estuarine Systems" •4:20 p.m.-4:40 p.m. Bruce

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