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Teledyne Marine Photo Contest 2022 - The Winners

Posted to Marine Technology Sponsored (by Teledyne) on November 6, 2022 

Pipe tracking and UXO detection for small ROVs

Posted to Marine Technology Sponsored on April 18, 2022

With HydroPACT 660E Teledyne Marine brings the world’s smallest submarine, pulse induction pipe tracker to market. Built upon the already established, industry standard and world leading TSS HydroPACT 440 system, the HydroPACT 660E continues…

OceanAlpha Features USV Portfolio at OI 2022

Posted to Marine Technology Sponsored (by Oceanalpha Company Limited) on March 6, 2022

Users will be able to choose a cost-effective and properly sized solution from its comprehensive portfolio.

Explore the Ocean, Delve into the Deep, and Challenge the Unknown

Posted to Marine Technology Sponsored (by Massa Products Corporation ) on January 9, 2022

Knowing what you want is the first step to finding what you seek, however communicating what you want is even more important. Little-known fact about sonar & electroacoustic systems: they can be enhanced for most applications. Blaming both the product and the technology when you don’t get desired results limits your options and can add significant cost. By partnering with an expert in both technology and manufacturing, you start with a product designed to deliver the results you need and get a better ROI.

When Data Quality Can’t be Compromised

Posted to Marine Technology Sponsored (by Teledyne Marine) on March 15, 2021

All M-Series sonar operate while in motion or from a stationary position delivering superb real-time imagery in a compact and easy to use package.

Featured White Paper: Simple Integration of Backscatter Processing into a Bathymetry Workflow

Posted to Marine Technology Sponsored (by Travis Hamilton and Eli Leblanc – Teledyne CARIS) on October 1, 2020

Across the various domains of multibeam echosounder mapping, the value of creating quality backscatter maps is gradually becoming mainstream. While it has always been a part of the portfolio for dedicated marine ecosystem surveys, it has only more recently started to become a staple for other surveys such as those conducted for/by Hydrographic Agencies, or surveys in support of wind farm development, as two examples.

International Public Tender for High Resolution Surveys

Posted to Marine Technology Sponsored (by Israel Natural Gas Lines Ltd.) on May 18, 2020

Invitation to submit bids for the performance of Surveys of Offshore Line Gas Transmission System

"Best of VideoRay 2019" Photo and Video Contest

Posted to Marine Technology Sponsored (by VideoRay) on November 20, 2019

Send us your best 2019 photos and videos of you and your VideoRay ROV in action!

The Next Generation of Deep-Water ADCP Technology has arrived.

Posted to Marine Technology Sponsored (by Teldyne Marine) on May 14, 2019

Teledyne RDI ushers in a new era in long-range ADCP technology. Rated to a depth of 2000 m, the new 45 kHz phased array Pinnacle ADCP delivers a 1000 m current profiling range with a decreased size and weight, a game-changing field-swappable system configuration…

Work Class & High-Speed ROV Advanced Imaging & Laser Profiling System

Posted to Marine Technology Sponsored (by CATHX) on November 16, 2018

Compatible with large work class and high-speed ROVs or large AUVs, Pathfinder is a dual-swath system for use in missions where intervention is required at greater depths or when accelerated data collection is necessary.
Efforts to map the world’s oceans are ramping up, with new and emerging technologies leading the way.
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Tech File: HexDefence Scour Protection for Offshore Wind

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