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Hydro-Tech Marine Technology

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Focus on acoustic sounding technology, Hydro-Tech had developed different products widly appied in underwater exploration industry. Nowadays Hydro-Tech owns completely independent and controllable core technologies in Hydrographic surveying and still commits to constant iterative innovation. Besides standard products, we can also take advantage of our strong R & D knowhow and hydrographic expertise to provide thoughtful consulting service, customized products or one-stop solution for special project requirement.


Hydro-Tech Marine

Building 5, No. 33 Jingsheng South 2nd Street, Tongzhou Dist. Beijing
Beijing Beijing 101102


With these years technology accumulation, we can not only develop, but also manufacture full series of sonar products and related auxiliary devices too, including the models listed below:

Multi-beam Echo Sounder: MS400P, MS400U & MS8200;

Side Scan Sonar: SS3060, SS900F & ES Series;

Sound Velocity Sensor & Profiler: SVS1500, SVP1500;

All Hydro-Tech products have shown great performance and high quality. That’s why we can win customers loyalty & so many industry awards. We are very proud that Hydro-Tech sonars have occupied the leading market share in China.


MultiBeam Echo Sounder


[Category: Instrumentation / Ship Systems-Echo Sounders]

MS400P is designed as a portable multibeam, which is easy to install and uninstalled onto various vessels for bathymetry application. Its size is quite small, while it has built-in sound velocity, and it can be easily operated by one hydrographer only. With good performance and reliable quality, MS400P had been widely used on all kinds of inflatable boats, survey vessel or other surface vehicles.

MultiBeam Echo Sounder


[Category: Instrumentation / Ship Systems-Echo Sounders]

MS400U is a compact multi-beam echo sounder specially designed for the integration of small USV or other unmanned platforms. It has built-in surface sound velocity sensor and attitude & heading measuring IMU sensor. For different applications, we can provide not only standard products in round or square shape, but also tailor-made for your special uncrewed USVs. With AutoSurvey function, MS400U simplified most setting up operation and is perfect for any hydro-graphic surveying requirement in the aspect of function and performance.

200kHz Multibeam Echo Sounder


[Category: Instrumentation / Ship Systems-Echo Sounders]

MS8200 is specially designed for professional oceanographic mapping and deep channel surveying. It combines with 200kHz basic frequency and Hydro-Tech unique algorithm. MS8200 does deliver not only reliable performance, but also with the most advanced technologies. It can work well even in harsh environment.

200kHz Multibeam Echo Sounder

SS3060 / SS4090

[Category: Instrumentation / Ship Systems-Hydrological Instruments]

SS3060 and SS4090 is a dual-band broadband high-definition side-scan sonar designed for general survey requirement. The system adopts a number of innovative technologies including broadband signal processing variable aperture, image equalization, 4K HD display technology to fulfill customer requirements on wide scanning range and high definition

Embedded Side Scan Sonar


[Category: Instrumentation / Ship Systems-Hydrological Instruments]

ES Series’ working frequency range from 450 to 900kHz. The system has standard or customized version of single-frequency or dual-frequencies, different size and shape. It adopts self-adaptive wave adjustment technology combine broadband signal processing and image equalization technologies. It can clearly scan the image of small objects and complex underwater infrastructure. This is very helpful for underwater security and small target detection applications.

Single Frequency Side Scan Sonar


[Category: Instrumentation / Ship Systems-Hydrological Instruments]

SS900 is a towfish side scan sonar specifically designed for emergency and rescue application. With the leading self-adaption wave adjustment technology combining broadband signal processing and image equalization technology, it can clearly detect various underwater small targets and complex structures.

Sound Velocity Sensor


[Category: Instrumentation / Ship Systems-Hydrological Instruments]

SVS1500 sound velocity sensor adopts "Time Leap" technology for sound velocity measurement. Combining with advanced digital signal processing technology, the sound velocity measuring accuracy can reach 0.05m/s.

Sound Velocity Profiler


[Category: Instrumentation / Ship Systems-Meters & Metering Systems]

SVP1500 sound velocity profiler adopts "Time Leap" technology for sound velocity measurement. The system measuring accuracy reaches 0.05m/s. It has integrated a high-precision pressure sensor. The depth accuracy can reach 0.15m, which is the world leading level.
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