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April 2, 2010



The DeepStar project is a joint industry technology development project focused on advancing the technologies to meet its members' deepwater business needs to deliver increased production and reserves.

DeepStar is a joint industry technology development project focused on advancing the technologies to meet its members' deepwater business needs to deliver increased production and reserves.
The Deepstar project provides a forum and creates and  a deepwater continually updates technology databases in key areas of deepwater E&P  for its members to access in order  to support them in  planning and executing deepwater technology development projects .
The goal of the project being to develop and optimize the technology necessary to overcome the awesome challenges posed by deepwater O&G development  projects and finally  to help members in securing the financial and technical resources of the deepwater industry.
Although not all players and operators involved in worldwide deepwater E&P are registerd as project members , the Deepstar members list is still very impressive.
The DeepStar Project has been in continuous operation since 1992 and operates in 2 year funding phases. Phase VIII concluded in December 2007, and they are now beginning Phase IX. The funding and support for each phase comes from the membership fees from each member.  Each member company receives the benefit of access to all available deliverables and results from work performed each phase under the collection of pooled funding from the JIP.
All technology focus areas within the DeepStar project have been organized into Technical Committees.  Each technical committee is headed by a Chairperson.
Geosciences Committee forms a partnership between government and industry to research, develop and optimize techniques, technologies and tools that enable us to overcome geoscience challenges, including subsalt imaging, reservoir characterization, fluid characterization, economics, high pressure/high temperature, and geomechanics.
Flow Assurance Committee’s goal is to assure reliable and economic production in deepwater by the appropriate design and operation through prediction, management remediation of deposition and line plugs.
Subsea Systems Committee´s goal is to develop technology and qualify equipment to enable the deployment of “subsea facilities for 60 mile tie-backs from 12,000 foot water depth.”
Floating Systems Committee´s role is to further technology and fill gaps related to deepwater floating systems and their associated moorings and risers.
Drilling and Completion Committee members share their experiences and data to improve deep water drilling operations.
Reservoir Engineering Committee looks at trends that are of significant generic interest to the industry, while avoiding detailed reservoir issues where participants have competitive concerns. The committee has assembled the best available public domain information for use in learning the global characteristics of deepwater GOM reservoirs.
Met-Ocean Committee’s goal is to improve knowledge and modeling capabilities of the GOM circulation, which will provide more accurate facility design criteria and reduce downtime during deepwater drilling operations.
Systems Engineering Committee has the responsibility for analyzing existing and/or potential technology gaps and bringing them to the attention of the committee best suited to carry out further work in the specific technology area.
Regulatory and Administration committees are also part of the Deepstar organization.
DeepStar currently has over 50 service and vendor company Contributor Members.
Next week we will take a look at Phase IX which is focused on global ultra deepwater development in water depths from 4,500 (1,500m) to 10,000 feet (3,500m).
Claudio Paschoa
Paschoa, Claudio
Claudio Paschoa is Marine Technology Reporter's correspondent in Brazil.
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