Subsea Power Grid to Enable Large-Scale Subsea Processing

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June 16, 2010



The future of O&G recovery most likely lies in deepwater reservoirs. Subsea processing opens the door to more cost-efficient developments, especially for long step-outs and, marginal and deepwater fields.

Large-scale seabed processing facilities will require a subsea power grid system that is able to operate for long step-outs with total reliability withstanding extreme pressure and temperatures.
As technology leader on land-based power grids, Siemens has configured complex power transmissions to suite multiple subsea operations. Siemens also has broad experience with subsea power concept studies as well as experience producing deep-sea transformers and compressors and ten years experience on subsea control and communication.
In the near future subsea processing facilities will probably include several electrically pumps and gas compressors to transport oil and gas over very long distances.
Siemens Subsea Power Grid Options;
Subsea Power Distribution
• Complete Siemens Subsea Power Grid and Subsea Power Control and Monitoring, offering a    fully managed electrical distribution solution.
• Seamless integration to top-side control and electrical infrastructure.
• Enabling subsea processing.
Subsea Control and Monitoring
• Flexible and efficient interfaces to sensors and intelligent systems.
• Reliable data services for flow assurance.
• High data transfer rate.
• Subsea rated safety systems – SIL.
• Online advisory system onshore.
• Heat tracing for pipelines subsea.
• Integration of tie-in production systems with existing topside control systems.
Subsea Compression and Boosting
• STC-ECO subsea compressor
A Siemens subsea transformer is being used by Petrobras for its PROCAP project in the Carapeba Field at the Campos Basin in Brazil. This compressor works at a depth of 1,000 meters. With the many deepwater plays being explored in Brazil, it is very probable that more complete subsea power grids will come into operation in the near future in order to enable large subsea processing units to operate in deepwater fields.
Scope of supply:
• Oil filled subsea power transformer rated at 750 kVA
• 10.5 kV/3.5 kV
• For down-hole drive
Claudio Paschoa
Illustration courtesy of Siemens
Paschoa, Claudio
Claudio Paschoa is Marine Technology Reporter's correspondent in Brazil.