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September 27, 2010



Tar Kovacs Systems is a design office specialized in technical innovations, it works in a new mindset with its new technologies being applied to all sea and offshore applications. These technologies are allowing a new approach based on the use of the ocean forces and its green renewable energy potentials instead of mechanical power and hydrocarbon fuels fighting against the environment.

Tar Kovacs Systems innovations exists since 2003. Their innovations are offering very simple solutions and more sophisticated ones in every phases of the offshore oil exploration as well as in other maritime and offshore situations.
Original solutions are covering:
- Deep detection, exploration, visualization, and all deep operations with full real time control from land (or ship) thanks to the original capacities of their "Dynamic Structure".
- Deep drilling self-contained tower that is able to contain and close oil leaks.
- Subsurface intermediary drilling platform that holds the drilling line straight if the floating platform sinks. This subsurface intermediary drilling platform is also made to allow the floating platform go away in front of Hurricanes and so on, disconnected from the drilling line.
- Ocean oil slicks and deep oil leaks recovery with different versions of the "Dynamic Structure".
- All depth supple riser, able to recover all oil physical states and quantities, without pumps.
- Submarine oil/water separator and treatment unit (liquefaction) with self-packaging system and surface delivery.
New concepts:
  • Off shore ultra deep and subsurface heavy work sites
  • Off shore deep and subsurface free multi-power stations
  • Long term heavy work submarine Drones and Platforms
  • Self-energized ship hulls
  • Clean and powerful propeller
Four registered patents:
 Supple riser for unlimited depth oil recovery
 Submarine oil treatment/package platform
 Self-contained submarine dynamic structure
 Self-contained dynamic ship hull
 Twenty patents to be registered:
 Submarine and navigation propeller
 Multi wind, tidal, sun and stream offshore platform
Contact Details:
Tar Kovacs Systems
Tel: +33 1 30 75 26 86
Tel: +33 6 11 45 13 42 (mobile)
Fax: +33 1 30 75 26 86
Email: tarkovacs.systems@gmail.com
Website :www.tarkovacs-systems.com
The Tar Kovacs Systems are being analyzed by various O&G and maritime companies in Brazil and Worldwide. The novel innovations they present are very intriguing and offer possible advantages over traditional solutions to quite a few offshore and maritime needs. It is very interesting to examine these new concepts as the search for cleaner and more efficient systems for the offshore and maritime industries is continuous and players need to look outside the box.
Claudio Paschoa
Paschoa, Claudio
Claudio Paschoa is Marine Technology Reporter's correspondent in Brazil.
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