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Well Cap Clamp. Photo: 3D at Depth

World's First Fabrication of Subsea Well Part Using LiDAR Data and 3D Printing

. The LiDAR laser data was processed using point cloud processing tools to compute the spatial relationships, measurements and orientations of the seabed structures.    The resulting deliverables included a 3D point cloud database, a dimensional report for each well, CAD files and a 360° animation of each well, modelled from the point cloud.   To create a 1:1 model for the design of an appropriate 'hot tap' connector, a 3D print of the top of the well, with its damaged stub, at full scale was required. As the large size of the well cap structure made the cost prohibitive, a hybrid

Umbilical lay around an FPSO (Image: Cambla)

Cambla: Soft Solutions for Hard Problems

or delay to the planned schedule can result in a huge loss in production and significant costs for the operator.    In response to these challenges, Cambla developed state-of-the-art software to improve the accuracy and efficiency of planning subsea and marine operations. The Schedule Animation Tool (S.A.T.) is a multi-user application that provides an accurate visual representation of a vessel’s location and planned activities, making it easier for operators to understand Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPs), construction sequences and plan integrated operations across the globe.  

Template inspection and intervention (Image: Kongsberg Maritime)

Snake-like Robots Engineered for Subsea Maintenance

and on-demand inspections and interventions.   The solution can be installed on both existing and new fields where typical jobs include; visual inspection, cleaning, and adjusting valves and chokes. These jobs account for a large part of the total subsea inspection and intervention spend. An animation video illustrating the swimming robots in action is available here.   “This partnership offers the chance to bring radical technology to the market, not just in what the Eelume robot can do, but how it does it,” said Bjørn Jalving, Executive Vice President Subsea Division

Alexander MacLeod, Owner and Project Services Manager at Cambla

Cambla Debuts Software for the Subsea Market

Independent project services consultancy, Cambla, has launched new software for the oil and gas industry, the Schedule Animation Tool (S.A.T).     The company will unveil its new technology during Subsea Expo, an oil and gas event which will take place between February 11-13, 2015 at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre. The multi-user software has been developed to meet the needs of businesses operating within the subsea sector, reducing man-hours and offering cost savings, the developer said.   S.A.T provides a visual representation of a vessel’s location and

Martin Kits van Heyningen, KVH’s chief executive officer

KVH Industries Acquires Videotel

  KVH Industries, Inc., acquired Videotel, a producer of high-quality training films and e-Learning services for the commercial maritime industry. Servicing over 11,000 vessels, Videotel is a market leader in the provision of maritime training services, offering video, animation, e-Learning computer-based training (CBT), and interactive distance learning courses.   “The acquisition of Videotel is an important addition to our portfolio of services targeting the needs of commercial seafarers and supports our strategic vision of extending our maritime broadband service to include

The Ocean Dimensions animation helps users visualize how ocean data can apply to several dimensions

Presentations Illustrate Dimensions of Accurate Marine Mapping

Two new products—the Ocean Dimensions animation and Crowded Ocean Spaces: A 3D View visualization—explain why two-dimensional marine maps cannot tell the whole story. Understanding this fact helps viewers gain a more accurate picture of marine-siting conflicts and compatibilities, including those related to offshore wind energy development. Traditional maps can give the false impression that the marine space is very crowded. In reality, marine uses are spread out among many dimensions: the sea surface, seafloor, water column, air column and even the dimension of time. Marine planners

Ocean Dimentions animation: NOAA Photo

Ocean Mapping in 3D: New Interactive Tool

column, air column, and even the dimension of time. Marine planners and managers who take into account these many dimensions are better able to consider specific uses for specific locations, says Kitty Fahey of the NOAA Coastal Services Center. Two new products — the Ocean Dimensions animation and Crowded Ocean Spaces: A 3D View visualization — explain why two-dimensional marine maps cannot tell the whole story. Understanding this fact helps viewers gain a more accurate picture of marine-siting conflicts and compatibilities, including those related to offshore wind energy

DSV Joanne Morrison (Photo: Chet Morrison Contractors)

Chet Morrison Develops Subsea Cutter: SHARC

with multiple strings and can cut any size caisson or jacket leg from surface or subsea to depths up to 500 feet. Not only is SHARC a safer option for divers, it’s also better for the subsea environment. Unlike other methods, it does not require the use of explosives or hand jetting. Video animation of SHARC available at or on the Chet Morrison website.  

SHARC: Image credit Chet Morrison Contractors

Revolutionary SHARC Subsea Cutter Quicker & Safer

; said Chet Morrison Engineering Manager Ryan Vestal. “As an industry leader in marine construction and well services, we will continue to invest in the people, resources and technology that enable us to deliver creative and safe solutions to serve our customers and industry. ” Video animation of SHARC available here.  

Forensics of the Sea

experience of being at sea.  This lack of marine knowledge can often hinder a case, especially if the evidence being presented is technically complex, subjective, or insubstantial due to the use of basic assessment techniques.  Harnessing sophisticated technologies such as simulation and 3D animation within complex marine investigations can be the difference between winning and losing a case.  Ultimately, technology can help to minimize the level of uncertainty and provide more robust evidence to courts and arbitration panels.  So what are these technologies and how much of an impact

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