Posted by October 31, 2016

The Future in Solids Control

  • BARKEEPER (Image: Fluid Systems)
  • MultiG (Image: Fluid Systems)
  • ProdiG (Image: Fluid Systems)
  • Platinum Series Screens (Image: Fluid Systems)
  • BARKEEPER (Image: Fluid Systems) BARKEEPER (Image: Fluid Systems)
  • MultiG (Image: Fluid Systems) MultiG (Image: Fluid Systems)
  • ProdiG (Image: Fluid Systems) ProdiG (Image: Fluid Systems)
  • Platinum Series Screens (Image: Fluid Systems) Platinum Series Screens (Image: Fluid Systems)

For the past 34 years, Fluid Systems has provided solids control and drilling mud systems, engineering and equipment to the oil and gas, industrial and mining segments – both offshore and onshore.

Now with oil prices down and efficiency as important as ever, Fluid Systems provides the tools to help improve efficiency and accomplish or even surplus production goals with its latest technological novelties. The company brings to the table four innovations that it says offer the potential to save as much as 75 percent of solids control costs: the Barkeeper (Dual Density Solution), the Multi G, the ProdiG (Smart Shaker), the HpEliminator and a new generation of Screen Panels called Platinum Series.
BARKEEPER: a patent pending, high process volume classifier, for use in barite recovery and dual density drilling operations. The centrifugal separator is trademarked as the BARKEEPER and classifies drilling mud into concentrated high density and low density streams. Each module processes over 250 GPM, even at high mud weights. A series of modules can process at or above circulating mud volumes for near 100 percent recovery of high density mud and the delivery of low density streams to centrifuges for the removal of drilled solids. The clean low density stream can be flowed to the active mud system or re-injection into the riser. Extensive prototype field tests have yielded excellent results without capacity issues associated with older technologies and final field trials of production units are underway. Fluid Systems Inc. believes the BARKEEPER has the ability to reduce drilling mud costs significantly through the recovery of high density fluids at high capacity while reducing traditional solids control equipment costs by 75 percent or more.
MultiG: A high “G” force shaker that uses a patented technology of “exciters” that generate and apply very high G” forces (up to 50 Gs) to the screen surface, allowing for a very low OOC when used as a cuttings dryer. Since the “exciters” also produce multi-frequency, they virtually eliminate screen blinding. The MultiG can also be used as a flow line shaker, providing a much drier discharge.
ProdiG: A fully automated, computer controlled shaker that is coupled with the rig monitoring system using flow rate, density, ROP, mud Rheology and more (up to 24 channels of input data), to make the necessary adjustments to frequency (RPM), “G” force, conveyance rate, etc. The shaker will also adjust to keep the OOC to a minimum.
Linear or Balanced Elliptical Motion capabilities
G-force and Conveyance control
Graphic operator interface
Remote control operation
Real-time monitoring
Platinum Series Screens: Fluid Systems’ Unibody Frame eliminates plate–frame separation
Each FSI screen frame is manufactured using high yield strength structural steel
A new perforation design provides more stability to the screen surface during operation- less “channeling” spillage
Increased support, reduces flexing, increases screen life and maximizes the G-force at the screen surface
Lighter frame
Resistant to near size particle blinding
Increased volume handling capacity
Repairable sections-increasing useable screen
API RP 13C (ISO 13501) compliant
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