Posted by April 19, 2017

Turbidity Sensor Features Integrated Wiper

Photo: Turner Designs

Photo: Turner Designs

Turbidity measurements are often made in shallow waters, and keeping the instrument optical face clear is particularly important.

With this in mind, San Jose based Turner Designs has introduced a new turbidity sensor that aims to address this issue with a simple solution. Its new Turbidity Plus is an accurate single-channel turbidity sensor including an integrated wiper which is triggered by the user.

The turbidity sensor is designed for integration with multiparameter systems and dataloggers from which it receives power and the wiper trigger. Turbidity Plus delivers a voltage output proportional to the turbidity of the sample which can be correlated to nephelometric turbidity unit (NTU) values by calibrating with a standard of known concentration.

Deployable to 200 meters, Turbidity Plus is available with or without a plastic housing for simplified integration.  

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