Deepwater Challenges: SUT Technical Conference, Rio 2010- Day 2 Part 2

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March 30, 2010

deepwaterchallengessuttechnicalconferencerio day part img

deepwaterchallengessuttechnicalconferencerio day part img

The Society for Underwater Technology Technical Conference in Rio de Janeiro discusses the main challenges to be faced in Deepwater O&G exploration and examines the many possible solutions through technological innovations.

The second day of the conference continued after the coffee break with FMC representatives speaking about their Field Development Toolbox to Enable Optimization and Best Value to Exploit Fields. This consists of an advanced 3D graphical design tool, consisting of a series of modules which enable a field development model to be defined and optimized.
This presentation was followed by an interesting talk by researchers from the University of Strathclyde, which I believe is in Scotland, about Riser Cross-flow VIV (vortex induced vibration) in Combined In-line Steady and Oscillatory Flows, which deals with oscillations in riser systems caused by vibrations and is a wee bit too complicated to explain here.
The last presentation before lunch break was also related to VIV and presented by an Acergy representative and one of their consultants. It was titled VIV Model of Closely Spaced Jumpers and Risers.
After the lunch break the conference continued with presentations on Flex Pipe Monitoring Systems by reps from Wellstream and 2H Offshore. Steel Riser Design & Construction for Corrosive and Sour Service Environments, again by reps from 2H Offshore and a talk about Ultra Deepwater Flex Pipe Tech Challenges and Design Evolution.
These were followed by another lavish coffee break but unfortunately I had to leave before the four final presentations which were:
New International Codes of Practice for Steel and Flexible Risers Designs and Integrity
Management, Subsea HIPPS System in Brazil – Mexilhão Project, Santos Basin,
Deep-water Technology for Pipeline Repair and Hot-Tapping, Thermoplastic and Steel Tube Umbilicals - A Comparative Analysis.
All the presentations made during the SUT Technical Conference, Rio 2010 will soon be available for examination at the SUT site for those interested in furthering their subsea systems knowledge. During the next few months we will be reviewing some of these excellent presentations here as everything to do with challenges to deepwater exploration concern us here in Brazil.
Once again I´d like to thank SUT and their Brazilian branch for allowing my participation in such an important technological conference.
Claudio Paschoa
Photo courtesy of FMC Technologies
Paschoa, Claudio
Claudio Paschoa is Marine Technology Reporter's correspondent in Brazil.