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Photo: Unique Group

Unique Group Develops UXO Recovery System

Sonardyne Acoustic Lightweight Release Transponder (LRT).Working with known UXO weights and water depths, the UXO-LSDS can be precisely filled to begin the UXO recovery, with the excess air vented out from the pressure release valves. The system has been thoroughly tested from design phase through to final product by Unique Group and Bodac’s teams of experienced technical personnel. The product is available globally and can be customized based on client-specific needs

NORBIT DCT – Hydrographic Survey Made Easy

can perform bathymetry missions which in the past would not be in their reach.However, the survey tools, available commercially, still prove to limit the full potential of the new emerging markets due to its complexity on both, setup, installation and operation as well as data post-processing and final product deliverables.To address these emerging market needs, NORBIT has recently developed a survey utility called Data Collection Tool (DCT) to facilitate a simpler survey operation and provide a means to collect quality bathymetric data, ready to be post-processed and delivered to the end client.What

 Applying Ecofix on the corroded areas of a rudder. (Photo: Subsea Industries)

Performing Coating Systems for Different Applications

activity. So besides durability and the knowledge that the coating would stay on for long enough, the owner and the local authorities wanted to be absolutely sure that no toxic elements would be leaching into the aquatic environment. Not during regular activity and not during cleaning.EcolastThe final product in the family is Ecolast and was launched in 2016. This coating is ultraviolet (UV) light resistant and preserves its color while at the same time offering the corrosion and abrasion protection our coatings are known for.Regular coatings will quickly lose their original color when exposed to

Figure 1: Data flow diagram for vertical uncertainty component of the Hare-Godin- Mayer MBES uncertainty model (Calder, 2007).

Seamless Hydrographic Workflow: Processing Evolved

workflows to deliver detailed and accurate information in an efficient manner. Issues arise due the incorporation of a variety of software solutions within a single non-seamless (acquisition through deliverable) workflow. This often results in an accumulation of human error which leads to inaccurate final products and/or poor decisions with undesirable consequences (Beaudoin, 2017). Advancements in the hydrographic workflow by researchers and engineers at Quality Positioning Systems (QPS) have automated the mundane, human-error prone tasks and guide users through the hydrographic workflow. This workflow

(Image: Channel Coastal Observatory)

The Autonomous Future of Seabed Mapping

;I’m taking this year very much as a learning exercise to find the limits of the technology and to start to introduce the autonomous systems as a natural choice. Initially, the ASV usage will be in coastal, lake and river surveys, complemented by the UAVs to ensure a seamless Sea and Land final product. The MUNIN AUV will be tasked with pipeline and cable inspection surveys. It is more about using the same survey methods but with a new platform - like getting used to using an electric car instead of a petrol one.”    Over the next year, 4D Ocean will test the performance of

ROV SuBastian on Sea Trials. (Photo: Schmidt Ocean Institute)

Creating Superior Buoyancy with Air

that not only manufactures hollow glass microspheres but can also carry out testing of density, strength, moisture content and more, before the HGMS are incorporated into composite buoyancy systems. Following this, the finished buoyancy package should then go through its own testing to ensure the final product meets the density, weight and strength parameters for the project.    Typical buoyancy tests that should be performed on the final package include: Hydrostatic testing of full cubic feet buoyancy blocks, Cycle testing for 1,000 times, Full testing to hydrostatic pressure

Mineman 3rd Class John Stephen-Torres, Commander, Task Group (CTG) 56.1, observes data from a MK 18 MOD 2 UUV for a training evolution during a mine countermeasures squadron exercise (SQUADEX) aboard the Bay-class landing dock ship Cardigan Bay (L3009) of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary. CTG 56.1 conducts mine countermeasures, explosive ordnance disposal, salvage-diving, and force protection operations throughout the U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations. (U.S. Navy photo by Jonah Stepanik)

Unmanned Underwater Vehicles: Is Bigger Better?

that is behind making it work. As an example, the current USB specification is several hundred pages long and the evolutionary product of over 22 years of work across many industry players,” he says. “And that’s just the paperwork for the agreed upon interface standard, not the final product itself.”   Good, a retired Navy captain and former program manager for LCS mission modules, says that in conversations with OPNAV and Congressional staffs, he’s found that the significant effort behind integration is not well understood – and almost always undervalued

Kongsberg Maritime welding camera

Kongsberg's Welding Cameras for Subsea pipeline repairs

of the weld, the camera was designed to be as compact as possible, measuring just 105mm in length and 56mm in diameter. Martin Tanner, Systems & Projects Sales Engineer, Kongsberg Maritime Camera Group comments: "We are very proud to work on this unique project and are satisfied that the final product we delivered is of the highest quality. This project was the perfect platform for our design team to showcase their capability and they did not disappoint."  

QinetiQ Design Software Used for 'SUBS in Schools'

the core submarine design project elements and use of real technology such as QinetiQ’s Paramarine Ship and Submersible Design Software. They will establish a virtual company to complete the design project, assemble a team, manage the design and manufacturing process and present and market the final product. The program is coordinated and directed by the Re-Engineering Australia Foundation which was founded in 1998 by engineer and businessman, Dr. Michael Myers OAM, in response to the drastic shortage of skilled young people wanting to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics

Hoover Acquires Scotland's Container Company Ltd.

Company maintains a wide range of CCU sizes with a large, readily-available inventory to meet its customers’ requirements while offering a full repair, maintenance and certification program. With a strong focus on quality, Container Company conducts final product inspections through its in-house test engineers to ensure all units exceed required safety and industry standards including BS7072, BS EN 12079 and DNV 2.7-1. “This acquisition enables us to better serve our global customers 

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