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Photo: Thales Australia

For the Royal Australian Navy, Technological Leap Starts Small

current measurements; and the Sonardyne Solstice Multi-Aperture Sonar (MAS) for high-resolution imagery even in murky littoral waters.“Solstice uses multiple elements to generate an image, and in doing that, we improve the signal to noise ratio, and in doing that we extend the range,” said Ioseba Tena, the global business manager for defence and robotics at Yateley, UK-based Sonardyne International Ltd.  “We’re extending the range by virtue of doing a better job of how we process and dynamically focus the data, to ensure the best performance in real-time.”Tena said the

Sonardyne’s Vigilant FLS shown integrated into SubSea Craft’s VICTA DDU. (Photo: Sonardyne)

Sonardyne’s Sonar on SubSea Craft's New Diver Delivery System

avoid obstacles ensuring safe insertion and recovery of operators, regardless of the mission. As VICTA is designed around the operator, Vigilant was the ideal solution.”“Vigilant FLS offers naval forces with unprecedented subsurface situational awareness with unrivaled range,” says Ioseba Tena, Global Business Manager for Marine Robotics and Defence at Sonardyne. “With Vigilant integrated into VICTA, complete with its easy to use, intuitive graphic user interface, pilots can visualise the environment ahead to navigate safely and avoid obstacles ensuring safe insertion and recovery

Sonardyne’s BlueComm undersea communications system enables wireless transmission of high bandwidth tactical data, including video, underwater. (Photo: Sonardyne)

Austrlia DST Chooses Sonardyne's BlueComm

and national security.It has been instrumental in driving the adoption of unmanned/uninhabited systems in the Pacific region through exercises such as Australia’s Autonomous Warrior, which saw the coordinated use of unmanned/uninhabited air, land, sea surface and underwater systems.  Ioseba Tena, Global Business Manager – Defence – at Sonardyne, says, “BlueComm is a game changer for underwater operations, enabling autonomous and unmanned underwater vehicles (AUV/UUVs) and unmanned and manned vessels to communicate, without compromising their position. As we envision

Sonardyne’s SPRINT-Nav hybrid inertial navigation instrument will be integrated into the SEA-KIT to improve navigation in challenging environments. (Photo: Sonardyne)

Sonardyne Tests Autonomous Vehicles Navigation for UK MOD

up to 2.5 metric tons of payload and deploy and recover autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) and remotely operated vehicles (ROV). This capability, and flexibility, means it is well suited to support naval missions including intelligence gathering, hydrographic survey and as a communications gateway.Ioseba Tena, Global Business Manager, s and Marine Robotics at Sonardyne, says, “Most USVs rely on uninterrupted GPS or GNSS signal updates to inform their situational awareness and plot a course safely. When there’s no signal, or what’s called spoofing or jamming, USVs must consider alternative

Image: Saipem

Subsea IMR Moves Robotic

of AUVs it will be necessary to provide wireless connectivity to the systems. Acoustic modems are useful for long-range connections but offer limited bandwidth. Optical systems can provide much more robust bandwidth but over limited ranges. A collective system can offer one approach to this challenge. Ioseba Tena, Global Business Manager at Sonardyne puts it well, “At Sonardyne we have been demonstrating navigation and wireless communication cell towers, equipped with acoustics and free space optical modems, capable of providing position updates and real-time pilot control. These will be placed strategica

Saab Seaeye’s Sabertooth AUV (Photo from Saab Seaeye)

Seaspace Race Underway at Saab Subsea Docking Demo

University of Science and Technology (NTNU).During the demonstration event at Motala, Helge Sverre Eide, business manager, Blue Logic, said, “To maximize use of drones, we need to change the way we work and the way we think. If you have made that investment, the work it does is then free.”Ioseba Tena, global business manager for robotics at Sonardyne, also presented at the event. He said that a combination of acoustics, for multi-kilometer communications and ranging to base stations, and optical communications, for high bandwidth live video and control, would give operators full control and

L3 Technologies

Autonomy Advances: New Vessel Range

time.“Combining these capabilities means customers have access to vessels that can perform more remote and autonomous marine operations; including tracking multiple AUVs and real-time data harvesting in hard to access environments across defense, offshore and ocean science sectors,” said Ioseba Tena, Global Business Manager – Marine Robotic Systems, Sonardyne

Iver3 EOD-XO Neptune system. Photo SeeByte Ltd

SeeByte, OceanServer Partner to Offer Iver3 EOD-XO Neptune

and operator console. Bob Anderson, President of OceanServer, said “The Iver3 EOD-XO Neptune Edition offers our customers the opportunity to operate multiple systems from a single control station. The systems are assigned tasks and they collaborate to fulfil the mission.” Ioseba Tena, Sales Manager of SeeByte, said “Our customers in the MCM domain are looking at ways in which to more effectively operate fleets of AUVs. The Iver3 EOD-XO Neptune Edition is designed for that purpose and it delivers!&rdquo

ASV’s C-Enduro operating under SeeByte’s Neptune software at the AAOSN trial (Photo: SeeByte)

SeeByte and ASV Partner on Maritime Autonomy

and SeeByte’s software solutions. SeeByte’s smart software can be integrated onto unmanned vehicles to offer adaptive autonomy. This allows vehicles to react and adapt their missions according to feedback from their sensors and to collaborate with other vehicles in the fleet.   Ioseba Tena, Sales Manager at SeeByte, commented, “We have had a very close working relationship with ASV which has seen us develop and demonstrate many innovative autonomous capabilities. This partnership essentially formalizes our commitment to join our capabilities to continue bringing new autonomous

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