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Bennett Joins Kraken Board

Bennett has joined the company’s board of directors.Bennett brings more than 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, business executive, and corporate director across private, public and non-profit entities. Her experience crosses multiple sectors including the government, energy, manufacturing, mining, restaurants, telecom, and technology sectors. Bennett was a Member of the House of Assembly of Newfoundland and Labrador from 2014 to 2018 as well as Minister of Finance and the Status of Women. A seasoned corporate director, Bennett holds an ICD.D designation from the Institute of Corporate Directors

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Fincantieri, Saipem in Deep-Seabed Mining Tie-up

Italian shipbuilding firm Fincantieri, and its compatriot energy services company Saipem have signed an agreement to promote the development of deep-seabed mining (DSM), i.e. the sustainable exploitation of deep-sea floors over 3,000 meters in depth. The memorandum of understanding signed between the two companies sets the ground for a strategic partnership aimed at developing and pursuing business opportunities in the field of designing, engineering, building, and managing DSM systems."Deep-sea floors are rich in minerals, mostly sulfides (sulfur), cobalt crusts, and polymetallic nodules

World's largest diamond recovery vessel. Image credit Marin Teknikk AS

ABB Power System for World’s Largest Diamond Recovery Vessel

.Namibia has the richest known marine diamond deposits in the world, with Debmarine Namibia extracting some of the highest quality diamonds available anywhere from water of between 90-150 meters deep off the southwest coast of the country. Traditionally, onshore along the coastline of Namibia, diamond mining is done in open-cast mines, however, with the land-based output in Namibia expected to run out in 15 years, offshore mining is on the rise.Industry's largest single investmentWith a total cost of $468 million, the vessel is the largest single investment ever made in the marine diamond industry

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USVs: A Solution for Inspecting Dams and Guarding Waterways

attention – and it should. While a road buckling or a bridge collapsing might injure or even kill several people, a dam failing could suddenly flood entire communities, potentially causing scores or even hundreds of deaths and untold financial loss. The January 2019 failure of a Brazilian iron-ore mining company dam – the second dam failure in just over three years – flooded the town of Brumadinho causing hundreds of deaths.Dam Inspections: A Challenging Mission and Harbinger for Additional USV UsesPart of the challenge of managing and sustaining this part of the United States infrastructure

A computer-generate view of the seafloor that shows some of the hydrothermal chimneys in the Endeavour hydrothermal vent field. © 2020 MBARI

MBARI: Hydrothermal Mapping is Heating up

to plan research dives and the location of monitoring equipment. Additionally, data can be used to estimate the volume and mass of hydrothermal deposits in the chimneys, which is critical for understanding the distribution of metal-rich rocks around vents, some of which have been targeted for deep-sea mining

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Deep Sea Mining Could Destroy Undiscovered Species, Says Ocean Panel

Mining on the sea floor should not begin before a full assessment of likely environmental impacts can be made, a report commissioned by the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy (Ocean Panel) said on Wednesday.Environmentalists including Britain's David Attenborough have called for a ban on deep-seabed mining that would extract resources including copper, cobalt, nickel, zinc, lithium, and rare earth elements from nodules on the ocean floor.The International Seabed Authority (ISA), a U.N. body headquartered in Jamaica, has drawn up regulations on exploration, but has yet to establish

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Indonesia Processing Requests for Deep-sea Mining Waste Disposal

Indonesian authorities are considering two companies’ requests to dispose mining waste into the ocean, a senior government official said on Sunday, at a time of heightened sensitivity about the environmental impact of mining.The requests come as mining waste management is increasingly scrutinized after a nickel plant in neighboring Papua New Guinea spilled red mud into the sea last year due to an operational failure.Indonesia was a major nickel ore exporter until last year, before the government stopped exports in January to support the development of domestic smelters.The government is keen to

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Stripe Puts $1 Mln Toward Carbon-removal Projects

as a distraction from emission cuts.Though he had not reviewed Stripe’s projects, Carroll Muffett of the nonprofit Center for International Environmental Law warned that direct air capture consumes too much energy to be efficient, while mineralization projects like the olivine plan would require mining on a scale rivaling the coal industry to attain global impact.“It is best understood as a public relations stunt,” Muffett said of Stripe’s initiative.Stripe’s money alone is a pittance, but the company believes its approach can act like a multiplier. Stripe will publish its

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SWORD Seafloor Rig Set for Sea Trials

by TI Geosciences LTD, a start-up backed by Royal IHC."SWORD is now ready to be set-up onto its permanent vessel and start sea trials, the final milestone before entering the market. Discussions are progressing with major operators in all concerned industries: Offshore Wind, Oil & Gas, Offshore Mining for operating SWORD to the benefit of their projects," Royal IHC said.The company says that SWORD collects undisturbed soil samples and in situ testing data for the purpose of designing foundation or anchoring of offshore structures, or alternatively for assessing mineral resources for mining

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