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August 3, 2017

GMG Completes Cable Burial Work off the Netherlands

CS Recorder (Photo: Global Marine Group)

CS Recorder (Photo: Global Marine Group)

 Utilizing the Q1000, CS Recorder completes cable burial project in three weeks

Global Marine Group (GMG), a provider of offshore engineering services to the renewables, telecommunications and oil and gas industries, said it has completed a remedial cable burial project for Prinses Amaliawindpark (PAWP), a wind farm off the Netherlands’ West Coast. PAWP covers an area of around 14km2 and comprises of 60 wind turbines that are connected by eight in-field cable strings that converge at the central offshore high voltage station.
The project, operated by Eneco, an energy company responsible for generating and supplying sustainable energy originating from wind, heat, biomass and solar farms, was completed according to schedule and in conjunction with operational and safety standards, GMG said. 
GMG’s first project with Eneco has been executed by CWind, which is part of the GMG and is responsible for delivering the company’s power capabilities. The project utilized CWind’s in-house resources including the CS Recorder, which has DP2 dynamic positioning; the Q1000, a powerful remotely-operated vehicle (ROV) jet trenching system; as well as a skilled onshore and offshore engineering team.
The 28km shore connection cable responsible for delivering power to the onshore substation was installed in 2007 and was trenched below the seabed to depths of up to three meters. Natural movement of the seabed in the subsequent ten years reduced its burial depth. As such, the main objective of the project was to rebury the cable to ensure its protection in commercial waters, and to comply with the site’s permit requirements.
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