New Wave Media

November 20, 2019

Mitcham Delivers BuoyLink 4DX RGPS Systems

Mitcham Industries said its Seamap subsidiary has completed deliveries of its BuoyLink 4DX RGPS positioning systems.   

So far this year, Seamap has delivered orders totaling almost $3 million for the 4DX version of its BuoyLink product line. Axxis Geo Solutions and the WGP Group unit of Magseis Fairfield are among the customers receiving deliveries so far this year.

Guy Malden, Co-CEO of Mitcham commented, "Our BuoyLink 4DX RGPS positioning system continues to gain traction with operators of seismic exploration vessels.  We believe that BuoyLink 4DX is quickly becoming the preferred RGPS positioning solution for marine seismic surveys.  This new generation of BuoyLink RGPS modules uses the latest advances in GNSS receiver technology to provide subdecimeter positioning for source floats and tailbuoys, and we increasingly see this technology applied in a number of new applications such as ocean bottom surveys and various research activities."