March 12, 2014

FSI Announces new LF Bubble Gun at OI

Image: FSI

Image: FSI

Falmouth Scientific, Inc. (FSI), a company in oceanographic instrumentation and marine systems integration, is to present the HMS-620LF Low Frequency Bubble Gun Seismic System at Oceanology International 2014.

FSI’s Bubble Gun Systems are suited for small boat shallow water geophysical surveys. Bubble Gun systems utilize a contained air volume to generate narrow band, low frequency acoustic signals. The data collected with HMS-620 systems rivals that of much larger, heavier, and more expensive air-gun, boomer, and sparker systems without the need for large power sources or air compressors. This technology provides superior signal penetration through coarse sand, gravel tills, and other difficult to penetrate sediments.

With some new technology developments and increases in the physical dimensions of the acoustic transducer FSI can now offer a much lower bandwidth system that gives even deeper signal penetration. Previous Bubble Gun systems demonstrated frequency characteristics in the low-hundreds of hertz, but the new HMS-620LF shifts the spectrum downward such that it produces substantial energy components below 100 hertz. And the new system only needs a small 2 KWatt generator as its power source.

FSI’s HMS-620LF seismic source vehicle is on display in Booth A150 at Oceanology International 2014 being held this week in London, U.K.

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