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Photo: EOM Offshore

EOM Offshores Becomes SBIR Award Recipient

On February 5, 2019, EOM Offshore, LLC became a SBIR Phase I award recipient under SBIR Topic N-183-141 entitled “Technology Development of Fiber Optic Moorings for Surface Communication Buoys.”This is an exciting opportunity for EOM Offshore which plans to use its patented mooring technology to design a new lightweight, fiber optic Stretch EM Cable that will be used to tether communication gateway buoys.  To date, there is not a mooring cable on the market that can strain as the communication gateway buoy moves on the surface in wave action without the fiber optics becoming damaged

David Millar, Director TechX Program, The Oil & Gas Technology Center

TechX: Pioneering and Accelerating

.Blue Gentoo, a firm which has produced a hydrate management tool that could save billions of dollars in reducing the amount of chemicals used to prevent hydrates, has a letter of intent for demonstrations.Sensalytx, a company developing software to make sense of the vast amounts of data produced by fiber optic downhole sensing systems, has a trial lined up with an independent operator in the North Sea.Envio, which has developed shipment tracking technology, and RAB-Microfluidics, which has devised an oil conditioning monitoring lab on a chip technology, both have field trials coming up.In October last

PGS Sells OptoSeis to Geospace Technologies

Norwegian marine geophysical company PGS said it has sold its OptoSeis fiber optic sensing technology business to Houston based Geospace Technologies.The transaction includes an initial cash payment at closing of $1.8 million, plus contingent cash payments of up to an additional $23.2 million over a five-and-a-half year earn-out period. Contingent payments will be derived from revenues generated from products and services utilizing the acquired fiber optic technology."After reorganizing during the fourth quarter 2017, we started exploring opportunities to divest our non-core OptoSeis technology

Launch of TRIAXUS from RV Investigator (courtesy of CSIRO)

Second MacArtney TRIAXUS ROTV for RV Investigator

to measure the parameters of Chlorophyll a to provide data on concentrations of algae in the water columnA PAR Sensor or Photosynthetically Active Radiation sensor to determine photon energy available for the photosynthesis processes in the water columnCustom sensor packages supported by the NEXUS fiber optic multiplexer and MMI (Man Machine Interface) mean the TRIAXUS can be programmed topside to perform various functions and undulations whilst being towed. Fiber optic umbilical cabling allows for the feedback of data in real time. Specially developed for this high-speed oceanographic data acquisition

Image: TE Connectivity

Cerberus to Acquire Subsea Communications Business from TE Connectivity

Subsea Communications business (SubCom).Headquartered in Eatontown, New Jersey, SubCom is a leading global supplier of subsea communications systems with approximately $700 million in revenue, based on fiscal year 2018 expectations. The business designs, manufactures, deploys, and maintains the subsea fiber optic cable systems that are vital for global communications.To date, SubCom has completed more than 100 cable systems and deployed over 610,000 kilometers of cable through its eight high-performance cable ships, which are among the most efficient and capable in the industry. SubCom, supported by approximate

Moog Focal LVEOS Model 430 (Photo: MacArtney)

MacArtney Supplies Moog Focal LVEOS Swivel to FPSO

a rotating connection for low voltage power, electrical signal and optical cables in a single package. The shaft is configured with hanging turret side cable pigtails that are factory installed.This model is designed to be located at the top of a swivel stack to allow functionality of a multichannel fiber optic rotary joint. The swivel is certified as a flameproof enclosure with increased safety junction boxes on the ship’s side. It is approximately 2.8 m high with a diameter of approximately 0.7 m and weighs approximately 1 ton

Figure 1: The Sea Otter Surf Zone Crawler

Seafloor Crawlers: New Robotic Tools for Challenging Missions

.3-kilopascal, when dry or 0.43 kilopascal when submerged. Track design can be modified for more aggressive grip or made wider and longer to reduce the ground pressure contact. Fenders are added to minimize turbulence and drag.Autonomous navigational accuracy is achieved by fusing data from a single axis fiber-optic gyro (FOG) and a 3-axis inertial measurement unit. A dual-band GPS receives a fix when surfaced and is used as a cross-check on position. Shaft encoders on each drive side measure distance traveled.Accuracies of 2% of total range have routinely been achieved. Turn-in-place (TIP) and arc-turns

(Photo: Aker Solutions)

Aker Solutions to Supply Umbilicals for Liuhua FPSO

in the third quarter of 2018. The work scope includes more than 35 kilometers of dynamic and static power umbilicals for the Liuhua 16-2, 20-2 and 21-2 fields, linking the subsea development to a new floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) unit.Power umbilical systems are bundled cable and fiber optic systems providing distribution of power, control and communication between subsea equipment on the seafloor and platforms or floating production facilities. The static section of the Liuhua 16-2 umbilical will be engineered using Aker Solutions' advanced manufacturing process called OsciLay

New Model 810 Pneumatic and Hydraulic Industrial Fluid Rotary Union (Image: Moog Focal)

Moog Focal Rolls Out New Fluid Rotary Union

need to be transferred across a rotational interface. There are a number of design options, depending on the application. The standard Model 810 FRU is available with two or four threaded ports of size 1/2 or 3/4 inch. A 1/2 inch on-axis bore enables easy integration with an electrical slip ring, fiber optic rotary joint or both.The Model 810 utilizes sealed-for-life rolling element bearings, ideal for long endurance applications and low maintenance. Filled PTFE based seals run on a hardened surface to provide long service life, minimizing frictional heat generation and operational torque. For marine

Saab Seaeye’s Sabertooth hybrid ROV/AUV (Photo: Saab)

Unmanned Vehicles May Soon Take Up Residency Subsea

docking capability in 2013, is a hybrid hovering ROV/AUV. The Sabertooth can work as an AUV, ROV and hybrid, has payload adaptability – which could soon also include a work class electric manipulator - and can work in 3000m water depth (with a target for 4500m). It can be operated via a thin fiber optic tether real-time communication/control at excursion ranges of up to 12km and can operate much further in AUV mode, without the fiber cable.For autonomous operations, Sabertooth is fitted with sensor reactive control and enhanced navigation capabilities, says Peter Erkers, sales director, underwater

(Photo: MMT)

AQUIND Interconnector Geophysical Survey Completed

of Great Britain and France respectively.Four cables, bundled as two pairs, will be installed along the 190-kilometer survey route, allowing transmission of electricity in both directions. The fully private project is being developed without the assistance of government subsidies and may also include fiber-optic data transmission cables laid together with the electric cables.MMT’s recent survey results will inform Environmental Impact Assessments in both countries and will be further refined during an upcoming geotechnical survey campaign to analyze seabed soil during the summer of 2018

(Image: ABB)

Powering the Seafloor: Put a Socket in It

is mostly putting its components in oil-filled containers too. Siemens Subsea is working on a subsea power grid JIP with Statoil, alongside Chevron, ExxonMobil, Petrobras and, since last year, ENI.Siemens is also advocating an infield low voltage distribution system called DigiGrid, which incorporates fiber optic communications.All-electricIn tandem with the development of the subsea power grid, moves toward all-electric equipment are being made. All-electric actuators have been in use for 15 years and were the primary form of valve actuation on Statoil’s Åsgard subsea compression project &ndash

The cable-laying vessel NKT Victoria at the Johan Sverdrup converter station at Haugsneset near Kårstø.(Photo: Øyvind Gravås - Woldcam / Statoil)

Efficient Cable Installation Slashes Emissions at Johan Sverdrup

the Johan Sverdrup field with power from shore.The starting point was the Johan Sverdrup converter station at Haugsneset near Kårstø, and by the end of May the vessel will have laid nearly 200 kilometers of power cables out to the field in the North Sea.Bundled with the power cables, a fiber-optic cable will once installed ensure good communication and enable monitoring and, when required, remote control of parts of the Johan Sverdrup field’s operations from shore.“We are now laying the very lifeline of the Johan Sverdrup field, which will supply the field with power from

(Photo: MacArtney)

MacArtney Underwater Technology Turns 40

competences, the company manufactures high-quality products, fully integrated systems and innovative custom solutions, from design to installation, supported by training, after-sales service and local workshops. Its competences range from mechanical, electrical and software engineering to specialized fiber optic and molding expertise as well as project management.Less than one year ago, the executive board of MacArtney changed top management. The position as CEO was assumed by Claus Omann, who took over from Niels Erik Hedeager, long-serving CEO who is now Chairman of the Board of Directors of MacArtney

(Photo: OceanGate)

iXblue Equips Manned Submersible for Titanic Mission

track our location in real time. The accuracy of the location data also allows the dive team to better track the areas of the dive site that have already been scanned or filmed, eliminating redundant scans and reducing the risk of missing key images of the wreck.”iXblue’s unique strap-down Fiber-Optic Gyroscope (FOG) technology, Phins 6000 subsea Inertial Navigation System (INS) provides accurate position, heading, attitude, speed and depth information as the manned submersible captures laser data and the first ever 4K images of the RMS Titanic shipwreck and debris fields. Its high-accuracy

The EMO DOMINO-7 fibre optic multiplexer (MUX) installed on an ROV.  (Photo: MacArtney)

MacArtney: Custom EMO Multiplexer

from the deep sea is an im¬mense undertaking, which calls for ensuring that multiple sensor and equipment types work in perfect unison and that all data are efficiently transmitted to the surface for analysis.    Custom ROV MUX System A custom version of MacArtney’s EMO DOMINO-7 fiber optic multiplexer system (MUX) was built for instal- lation on an ROV in Singapore with the aim of upgrading the subsea survey and camera interfaces of the ROV.   The DOMINO-7 MUX is a compact fibre optic system with a wide range of MUX channel and power supply configurations. Offering 3 videos

Fig.3. Located at 200 m depth, two ADCPs (150 kHz, 5-beam 600 kHz) are installed on the fixed platform of an SPM. (Credit: NSF-OOI/UW/ISS; Dive R1832, VISIONS ‘15 expedition)

ADCPs: Action in OOI's Cabled Observatory

; The SPM’s composite data set includes 18 instruments—platform and pod. They see a wide range of water properties. Plus, their simultaneous measurements have high resolution in time and space. The SPMs and their instrument suites (including the science pod) connect to the network of fiber optic cables. Each SPM has 1 Gbps bandwidth and 3000 watts power. As a result, live data are available on the Internet from sensors on the SPM platforms and their winched science pods.   Benthic Experiment Packages ADCPs are also aboard a couple of Benthic Experiment Packages (BEP) installed

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