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(L-R) Matt Kingsland, NOC and Paul Griffiths, Sonardyne, with the SPRINT-Nav 700 at the NOC robotics lab during Ocean Business (Photo: Sonardyne)

Sonardyne’s SPRINT-Nav 700 selected for new under-ice AUV

a high accuracy intelligent pressure sensor into a single housing, making it one of the smallest combined inertial navigation instruments on the market. SPRINT-Nav’s tight integration of all the raw sensor data at a low level provides unprecedented navigational performance and precision for subsea vehicles. Consequently SPRINT-Nav has consistently outperformed competing systems in trials carried out for a number of customers. The SPRINT-Nav 700, selected by the NOC, is equipped with the highest performance available sensors, including Honeywell ring laser gyros and accelerometers, and has a conservativ

(Photo: Forum Subsea Technologies)

DOF Subsea Orders Three Forum ROVS

to be delivered to the market. Forum has engineered the ROV footprint to suit the current specifications required by DOF Subsea and their prospective clients. These latest Perry ROVs are powered by a 150HP main and auxiliary hydraulic system.Kevin Taylor, Forum Subsea Technologies vice president of subsea vehicles said, “In total, DOF Subsea has more than 60 of Forum’s ROVs in their global fleet. As the market continues to pick up from a sustained downturn, it is reassuring to see this ongoing confidence in our systems which meet the operational resilience and safety standards our clients

Martin McDonald, Senior Vice President, ROV Division, Oceaneering International.
Courtesy of Oceaneering International

One-on-One with Martin McDonald, SVP, ROV Division, Oceaneering

locations on rotations, and this is a new way of working.To accomplish this, our equipment has to be reliable. We are investing significant energy and resources into improving systems reliability, along with component and material qualifications, so that today’s ROVs can become resident subsea vehicles that can be controlled remotely and operated with minimum to zero maintenance.What do you count as the most important technology, or technology trend, that has made ROVs more efficient and cost effective?Software and control systems – the two go hand-in-hand. They allow us to optimize

“We are moving autonomous technologies into vehicles that have always been "remotely operated" or even manned to realize more efficiency and capability.  We are really blurring the lines between "ROV" and "AUV" and minimizing the technical difference between manned and unmanned. ”
Ben Kinnaman, CEO, Greensea Systems, Inc."

Subsea: The Future of Unmanned Vehicles

Subsea vehicles of every shape and size have evolved mightily in the past few years, as a confluence of communication, electronic and autonomy technologies have conspired to increase the accuracy, duration and efficiency of such systems. MTR tapped a few key industry leaders to discuss the path ahead.“I think there are two current market drivers forcing the industry to develop and adopt technologies that make subsea vehicles more efficient and effective,” said Ben Kinnaman, CEO, Greensea Systems, Inc. “First, the market really wants to use miniature vehicles and realize the long-promis

Photo courtesy of SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation

Subsea Electrification: Subsea Power Evolves

batteries that are safe, smart, provide more capacity, deliver more power, are smaller and lighter, longer life, and highly reliable.For years, most electrical subsea operations were tethered, powered by umbilicals, which are costly, constraining, and require significant lead time.  Untethered subsea vehicles used sealed lead acid, which made them heavy and bulky, or batteries contained within 1 atmosphere pressure vessels, which can be expensive and heavy.Six years ago, Southwest Electronic Energy Corp’s SeaSafe battery brought revolutionary changes to the market. The first commercial pressure-tole

(Photo: Forum Energy Technologies)

Forum Bags Mojave ROV Deal

inshore market and found the Mojave suitable for the purpose because it is a truly mobile system which is very powerful for its size.”ESEA Submarine AS was established during 2016 by Stranden, an industry veteran with more than 30 years’ experience of working with ROVs.Malcolm Johnston, subsea vehicles sales manager, said, “The Mojave is a well-balanced vehicle that is highly-responsive and powerful for its size. It has a variety of tooling options which makes it an ideal fit for ESEA Submarine with the range of work it will be expected to perform.&rdquo

(Photo: Teledyne RD Instruments)

Teledyne RDI Improves DVL Bottom-tracking Range

combines the strengths of narrowband with our proven broadband signal processing, giving us the unique combination of the improved range of a narrowband signal, with the proven reliable bottom detection of a broadband signal.”Teledyne RDI’s DVLs provide precision navigation solutions for subsea vehicles. The new XRT option is available with new DVL sales, or as a fast and easy, firmware upgrade for customers with existing Pathfinder or Pioneer DVLs

Mike Read (Photo: Teledyne Marine)

5 Minutes with Mike Read, President, Teledyne Marine

months?We are optimistic on the health of the marine market across all market sectors over the next 12 to 24 months. Our interconnect and instruments businesses are beginning to see the effects of stabilization in what has been a weak energy market over the past few years. Interest in our autonomous subsea vehicles and interconnect for both U.S. and international government applications has been strong with expectation to continue to grow. Finally, due to the aging of U.S. infrastructure and increased demand on the global fish supply, we expect the civil engineering market and aquaculture markets to strengthen

The Gwynt Y Mor wind farm. Photo from Rovco.

Subsea Robotics for Renewables

produced. It showed a lot of internal structure in the data, says Evans, “water over flowing over each other bouncing off bathymetry, 3-4m/sec in some places, with interesting shear profiles.”VisualisationA number of projects are focusing on subsea visualisation technologies supported by subsea vehicles, to assess offshore renewables assets. An OWA project will see Kraken Robotics demonstrate its SeaVision 3D RGB Underwater Laser Imaging System on foundations. An initial system, incorporating a high-resolution camera and laser to create as built point cloud models, was designed for deployment

ION Sells Compasses for Subsea Vehicle Navigation

ION announced today the second sale of a number of its highly differentiated optical magnetic heading sensors to enable subsea vehicles to quickly reach their desired destinations.In the fourth quarter, successful field trials demonstrated the advanced compasses’ accuracy in GPS-deprived environments and led to delivery of the first commercial order in the first quarter.In less than a year, ION's devices business line made adjustments to adopt the compass offering from ION’s towed streamer positioning solution to suit the underwater vehicle market’s navigation requirements.

Saab Seaeye’s Sabertooth hybrid ROV/AUV (Photo: Saab)

Unmanned Vehicles May Soon Take Up Residency Subsea

there are still various challenges, however, including the readiness of subsea infrastructure for resident vehicles, regulation relating to unmanned vehicles, and skepticism and resistance to change. But, with a string of roadmaps in place, from vendors to operators and service providers, resident subsea vehicles are just a matter of time.(As published in the May 2018 edition of Marine Technology Reporter

(Photo: Forum Energy Technologies)

Forum Energy Technologies Adds European Distributor

Forum Energy Technologies said it has appointed a new single distributor for its extensive fleet of subsea vehicles across The Netherlands and Belgium.Seascape Subsea Technology BV will represent Forum Energy Technologies for the sale of the company’s range of remote operated vehicles (ROV) in the two countries, including its recently launched electric ROV, the XLe Spirit.Designed and built in-house at Forum’s Kirkbymoorside facility in Yorkshire, the XLe Spirit is the first offering from the company’s new generation of electric observation class ROVs.“Subsea Technology BV

(Photo: Forum Energy Technologies)

University of Limerick Buys ROV for Renewables Research

robotic imaging and sonar systems and fully automated manipulator systems.The vehicle will be housed at Limerick Docks where experimentation, testing and demonstration will be carried out. It will also be mobilized on vessels at other ports in Ireland.Kevin Taylor, Vice President for Subsea Vehicles at Forum, said, “We are very pleased to see the delivery and launch of Forum’s Comanche ROV which will support the University of Limerick’s renewables sector research team. The inspection and maintenance of subsea infrastructure is vitally important to the longevity and sustainabili

(Photo: OceanGate)

iXblue Equips Manned Submersible for Titanic Mission

positioning of the subsea vehicle.Increased positioning precision of Titan on the shipwreck site will be provided by Posidonia, iXblue’s long range and high accuracy USBL system that is operated from the surface ship and will be calibrated thanks to a Phins surface INS. Designed to track subsea vehicles to depths of 6,000 meters at ranges reaching over 10,000 meters, Posidonia uses advanced acoustic modulation, as well as digital signal processing technology and operates in the low frequency band for deep sea tracking operations. To communicate with Posidonia during each dive, Titan is equipped

Kongsberg’s Yara Birkeland unmanned container ship concept. (Image: Kongsberg)

Ocean Autonomy: Norway to the Fore

into the arctic.”Initially, it was work in the oil and gas sector, to avoid risk to divers, that led to Norway to pursue remote operated subsea technologies. It’s been more recently that the industry has been looking to develop more autonomous subsea systems, from processing equipment to subsea vehicles, such as pipeline tracking autonomous underwater vehicles.Within the past year, Norway’s Statoil has been working towards subsea resident vehicle concepts, deploying two different remote operated vehicles (ROVs), one from Houston-headquartered Oceaneering (the e-Novus) and one from Norway-based

Photo: Forum Technologies

Forum Energy Technologies Launches Electric ROV Range

vehicles enables superior connectivity and expansion capabilities when compared with other ROVs on the market. Ethernet interfacing allows for seamless integration with other industry sensors using common IP architecture and ease of remote data transfer.   Kevin Taylor, Forum’s VP subsea vehicles, commented, “We recognized the time was right to introduce a new range of electric ROVs as confidence begins to return to a depressed market. The XLe Spirit is the first vehicle in the range with innovative features which will meet the expectations and requirements of operators.&rdquo

Sonardyne 6G Wideband Acoustics allows simultaneous operations by  multiple platforms. (Courtesy Sonardyne International)

Digital Ocean: Making Subsea Data More Easily Accessible

or data-gathering vehicles can be collected by AUVs and then relayed to ASVs or manned surface units for transmission to ground stations via satellite.   Inertial systems – To complement its state-of-the-art acoustic systems and provide the best possible positioning solutions for subsea vehicles, Sonardyne has developed its own inertial systems, Lodestar and SPRINT. Lodestar is a combined solid-state attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) that is upgradable to become the SPRINT acoustically-aided inertial navigation system. The unit is comprised of three high-grade, high-reliability

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