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March 10, 2014

Dutch Government Picks Panther from Bluestream

Dutch Government Panther aboard the Arca

Dutch Government Panther aboard the Arca

For wreck removal, security and waterway maintenance, the Dutch Government chose the Saab Seaeye Panther XT Plus ROV.

This followed a year-long evaluation of ROV manufacturers using European Union tendering rules. Subsea operator Bluestream, drove the bid and have gone on to boost their existing fleet to 16 Saab Seaeye vehicles with the purchase of their own two Panther XT Plus, along with three additional Tigers, in an ROV investment plan for 2014 worth over £4million.

Speaking of the Dutch Government’s decision, Bluestream’s managing director, Rolf de Vries said the Government was impressed by the Panther’s ability to handle heavy payloads and cope with strong currents. They also saw Bluestream’s advanced maintenance philosophy - linked to Saab Seaeye’s training program - as the best on offer in the industry and a vital component of the five-year maintenance contract.

Rolf de Vries said that in more than 14 years’ experience with Saab Seaeye, the company has proven the performance capability of their vehicles and their commitment to support and training.

The scope of his fleet of 16 Saab Seaeye’s ROV’s now extends from general inspection Tigers up to the work class Panther XT Plus.

Commenting on building a 10-strong Tiger fleet, de Vries believes the Tiger is an ideal design for general inspection tasks and drill support in the North Sea, in terms of size and observation capability.

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