Posted by November 17, 2016

Marine Technology Apprenticeship Candidates Sought

Northwestern Michigan College is seeking candidates for its Department of Labor-approved apprenticeship program in marine technology, the only one in the nation with a focus on remotely-operated and autonomous underwater vehicles.

NMC will provide the classroom training from classes in the marine technology bachelor of science curriculum. The program’s goal is to develop graduates ready to perform applied technical work in this industry sector. This includes the calibration, deployment, operation, maintenance, and management of marine technology assets, including data collection, processing and mapping, for use in the marine environment both offshore and onshore. 
“Our goal is to produce graduates that are workforce ready with a strong background in the technical fundamentals,” said Ed Bailey, director of NMC’s Technical Division. 
The college’s existing strong ties to the marine industry make the apprenticeship program an excellent opportunity for an already-employed candidate to acquire additional training. Apprenticeships typically require 500 hours of classroom time and 2,000-6,000 hours of on-the-job training.
After completion of an apprenticeship program, the apprentice earns a nationally recognized credential from the Department of Labor that is portable and stackable. Additionally, an apprentice, along with earning a paycheck throughout the apprenticeship, is also elevated to journeyworker status that may lead to increased pay and upward career opportunities.
Registration for spring semester 2017 classes is going on now. Classes begin January 13, 2017. An additional ten-week ROV pilot training opportunity begins in March. Candidates can also immediately begin documenting the work experience portion and begin classes later. 
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