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November 3, 2022

MTR100 Spotlight: Greensea Systems, Inc.

Image courtesy Greensea

Image courtesy Greensea

The MTR100 is a look at the 100 leading companies, technologies and people in the global subsea sector. In the September/October edition, Marine Technology Reporterpublished the 17th Annual MTR100. Today's spotlight is on Greensea Systems Inc.

Marine robotics technology specialist Greensea Systems Inc. (Greensea) is a leading provider of a software suite that enables true autonomy, and advances underwater robotic systems and vehicles. Greensea’s team of engineers, following CEO and President Ben Kinnaman’s vision for advancement through technology, developed OPENSEA, an open architecture software platform with a modular framework. OPENSEA enables quick and easy integration of robotic systems, providing the client with a smart solution to deliver precision and accuracy to ROVs, AUVs and marine robotics. The modular framework offers the end-user a significant assurance of futureproofing, with the core operating software maintenance resting with the experts at Greensea.

Greensea was founded in 2006 with the aim to help deliver robust and precise integrated navigation and control systems for offshore vehicles, through a commercially available open architecture software platform. This, together with the vision of improving the relationship between operator and machine, has been achieved through the open architecture software platform OPENSEA. OPENSEA provides a robust technology framework for a range of robotic applications that is regularly updated to ensure it can meet the requirements for autonomous robotic navigation now and in the future. Greensea provides the following products and services, utilizing the OPENSEA platform: •OPENSEA as a Platform-Greensea works with manufacturers & developers to develop bespoke solutions for ocean robotics. •EOD Program Support-Greensea provides program support for militaries to provide fully autonomous robotics for explosive ordnance disposal. •EOD Workspace-integrated navigation, advanced vehicle control, visualization, and data management, for robotic systems used in explosive ordnance disposal. •SafeC2-long range command and control of subsea, surface, and surf zone vehicles. •Special Operations Program Support-diver navigation and program support for RNAV2 system sold by STIDD Military •Workspace & Professional Workspace-OEM software platforms for manufacturers of subsea vehicles. With headquarters in Richmond, Vermont, Greensea has offices in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and San Diego, California.

Image courtesy Greensea

OPENSEA is an open architecture software platform with a modular framework that is flexible and scalable. It facilitates quick and easy integration of any brand of sensors, devices and equipment into a single underwater robotic system, and, together with its operator interface, Workspace, delivers a cutting-edge solution in marine robotics. OPENSEA provides the capability to make robotic hardware ready to deploy through its extensive library and array of applications to provide sensor fusion, navigation, data management, communication, and payload and vehicle control. Its open architecture platform underpins integrated systems for navigation and localization, as well as control and autonomy, and provides operators with a straightforward and intuitive human-machine interface for supervising robotic vehicles. It also provides the foundation for industry-leading OEMs’ innovative and emerging technologies, and expediates their route to market. OPENSEA, as an open architecture platform, opens up a vast realm of opportunities and possibilities for customers and collaborators, with vehicle autonomy, long range command & control and vehicle agnostic driving continuous advancement in marine robotics. Since its launch, OPENSEA has been used in over 2500 marine robotic systems.

Greensea has launched two new companies, Armach Robotics andBayonet Ocean Vehicles, that take OPENSEA into new directions. Armach Robotics is using the on-hull navigation technology pioneered by Greensea, and will provide proactive, in-water hull cleaning. Bayonet Ocean Vehicles is using OPENSEA to provide amphibious subsea vehicles for autonomous use in deep sea, surf zone, and land travel. Federal contracts were awarded to develop a fully Autonomous EOD Vehicle capable of Automatic Target Recognition , long range command and control, and tetherless operation, and to prototype an Autonomous Amphibious Response Vehicle capable of detecting, identifying, localizing, and neutralizing hazards from Very Shallow Water through the Surf Zone.

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