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May 7, 2018

Nominate “Top 10 Subsea Leaders” Today

© Victor Ivin / Adobe Stock

© Victor Ivin / Adobe Stock

In conjunction with the 13th Annual MTR100, to be published in the July/August edition of Marine Technology Reporter magazine (, the editors at MTR are accepting your nominations for the “Top 10” leaders in subsea in 2018.

MTR’s Top 10 Leaders” nomination rules:

  1. The nominee can be a person, a company or an organization.
  2. The nominees can serve any of the three major subsea sectors: defense, offshore energy, science/academia.
  3. All nominees must be submitted in writing, to [email protected], by June 30, 2018.
  4. The selection of “MTR’s Top 10 Leaders” is at the sole discretion of the editors of Marine Technology Reporter.

In addition, please be sure to visit the online application form for the 13th Annual MTR100.

The MTR100 is a review of 100 leading companies, people and technologies in the subsea sector. The application form should take less than 20 minutes. As always, to be considered for inclusion in the MTR100 you must apply.

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