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May 15, 2018

Submarine Excursions Now Available in the Maldives

  • (Photo: DeepFlight Adventures)
  • (Photo: DeepFlight Adventures)
  • (Photo: DeepFlight Adventures) (Photo: DeepFlight Adventures)
  • (Photo: DeepFlight Adventures) (Photo: DeepFlight Adventures)

Relax by the pool, sip a cocktail on the beach, explore the marine environment in a submarine . . .

Guests at the Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru are able to go beyond the typical vacation experience with an underwater flight excursion aboard the three-person DeepFlight Super Falcon 3S, a submarine designed specifically for underwater tourism.

For $1,500.00 (+12% GST) per flight, a trained submarine pilot will take up to two guests below the surface to explore the beautiful Maldivian waters in DeepFlight Adventures’ newest 8-meter sub. Over the course of an hourlong dive, passengers can expect to skim over coral formations; fly through shoals of the 1,000 species of brightly colored fish that inhabit the BAA Atoll; and maybe even encounter creatures like turtles, sharks, dolphins and rays.

The battery-operated Super Falcon 3S features a brushless DC drivetrain and underwater lithium-iron-phosphate battery pack. It can dive to depths of 37 meters and features minimized electric and acoustic emissions so as not to disturb the marine life. Its flight-inspired design allows the Super Falcon 3S to glide effortlessly over reefs and cruise alongside marine life. It’ll never land on the seabed or reefs.

While underway, a surface team constantly tracks and monitors the sub. In the unlikely event of power loss, fixed positive buoyancy combines with a thrust and lift system to enable the Super Flacon 3S to automatically float back to the surface.

DeepFlight Adventures said it is expanding to additional locations around the world through a cooperation with HadalX, based in Shanghai.

General Specifications
Occupants: 1 pilot, 2 passengers
Maximum Operating Depth: 100m (330ft)
Dimensions LxWxH: 8m x 3.3m x 1.4m
(26.2ft x 10.8ft x 4.6ft)
Weight: 3400 kg (7500 lbs)
Maximum Payload: 375 kg (825 lbs)
Maximum Cruising Speed: 4 knots
Endurance / Autonomy: up to 8 hours
Type: Hydrobatic
Certifcation: Lloyd’s Register

Buoyancy: Fixed positive buoyancy, auto return to the surface
Emergency Flotation: Emergency infatable lift system
Egress: Internal or external egress
Stability: Dynamic self-righting
Depth Protection: Programmable depth protection system
Fault Detection Identifcation and Recovery System (FDIR): Record and monitor critical mission data such as depth, controls, life support, power, and overall system health, and provide audible and visual alarms

Life Support Systems
Oxygen System: 2 independent oxygen systems
Carbon Dioxide Removal: Replaceable soda lime cartridges
Emergency Life Support Duration: 72 hrs
Monitoring: 2 independent life support monitors

Propulsion and Battery
Propulsion Type: Electric, brushless DC direct-drive
Power Capacity: 14 kWH
Battery Type: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
Battery Management: Voltage protection, auto-balancing
Charging: Dual 120-240 VAC chargers
Charge Time: 4 hours
Emergency Battery: 72 hours for critical systems

Pressure and Hull Interior
Hull Type: Proof tested high strength composite
Viewports: Polished cast-acrylic hemispherical viewports
Seating: Custom adjustable with integrated harness
Air Conditioning: Adjustable fow air-conditioning system

Navigation and Communication
Communication System: Integrated underwater, surface, and internal communications with hand-held backup VHF
Tracking: USBL integrated tracking system with backup pinger locator beacon
Navigation: Magnetic compass, altimeter, depth gauge

Lighting: 4 external LED lights
Max Lumens: 7,000 - 9,300
Other: Rigid protective guards for acrylic domes, canvas cover, spare parts and tool kit, checklists and manuals

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