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Alla Weinstein, CEO, Castle Wind, a joint venture with EnBW North America.

Offshore Wind: California's New Gold Rush

those 27,838 GWh comes from offshore wind – yet.  As in other states, CA’s offshore wind is still to come, still on the horizon; or more likely, just over the horizon, keeping wind towers out of sight from CA’s postcard shorelines.It’s important to note that unlike some Atlantic coast states, e.g., New York, California has not set a specific demand for offshore wind.  In CA, offshore wind will result from merchant projects, not utility policies.  But, of course, this is California, with an almost insatiable demand for electricity – especially as electric vehicles

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VA Offshore Wind: A Strong Foundation

to bring (offshore wind) industry to the region.  We want everyone to ‘lean in’,” he continued, “to attract industry, not just in VA but in other markets.  We are well positioned to play a significant role for construction, supply and service up and down the Atlantic coast.”BVGA’s recommendations are worth a closer look because the suggestions have been incorporated within Virginia’s overall 2018 Energy Plan. Here’s a summary of BVGA’s five major recommendations (for offshore wind):• Create a “Virginia Office for Offshore

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More Tenants Move into COVE Facility

track water parameters – temperature, depth, salinity, dissolved gases, pH and many others.“RBR is one of Canada’s well-established ocean instrumentation companies headquartered in Ottawa. It’s great to have them establish a strong business development presence here on the Atlantic Coast at COVE,” Hanlon said.RBR Sales Director, Eric Siegel, said, “RBR works to think globally and act locally. The office location at COVE allows RBR to continue to network and collaborate with local commercial, academic and government clients, as well as get convenient exposure and introducti

EdgeTech 2205 sonar image of ARA San Juan 230kHz at 400m range scale (Credit: Ocean Infinity)

Sonar Helps Find Missing Argentine Submarine

EdgeTech, a manufacturer of high-resolution sonar imaging systems and underwater technology, said its side scan sonar technology was used to help find the missing Argentine submarine, ARA San Juan, which was recently located in 900 meters of water off Argentina's Atlantic Coast after a yearlong search.The deepwater search was performed by Ocean Infinity and its advanced fleet of 6,000 meter rated autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) equipped with EdgeTech 2205 Side Scan Sonars. The ARA San Juan was imaged by the EdgeTech sonar operating at a frequency of 230kHz and a 400-meter range scale.EdgeTech&r

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Argentine Submarine Found After Yearlong Search

The Argentine Navy submarine that went missing a year ago off the country's Atlantic Coast was found by a private company involved in what had been a massive search for the vessel and its 44-member crew, the defense ministry said in a news conference on Saturday.The ARA San Juan submarine was discovered by marine tracking contractor Ocean Infinity, 907 meters (2,975 feet) below the ocean surface. The vessel was found in an underwater canyon with its tail partially "imploded," Argentina's Defense Minister Carlos Aguad said.Given the poor visibility at the site, the ministry said it

Exxon Expects More Oil from Guyana's Offshore Block

of the biggest oil discoveries in the world in the last decade.The previous estimate was 3.2 billion barrels of oil equivalent, Exxon, the world's largest publicly traded oil producer, said.Besides Exxon and Hess, China's CNOOC is also part of the consortium that is interested in Guyana's Atlantic coast resources.Exxon said production from Stabroek could reach over 750,000 bpd by 2025, which could place Guyana in the same league as South American peer Ecuador, a member of the OPEC group of oil producing countries."Continued success in Guyana and progress in other upstream growth projects

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US States Slow Trump Offshore Oil Drilling Expansion Plan

president of petroleum operations. The Gulf of Mexico has some of the best discovered potential, he said.   BHP has previously explored acreage in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico, at its Sake project, in a formation off the coast of Alabama.   Proposed new lease areas along the U.S. Atlantic coast would require seismic mapping and development of infrastructure that would take time. "I can't put a fine point on whether we would pursue it," Pastor said.   Chevron Corp, which disclosed a large Gulf of Mexico oil discovery in existing lease areas earlier this year, said new

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NOAA Releases 2018 Hydrographic Survey Plans

  Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Fla. – This survey project provides updates to nautical charting products of the area and supports marine habitat research projects through the National Center for Coastal Ocean Science and the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries.   Atlantic Coast and Puerto Rico Approaches to Chesapeake Bay – This multi-year survey covers the approaches to Chesapeake Bay to support the safety of commerce and monitor the environmental health of the region. Approaches to Jacksonville, Fla. – The Port of Jacksonville entrance channel

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New York Noise: A Risk for Endangered Whales

said. While commercial shipping is the greatest source of ocean noise for whales in New York, it soon may be upstaged by seismic exploration for oil and gas, Baumgartner said. The Trump administration in June moved to allow energy companies to use seismic air guns for testing off the U.S. Atlantic coast. Scientists were surprised to hear North Atlantic right whales, only 450 of which exist worldwide, throughout the winter in New York, rather than just during fall and spring migratory months, Baumgartner said. Further study, he added, may confirm his suspicion that whales were hanging around

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Study: Climate Change Shifts Timing of River Floods

spring were often more than eight days earlier than in 1960, it said.   "Years with late snow melt have become rare" in the region, co-author Berit Arheimer of the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute said.   Elsewhere, the peak autumn season for floods along the Atlantic coast from Portugal to England, when soils get waterlogged by rain, had become earlier in the past half century.   By contrast, floods came a few days later around much of the North Sea and parts of the Mediterranean such as the Adriatic coast, because of delays in rains in winter.   It

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'Above-normal' Hurricane Season Forecasted

74 miles per hour or higher, including two to four major hurricanes, with winds of at least 111 miles per hour, Friedman said.   A normal season consists of an average of 12 tropical storms and six hurricanes, including three considered major.   U.S. residents along the Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast could be affected by the storms, as well as Mexico and the nations surrounding the Caribbean Sea.   The figures for 2017 are higher than last year's prediction of 10 to 16 storms, with four to eight likely to become hurricanes.   A weak or non-existent El Nino, which typically suppresses

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