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A new study uses a method of tracking the strength of near-shore ocean currents from a distance via measurements of coastal sea level. (Photo by Carol Anne Clayson, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

Florida Current is the Weakest Its Been in a Century

and time.”Piecuch, who specializes in coastal and regional sea level change, used a connection between coastal sea level and the strength of near-shore currents to trace the evolution of the Florida Current, a key component of the Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream flows north along the Southeast Atlantic Coast of the United States and eventually east into the North Atlantic Ocean, carrying heat, salt, momentum and other properties that influence Earth’s climate. Because nearly continuous records of sea level stretch back more than a century along Florida’s Atlantic Coast and in some parts

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NOAA Raises Predicted Number of Tropical Storms to Record High

up to 16 more named tropical storms this year, to as many as 25, the highest in the agency's history.The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season, which began on June 1, has already produced nine named tropical storms, two of which reached hurricane strength, including Isaias that lashed the North American Atlantic coast this week."We've never forecast up to 25 named storms, so this is the first time," said Gerry Bell, NOAA’s lead hurricane season forecaster in a conference call with reporters.The number of tropical storms could be as few as 19 for the year, Bell said, which would still be

The stern of the wreck has the remains of “36” and “140.”  Nevada’s designation was BB-36 and the 140 was painted on the structural “rib” at the ship’s stern for the atomic tests to facilitate post-blast damage reporting. (Photo: Ocean Infinity/SEARCH, Inc.)

USS Nevada Shipwreck Located

ship in the first Bikini atomic experiments in 1946, which she survived. Finally, in 1948 she was used as a gunnery practice target. Unable to be sunk by the ships using her as a target, she finally went down having been hit by an aerial torpedo on July 31, 1948.USS Nevada (BB-36) underway off the Atlantic coast of the United States, September 17, 1944. (Official U.S. Navy Photograph, Naval History and Heritage Command)Dr. James Delgado, SEARCH's Senior Vice President and lead maritime archaeologist on the mission, said, "Nevada is an iconic ship that speaks to American resilience and stubbornness

Alla Weinstein, CEO, Castle Wind, a joint venture with EnBW North America.

Offshore Wind: California's New Gold Rush

those 27,838 GWh comes from offshore wind – yet.  As in other states, CA’s offshore wind is still to come, still on the horizon; or more likely, just over the horizon, keeping wind towers out of sight from CA’s postcard shorelines.It’s important to note that unlike some Atlantic coast states, e.g., New York, California has not set a specific demand for offshore wind.  In CA, offshore wind will result from merchant projects, not utility policies.  But, of course, this is California, with an almost insatiable demand for electricity – especially as electric vehicles

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Offshore Wind – A Brief History

energy area lease bids jumped to $135 million, up from $42 million a few years earlier and just $1.5 million in an earlier round of bidding.”Another critical Strategy outcome: the National Research and Development Consortium, currently comprised of most major offshore wind developers and four Atlantic coast state agencies from Massachusetts to Virginia.  In 2018, DOE chose the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYERDA) as consortium administrator. DOE contributed $20.5 million for competitively solicited R&D projects, and NYSERDA matched that amount.Finally, Norton

Photo: JW Fishers

JW Fishers’ Dropped Video Systems for Aquaculture

sustainability of the industry.SIMCorp has several teams of professional Marine Environmental Biologists and Technicians, who are fully equipped to work with customers on all aspects of aquaculture production as it relates to environmental sustainability. A recent operation was completed off the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia where the SIMCorp field crew was conducting a baseline benthic habitat survey (ocean mapping). The team’s experience speaks for itself as Senior Project Manager Bob Sweeney’s summary perfectly describes the precision, accuracy, and quality of our underwater systems:

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VA Offshore Wind: A Strong Foundation

to bring (offshore wind) industry to the region.  We want everyone to ‘lean in’,” he continued, “to attract industry, not just in VA but in other markets.  We are well positioned to play a significant role for construction, supply and service up and down the Atlantic coast.”BVGA’s recommendations are worth a closer look because the suggestions have been incorporated within Virginia’s overall 2018 Energy Plan. Here’s a summary of BVGA’s five major recommendations (for offshore wind):• Create a “Virginia Office for Offshore

EdgeTech 2205 sonar image of ARA San Juan 230kHz at 400m range scale (Credit: Ocean Infinity)

Sonar Helps Find Missing Argentine Submarine

EdgeTech, a manufacturer of high-resolution sonar imaging systems and underwater technology, said its side scan sonar technology was used to help find the missing Argentine submarine, ARA San Juan, which was recently located in 900 meters of water off Argentina's Atlantic Coast after a yearlong search.The deepwater search was performed by Ocean Infinity and its advanced fleet of 6,000 meter rated autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) equipped with EdgeTech 2205 Side Scan Sonars. The ARA San Juan was imaged by the EdgeTech sonar operating at a frequency of 230kHz and a 400-meter range scale.EdgeTech&r

(Photo: COVE)

More Tenants Move into COVE Facility

track water parameters – temperature, depth, salinity, dissolved gases, pH and many others.“RBR is one of Canada’s well-established ocean instrumentation companies headquartered in Ottawa. It’s great to have them establish a strong business development presence here on the Atlantic Coast at COVE,” Hanlon said.RBR Sales Director, Eric Siegel, said, “RBR works to think globally and act locally. The office location at COVE allows RBR to continue to network and collaborate with local commercial, academic and government clients, as well as get convenient exposure and introducti

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