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Are O&G Digital Twins Useful? DNV GL Moves to Find Out

;s Technology Outlook 2030, a research report identifying transformative technologies in key industries, highlights a digital value chain run by machines and algorithms as a prevailing trend for the oil and gas industry in the decade ahead.Solving the digital trust challengeThe research expects cloud computing, advanced simulation, virtual system testing, virtual/augmented reality and machine learning will progressively merge into full digital twins which combine data analytics, real-time and near-real-time data on installations, subsurface geology, and reservoirs."Solving the digital trust challenge

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WFS Technologies Appoints Sharpe as Interim CEO

a Director of Operations for Jacobs. Sharpe will be working closely with WFS’s existing management team during the transition period.WFS provides a range of true wireless Subsea Internet of Things (SIoT) products that provide offshore operators with asset integrity monitoring with embedded edge computing for real-time insight

A REMUS vehicle shows the traditional four element DVL array (Photo Courtesy Hydroid)

ADCPs & DVLs: Recent Tech Developments

in an innovative solution - the hybrid acoustic-inertial navigator SPRINT-Nav. Here, the DVL transducers, the inertial motion unit and the depth sensor are housed together, offering a number of advantages. For instance, the individual DVL beams are used to update the INS solution while also computing a DVL velocity vector. The result is a more accurate and robust acoustic-inertial solution where the INS can discard individual beam measurements and persist even when some DVL beams lose bottom lock. Alignment offsets between the different sensors are calculated at the factory so the system can

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Protecting Subsea Cabling

these issues can prove.Fortunately, ‘Distributed Acoustic Sensing’ (DAS) technology provides a ready-made solution for the offshore wind industry to monitor and protect these crucial cables.Clarity and confidenceBy harnessing cutting-edge photonics, advanced artificial intelligence and edge computing, DAS converts subsea cables into an ecosystem of highly-sensitive, individual vibrational sensors, enabling the successful detection and classification of a wide range of threats.DAS identifies, with clarity and confidence, the different disturbances that impact cabling in offshore wind farms,

NotiloPlus’ Seasam AUV has been operating around the world. Photo from NotiloPlus.

Subsea Tech's 'March of Miniaturization'

smart ROV.The Seasam weighs in at 9kg and is the missing link between a small and compact but piloted ROV and bigger ROVs packed with kit that cost a lot. Nicolas Gambini, the Marseille-based company’s co-founder and CEO, says NotiloPlus is enabling a small vehicle with a lot of smarts through computing power. “Machine learning and software allows you to do positioning and sensing,” he says. “For positioning, you need to use lots of hardware, but we wanted this to be as cheap as possible. So, for less than the price of one high-end positioning sensor we have a system that uses

Technology Outlook 2030 (stills from video). Image: DNV GL

10 Tech Trends to Impact Shipping Industry

insight into the entire value chain for individual products.Traditional business models will be disrupted. Space, which was once reserved for state players, will continue to be transformed by private enterprises, who are driving down costs, for example through reusable launchers, enabled by advances in computing and manufacturing.  The scope of Big Tech will widen as data becomes an increasingly important commodity, putting it toe-to-toe (and sometimes in partnership) with Big Pharma, for example.Remi Eriksen, Group President and CEO of DNV GL, said, “In an era where unicorns and mega-tech companies

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Subsea Digital Alliance Launched

Wells. Software that helps drilling engineers make cost efficient, safe and effective oil wells.FutureOn - Field Development. FieldTwin is a data visualization and collaboration cloud platform that helps field developers make better and faster decisions.Entail – Engineering. Automation and cloud computing to dramatically increase the efficiency of analysis engineering workflows using Orcaflex integrated with FieldTwin.WINS - Operations. Delivering wireless systems for operators to retrofit live downhole data to enable a true digitalization of the field for optimized production and recovery.Digital

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IBM Joins Mayflower Autonomous Ship Project

centenary of the original Mayflower voyage in September 2020.A new Mayflower will set sail 400 years after the historic voyage, this time using AI and other advanced technologies, the American IT major said.The Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS) will use IBM’s AI, advanced servers, cloud and edge computing technologies to navigate autonomously and avoid ocean hazards as it makes its way from Plymouth, England to Plymouth, Massachusetts. During the 12-day voyage, the ship will be powered mainly by wind and solar energy."Putting a research ship to sea can cost tens of thousands of dollars or pounds

Photo: EOMAP

EOMAP Wins Funding for Next-Gen Satellite-Derived Bathymetry

to generate depth measurements and seafloor characteristics for regions of shallow water. Developed 20 years ago by EOMAP scientists then at DLR (Germany) and CSIRO (Australia), SDB’s potential to create a continuously updated global database of shallow-water bathymetry is hampered by the heavy computing power required to process the large amounts of data now available.The new funding will allow EOMAP to push ahead with new SDB procedures based on high-performance scientific computing employing field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). FPGAs are semiconductor devices that can be programmed by the

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