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Recovery of Autosub 6000 following BioCam dive. Image: Sonardyne

Seabed Imaging Re-imagined

core is a pair of high-dynamic range scientific CMOS (complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor) cameras, each with 2,560 x 2,160 pixel resolution – double that of SeaXerocks. These are mounted in a 4000 m-rated titanium housing, optimized for AUV mounting, that also includes low-power electronics to control the lasers, strobe illumination, communication, data acquisition and processing.Like SeaXerocks, BioCam uses laser lines, but has two lasers, which are pulsed in synchronization with the camera. These were installed on the NOC’s Autosub6000 to provide an ~8 m swath able to cover

Image 2: This triple-image of a cutting tool shows stages of design optimization from original CAD model, to topology optimized result, to the final additively-manufacturable part. Designed in nTop Platform by nTopology partner Yamaichi Special Steel.

The Case for 3D Printing Downhole Tools

exchangers, pumping and filtration equipment, drill motors—pick an oil and gas component and chances are excellent that it can be improved through new digital redesign tools and either 3D-printed or produced via more traditional means. Further ahead, the integration of advanced sensors and other electronics into such components raises previously unimaginable prospects for finely tuned, real-time measurement and monitoring of drilling operations.  Software providers are beginning to work on creating specific toolkits, with input from oil and gas partners, that will provide automated, reusable

(Image: AIRMAR Technology Corporation)

AIRMAR Opens Office in Cape Town

is marine veteran Craig Santer, who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the operation. “Craig is uniquely qualified to manage our Airmar and Marport business in South Africa. His 14-year career has revolved around successfully handling the sales, installation and service of marine electronics for both commercial and leisure vessels,” says Airmar CEO, Steve Boucher. “We’re pleased he will be at the helm of our South African office.”“Our rapidly growing business in this region really demanded an office be established here,” explains Craig. “We

Brian Vlad (Photo: AIRMAR Technology Corporation)

AIRMAR Hires Vlad as Marine Product Line Manager

Ultrasonic sonar and Chirp technology company AIRMAR Technology Corporation has hired Brian Vlad as Marine Product Line Manager. Vlad will focus on the direction and evolution of Airmar’s line of marine products, and joins with over 20 years of marine electronics experience, primarily in product development and line management.Vlad comes to Airmar following a lengthy career at Raymarine where he managed over 30 product introductions. In the role of Airmar’s Marine PLM, Vlad will help structure and focus Airmar’s product roadmap through market analysis and VOC feedback from both the

(Image: Arctic Rays)

Arctic Rays Debuts New Submersible Monitoring System

Arctic Rays, LLC has launched a compact submersible monitoring system for use in 1 atmosphere pressure housings.Designed specifically for manned submersible battery pods and electronics housings where immediate detection of leaks is critical, the monitoring system is suited for other applications as well.The 90.5mm x 51mm x 19mm single-board system monitors for ground faults, leaks and includes on-board barometric pressure, temperature and humidity sensors. The ground fault system monitors both poles of two independent DC busses up to 350V.  The leak detection system can monitor up to eight

Image Courtesy VLIZ

Quiet Seas Open Subsea Soundscape Exploration

and shallow coastal waters of Ostend-Bredene.  Using Seiche’s MicroPAM monitoring and mitigation system, developed specifically for autonomous surface vehicles (USVs), underwater sound was captured using two hydrophones trailed on an 8m in-water cable with depth sensor. The onboard Seiche electronics module acquired and recorded all data.VLIZ will analyze the sound recordings to identify underwater sounds originating from marine animals and the environment, including sounds from fish, invertebrates and other species that are typically masked by anthropogenic activities.This will allow VLIZ

Duane Fotheringham, President, Unmanned Systems, HII

One-on-One with Duane Fotheringham, President, Unmanned Systems, HII

over an enviable family of UUV’s to meet the mission. “Our main product lines have always been the REMUS 100, REMUS 600 and REMUS 6000. However, the technology that goes into these systems is scalable,” said Fotheringham. “The REMUS Technology Platform includes advanced core electronics, open architecture, autonomy and modularity that can be scaled to everything from small-class to extra large-class UUVs. While physical parameters are designed to the specific requirements of a vehicle, the key to this technology is independent of hull diameter, size or depth rating.’The

Photo courtesy of COVE

COVE Internship Project Begins Despite COVID-19 Pandemic

.The interns are completing, or have completed, their studies at Acadia University, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD). Their backgrounds range from a Senior Ship’s Officer with a diploma in business administration, electronics technician, environmental engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, interdisciplinary design, and electronic commerce.IBM and Accenture have donated their time and resources in a week-long orientation course for the interns prior to the project start date allowing the interns to hit

Nortek and Del Mar Oceanographic are collaborating to give researchers from around the globe a cost-effective way to answer vital questions surrounding the functioning of ocean processes. Image: Nortek

Case Study: Helping Ocean Researchers Obtain Hi-Resolution Measurements at a Lower Cost

a function of time at whatever position they are located,” Pinkel explains. “The Wirewalker can turn these one-dimensional signals into two-dimensional depth-time images, enabling much more ocean information to be collected and insight to be gained from experiments.”With no need for electronics, motors or computers to control the Wirewalker’s movement, there are fewer moving parts to break down. On-board batteries are only used to power the attached instruments.Crucially, the Wirewalker does not require a suite of specially designed instruments to capture data. For the most part

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