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TE SubCom to Design and Deploy Google's New Cable System

Undersea communications technology firmTE SubCom, a TE Connectivity Ltd. company, announced it has been selected by Google as the supplier of its Dunant submarine cable system. The four-fiber pair cable system will span over 6,400km and will connect the East Coast of the United States to Europe, adding dedicated capacity to Google’s global network and will enable interconnection to other subsea infrastructure in the region.Sanjay Chowbey, president of TE SubCom, said the Dunant cable system will be built using SubCom’s A1 cable family, which is optimized for projects compatible with higher

"The first half of the 21st century is the 'Ocean Age,' said RDML Tim Gallaudet, Ph.D., USN Ret., (Photo: Greg Trauthwein)

It is the 'Ocean Age,' Gallaudet Declares

NOAA is "exponentially increasing its use of drone technology moving forward," with each ship carrying "fleets of drones" to help exponentially increase coverage of the oceans.Gallaudet also discussed the value of public/private partnerships, noting that NOAA recently partnered with Google to help it whittle down the mountains of data NOAA possesses

Block Island Wind Farm (Photo: Deepwater Wind)

Wind Surpasses Hydro as Largest US Renewable Energy Source

, with 1,300 MW under construction. Once completed, those projects will double the size of New Mexico's installed wind capacity. Corporations and others outside the utility industry have become major purchasers of wind energy, accounting for 39 percent of capacity contracted in 2016. Projects for Google, Amazon and General Motors were completed in the fourth quarter.   (Reporting by Nichola Groom

Bathymetry and plant height map created with Visual Habitat 2.0 data (Image: BioSonics)

BioSonics Upgrades Aquatic Habitat Mapping Software

interpolated maps with bathymetric contours. VH2 allows users to interpolate and form gridded data using three different methods: Triangulated Linear Interpolation, Inverse Distance Weighting and Ordinary Kriging. Users can print maps directly or export results as KML, shapefile or image files for use in Google Earth or ArcGIS. VH2 also automatically computes grid statistics including the area, water volume and plant and volume. Existing users can download VH2 at no cost and a demo version is available for new users.   BioSonics President Tim Acker explained, “The release of VH2 software provides

Global map of the variations in the pull of gravity derived from satellite radar altimetry.

Evolution of Ocean Exploration: Mapping the Seafloor with Geodesy

of ship mapping locations or data, because it is done by dozens of different countries and companies. The big improvement would be to assemble all the data that’s ever been collected and figure out where the holes are so we can go out systematically and map them.”   In January 2016, Google replaced its global seafloor map with an improved version constructed using the latest gravity predictions and the available multibeam sounding data. NASA has a planned swath altimeter mission, SWOT, scheduled for a launch in 2020, that could provide another factor of 5 improvement in global ocean

TE SubCom to Upgrade to Southeast Asia Cable System

consortium is composed of Brunei International Gateway Sendirian Berhad (BIG), China Mobile International Ltd. (CMI), China Telecommunications Corporation (China Telecom), China Telecom Global Limited (CTG), Donghwa Telecom Co. Ltd (DHT) (a subsidiary of Chunghwa Telecom, Co., Ltd.), Globe Telecom, Inc., Google, KDDI Corporation, Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel), PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin a subsidiary of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk), and TOT Public Co., Ltd. (TOT).  

Arctic drilling: the Polar Pioneer in Norway’s arctic waters (Photo: Harald Pettersen, Statoil)

Norway's Heavyweights & Entrepreneurs

like Statoil gain full oversight of all those projects, new outfit Avito Loops has an integrated cloud solution that lays it all out in plain, detailed view: projects, portfolios, campaigns, business. Avito shows “your current state” and “your desired state” … A bit like Google Maps, it says, by showing where you are and where you need to go.   For aging installations in mature areas, Western Norway newbie, Connector Subsea Solutions, has developed a technique to remotely do pipe repairs in deep water, and contracts with BP and Shell are already bringing in some

(Image: XPRIZE)

Ocean vs Space: Exploration and the Quest to Inspire the Public

. In one example, we have a robot on a daring mission of exploration and discovery. In the other example, we have a very famous person on a daring mission of exploration and discovery. Both showcase the sense of adventure and human achievement. Yet the epic journey by Cameron is not as well-known (a Google search shows 251,000 hits for “James Cameron reached Mariana Trench”) compared to the Mars Curiosity journey (a Google search shows 446,000 hits for “Mars Curiosity Rover landed”). Clearly, the ingredients for a compelling and memorable story are more complex than the human

TE SubCom Launches New NOC Solution

;s NOC solution has already been selected for the Monet Submarine Cable, a 10,556km cable that is owned and operated by Algar Telecom (a Brazilian telecom company and ISP), Angola Cables (a multinational telecom company operating in the wholesale market), ANTEL (the Uruguayan telecom company) and Google. In the U.S., this new 6-fiber-pair cable system was landed at Boca Raton, and, once the system is live, neighboring cable systems will extend Monet’s capacity beyond Miami to other North American locations. In Brazil, Monet was landed in Fortaleza and Praia Grande near Sao Paulo for distribution

Photo: Marine Advanced Research

Google Maps Goes Coastal with Unmanned Boat

A new high-tech unmanned vessel, launched with the help of Google, will use innovative technologies from the boatbuilding and mapping fields to map shorelines and raise awareness of the impacts of global sea level rise.   Originally designed to be worn by backpackers, Google's proprietary Street View Trekker camera system was provided on loan to the San Francisco Baykeeper organization, allowing them to create bay-level maps. It plans to use the imagery collected—nearly 500 miles of coastline ranging from San Jose to Antioch, California—on its website and for educational purposes.

The 10,556 kilometer Monet Cable System connecting Brazil and the U.S. is ready for service (Image: TE SubCom)

Monet Cable System Ready for Service

enhancing connectivity from the United States to Brazil has been completed and is ready for service.   Commercial traffic via the intercontinental Monet Cable System is expected to commence shortly, announced project partners from the U.S., Brazil, Angola and Uruguay.   Monet is owned by Google, telecom company and internet service provider Algar Telecom, wholesale telecom company Angola Cables and telecom company Antel, and was built to provide a robust internet backbone to serve Latin America’s current and increased future connectivity needs.    The 100G-capable cable

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Rising Tide of Innovation at Davos to Keep Plastic out of the Sea

than 8 million tonnes of plastics enter the ocean each year while the three major international ocean clean-ups combined deal with less than 0.5 percent of that volume, said the UK-based foundation set up by MacArthur.   The award is also supported by philanthropist Wendy Schmidt, wife of former Google executive Eric Schmidt, who together sponsor a number of global initiatives to advance ocean exploration and clean-ups.   "The technical innovations developed by our winners are exactly what is needed to begin to address the wasteful material culture of the past century that is creating

Photo: Ocean Conservancy

Young American Sailors Call for Action on Marine Pollution

the ability to see the problem first hand so we feel like we're credible witnesses," said Rhode Islander Enright.   The pair has already signed up sustainability partner 11th Hour Racing, an environmental programme co-founded by the philanthropist Wendy Schmidt and her husband, Eric Schmidt, Google's executive chairman, via the Schmidt Family Foundation.   "Our collaboration with 11th Hour Racing is unique to our campaign and it's something we pride ourselves on," he added.   "We're actually working on a sustainability report reviewing the last edition. The basis

The PicSea concept is designed to open subsea robotics tech to new generations of users. (Image: PicSea)

PicSea: A New Concept for Ocean Autonomy

for ocean exploration, and I’m looking forward to the day when we have a much better understanding of the ocean and how to use their resources sustainably. Start-up’s and embracing new technological concepts will be a big part of that. Further down the line, my dream for PicSea is to create a Google Maps underwater, but for now, it’s about promoting diverse solutions and getting more people to ask themselves how do we collect ocean data and make it faster, lower cost and less risky? PicSea is the answer.” (As published in the January/February 2018 edition of Marine Technology

Proposed cable routing for PLCN (Image: TE Connectivity Ltd.)

Facebook, Google among Builders of New Transpacific Cable

Undersea communications technology company TE SubCom has partnered up with Facebook, Google and Pacific Light Data Communication Co. Ltd. (PLDC) to co-build a 12,800 km transpacific submarine cable system that will provide the first direct undersea route between Hong Kong and Los Angeles with ultra-high capacity transmission. Scheduled for commercial launch in summer of 2018, the Pacific Light Cable Network (PLCN) will become the highest-capacity transpacific route when completed largely thanks to TE SubCom's C+L technology, which effectively doubles the available bandwidth and capacity per fiber

Image: TE SubCom

US Shore Landing for Monet Submarine Cable

TE SubCom said it has completed the U.S. shore landing for the Monet Submarine Cable, a 10,556km cable that will connect Boca Raton, Fla. to Fortaleza and Praia Grande, Brazil, where shore landings were completed earlier this year.   Monet is owned by Google, Algar Telecom, Angola Cables and ANTEL. The 100G-capable cable system will provide a low latency route from Brazil to North America with a minimum bandwidth of 60 Tbps.   “With our system supply partners at TE SubCom, we’ve seen tremendous progress on Monet in the past several months, making today’s U.S. shore

Image: Global Marine Systems Limited

Augmented Reality App Brings 3D Models to Life

vessel C.S. Sovereign or the Q1000 ROV - key assets for Global Marine in the power market. Alternatively, switch to X-Ray View to read more information about each key feature of the two by pressing the hotspots shown in the 3D image.   The app is available for free download from the App Store or Google play by searching ‘GMSL’.   

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