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Nortek staff in China mobilizing the Signature VM package under the attentive eye of end user Wang Yan, Senior Manager of Hydrology at CCCC’s Zhongjiao No.1 Hangwu Engineering Reconnaissance Design Institute. As Signature VM is a straightforward plug-and-play system for current surveying, the crew were able to sail out for a test survey after only approximately 30 minutes of setup. Image: Nortek

Current Profiling & China’s Maritime Infrastructure Drive

China’s recent wave of infrastructure renewal has included a large portfolio of developments, such as ports and other developments, that have a subsea component. Accurate, efficient and cost-effective current profiling is vital in the successful implementation of major maritime projects.Nortek has been able to play a role in this side of China’s economic revolution, through its collaboration with a subsidiary of China Communications Construction Company (CCCC), a Fortune 500 listed firm that has been at the forefront of the infrastructure drive.CCCC & NortekCCCC’s hydrological

Maneuvering the Subsea Power Hub over the pier for the first system wet trial. (Photo: Nortek)

Tidal Power for Seabed Oil and Gas Installations

of oil and gas field developers. These include having two or more turbines and differing battery sizes depending on site requirements.The device being lowered to the deck of the Leask Marine C-Odyssey workboat, in preparation for installation at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC). (Photo: Nortek)EC-OG is confident that the Power Hub will have uses beyond filling the gap until power via cable to the seabed can be installed or restored. The equipment offers the prospect of at least five years’ running time without needing maintenance, and probably a lot longer. So it could serve well

MSS Defender at the surface in a pond in Spring City, inspecting a submerged ship for training (Photo: Nortek)

Collaborators Make ROVs Smaller and More User-friendly

. Getting it all to work together takes a high level of collaboration between professionals, located around the world.The Defender models now being produced by Pennsylvania-based VideoRay, a world leader in inspection-class ROVs, are a prime example.For these vehicles, Norwegian Doppler specialist Nortek deployed its DVL1000 Doppler Velocity Log in collaboration with both VideoRay and Vermont’s Greensea Systems – which supplied the OPENSEA operational software platform, inertial navigation, and an autonomous control system for the ROV – to create a versatile, powerful and extremely

Inside research tank of University of Miami SUSTAIN laboratory (Photo: University of Miami)

University of Miami’s Hurricane Research is Helping Save Lives

;s Alfred C. Glassell, Jr. Surge Structure Atmosphere Interaction Laboratory – otherwise known as SUSTAIN. Here, he and a team of researchers are trying to improve forecasts of hurricane intensity and associated storm surges. Their efforts are supported by advanced scientific tools from Nortek, a Norwegian acoustic instrumentation developer.“The ultimate goal of our research here is to save lives by improving hurricane forecasts,” Haus explains. “We want to be able to plan evacuations more smartly, to evacuate only the people that need to be evacuated.”The importance

REMUS M3V  (Photo: Hydroid)

Hydroid's Most Compact AUV Ever Produced

When scientists and engineers at Hydroid set themselves the task of designing one of the most compact autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) ever produced, they collaborated with Nortek to provide high-quality navigational equipment capable of fitting such a small form factor.   Hydroid has built on REMUS AUV technology – first developed at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts – to become a leading manufacturer of trusted, field-proven lightweight AUVs for underwater search and survey. Acquired by Norwegian technology firm Kongsberg Maritime in 2008, the

Sensors Switched-out at the Bourne Tidal Test Site

Two Nortek Signature 500 acoustic doppler current profilers (ADCP) at the Bourne Tidal Test Site have been removed and replaced with new, freshly charged Signature 1000 systems.The data that is being collected is part of the research being conducted by Soroush Kouhi a PhD candidate at the University of Rhode Island (URI). He and his team of students are working out the details of how best to measure and characterize the water flow resource at tidal turbine sites. The Bourne Tidal Test Site is a great place to learn about how to deploy, calibrate and manage these sensors in the turbulent waters of the

Echogram of diel plankton migration. (Image: Nortek)

New Acoustic Technology Aids Fisheries Management

are coming to fruition as fisheries management is begins to take on a more holistic ecosystem approach and funding becomes even more limited. In order to match these changing needs, scientific instrumentation must follow suit.The Signature100 long-range current profiler from Norwegian manufacturer Nortek lends itself well to collaborations between physical and biological scientists, since it uniquely combines the capabilities of an ADCP and a biological echosounder in one. It is currently the only instrument in the world providing this combined capacity, Nortek said.“The biggest advantage of

L3 OceanServer’s Iver Precision Workhorse autonomous undersea vehicle with low-drag side scan and bathymetry transducers. Photo courtesy of L3 OceanServer.

L3 OceanServer Unveils Iver PW AUV

range of 40-plus nautical miles on a single charge; Open and modular with commercial off-the-shelf components; Industry-leading tracking and safety communications; Precise, repeatable measurements based on iXBlue INS sensor; High-accuracy navigation solutions with extended range Nortek DVL; and Low drag with EdgeTech 2205B conformal side scan and bathymetry transducers.  

Tocardo International uses the Signature1000 to verify the performance of their turbines. The data from the instrument also helps Tocardo check the correct orientation of the blades. (Image: Nortek AS)

Optimizing the Tides

U.K. alone, the government estimates that wave and tidal combined has the potential to deliver 30 – 50GW equating to around 20 percent of the country’s current electricity needs. As investment and innovation begin to surge across the sector, Dutch-based tidal energy leader Tocardo joins with Nortek to help optimize the operational performance of its turbines.  Sicco Kamminga, Director of Nortek’s Netherlands division, explains how ADCPs are contributing to solving the world’s sustainable energy needs. Unlike other forms of renewable energy, tidal energy isn’t dependent

(Photo: OSIL)

Buoy Network Monitors Kiel Canal Project

each incorporate two Sea-Bird Scientific WET Labs multiparameter water quality sensors; one mounted at the surface within the robust central buoy structure to prevent damage to the instrument, and the other securely located on a unique mooring frame suspended 2m above the seabed that also accommodates a Nortek AWAC on a gimbal to monitor currents and waves. The exclusive mooring design includes a data swivel to ensure that the subsea instruments can continually report data without the risk of cable entanglements in the dynamic environment.   The buoys have a substantial power consumption rate owing

Reliable and constant measurements of environmental currents and other oceanographic environmental conditions can markedly improve the performance of fish farms in Chile. (Photo: Nortek)

Maximizing the Potential of Chile's Fish Farms

in Chilean ports. Now, the country has the potential to improve the performance of its aquaculture by fully adopting Doppler technology,” said Christian Haag, managing director of oceanographic service provider Mariscope Ingenieria SPA in Chile, and a representative for Doppler technology provider Nortek in the Chilean market.    Why is measuring waves and currents with Doppler technology a key part of making aquaculture more efficient?   Reducing aquaculture food loss with up to 20 percent Measuring waves and currents helps with issues such as calculating the most effective location

Image: OSIL

OSIL Awards Nortek Partnership Status

U.K.-based systems integrator Ocean Scientific International Ltd. (OSIL) has awarded Nortek AS status as an approved partner.   For over 20 years, Nortek’s Doppler technology has long been used to understand physical processes in the ocean, as well as in rivers, lakes and laboratories.   OSIL has produced and installed hundreds of systems that integrate Nortek equipment, and the approved partner status is an evolution of this long-standing collaboration, OSIL said. While data buoys represent the majority of systems installed, OSIL noted it also has vast experience with producing

The Fusion combines AUV, ROV and diver navigation and propulsion into one system. (Photo: Nortek)

A Breakthrough in Hybrid Underwater Vehicles

from U.S. manufacturer Strategic Robotic Systems is a breakthrough in hybrid underwater vehicles, combining AUV and ROV capabilities with diver navigation and propulsion – all in one system.   Essential to making this forward leap possible was Norwegian scientific instrumentation company Nortek AS and its Doppler Velocity Log (DVL), as crafty engineering and high-end bespoke sensors have helped to produce an underwater vehicle with efficient, capable and robust design.   Jesse Rodocker, President at Strategic Robotic Systems, emphasized the importance of Nortek’s DVL innovations

(Photo: OSIL)

New Dredge Monitoring Buoys for Jan De Nul

to the offshore oil, gas and renewables industries.    The 1.2m buoys will be used on dredging or renewables projects as platforms for environmental monitoring. Each buoy incorporates a variety of sensors from different manufacturers, including AML Oceanographic, Campbell Scientific and Nortek, with specialist seabed frames for current monitoring work.    OSIL said it worked closely with Jan De Nul Group to establish and meet the exact requirements of the systems and the rapid delivery times necessary, and the buoys are uniquely configured to quickly and easily swap between

(Image: Deep Ocean)

ROV Tech File: Meet the Phantom T5 Defender

of the United States recently attended demonstrations of the Deep Ocean Engineering Phantom T5 Defender underwater drone in various locations around the country.   This specially-equipped remotely operated vehicle (ROV) was developed in collaboration with Greensea Systems, Tecnadyne, Tritech and Nortek, specifically to provide security organizations with a new technology solution that enhances their ability to accomplish their missions, while at the same time, minimizing risk to personnel.   The Phantom T5 Defender is portable and deployable by two people. It can run on standard 110v or

Image: Nortek AS

MTR100: Nortek AS

Nortek designs, develops and manufactures scientific oceanographic instruments that are used to measure the movement of water in its different forms. For 20 years, the company has produced acoustic Doppler instrumentation, employing innovative processes in its product development and production. Its Doppler Velocity Logs (DVL), used for subsea navigation, and Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP), used to understand physical processes in the ocean such as waves and currents, are utilized by scientists, researchers and engineers at institutions worldwide. A product of thousands of engineering

FAST-1 recovered by Dominion Victory (Image: FORCE)

New Site Data Collected for Fundy Tidal Project

using laser diffraction) Tide, turbidity, and current sensors Orientation sensor (measuring pitch, roll and heading – crucial to platform placement and the analysis of all other instruments)   These include the Aanderaa SeaGuard Platform, the Sequoia LISST, ASL Acoustic Profiler, Nortek Signature 500, and the TRDI Sentinel V s100.   Wright added, “These sensors will add to our understanding of site conditions, including the presence and vertical distribution of fish at the site, and help inform our research and monitoring programs as they continue to evolve.”  

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