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Eduation & Career Day Set for OINA 2017

OINA 2017 - San Diego Aerial (Photo: OINA)

OINA 2017 - San Diego Aerial (Photo: OINA)

A highlight of OINA 2017 will be a dedicated Education & Career Development Day and OceanSTEM Panel addressing the education and career development needs of the Blue Economy.

A diverse conference program during next week’s inaugural Oceanology International North America (OINA 2017) will address the important issues of education and career development within the ocean tech industry. A dedicated Education & Career Development Day will provide an informative day of advice and inspiration for K12 educators and college students considering a career in ocean science and technology, whilst a breakout panel OceanSTEM & Blue Economy Workforce Development, on Tuesday, February 14, will look at the best ways to cultivate industry entrepreneurs and work force.

The Education & Career Development Day will bring together ocean science educators in this field to run a series of presentations to visiting high school students considering a degree in marine science and college students looking to break into the marine industry.

The morning Careers session for college students will offer an insight on the scope and scale of the career paths available within the marine science and technology sectors, a look into some of the exciting and emerging projects taking place in the industry today and guidance on how and where to look for jobs in the marine sector. The afternoon will provide an opportunity for students to network with the OINA 2017 exhibitors and talk about their technologies and potential career opportunities within their organizations before ending in a panel session of young professionals sharing their experiences of securing jobs in the marine sector.

Dr Bev Mackenzie is the Senior Technical Manager at the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology and is currently involved in developing activities for women in marine STEM and for early career professions. Commenting, she said, “We are really looking forward to supporting the careers day. Oceanology International is always a wonderful opportunity for us to meet the next generation of engaged marine professionals and to learn more about what they expect to achieve going forwards and their thoughts on where the sector is going. Unlike other sectors, recruitment in the marine sector is often done much more personally and networking with potential employers is hugely important. Oceanology International provides an opportunity for those actively seeking employment to meet with potential employers and also to network with some young professionals who were in their position just a few years ago to pick up some handy hints and tips.

The morning Education Worksop for K12 educators, will share with teachers new techniques and classroom activities to engage their student’s imagination and interest in the marine sector. Teachers will then have an opportunity to network with exhibitors and talk about their technologies and potential career opportunities within their organizations.

OceanSTEM, an initiative of The Maritime Alliance (TMA) that aims to raise awareness of ocean-related STEM (science, technology, engineering, math)careers and opportunities, will be the focus of one of the Tuesday conferences break out panels, OceanSTEM & Blue Economy Workforce Development. Chairing the panel, Linda Kurokawa, Director, Community Services & Business Development, MiraCosta College, Kurokawa said, “The future of the ocean tech industry depends on great science, entrepreneurs, a robust trained workforce and availability of capital. We will look at the challenges facing education to drive more people towards marine technology and science careers.”

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