Posted by April 7, 2017

FairfieldNodal Hires New Personnel

Mike Gilliam, Richard Bottomley and Simon Hayter have joined FairfieldNodal as the company continues to enhance its capabilities and invest in future growth.
Mike Gilliam has joined FairfieldNodal as Vice President of Operations, Fairfield Seismic Technologies, and will oversee the operations project management and crewing functions for the Data Acquisition unit. With operational experience in the oil and gas industry, specifically in the marine environment, Gilliam will bring knowledge and insight to ROV operations.
Richard Bottomley has joined FairfieldNodal as Strategic Account Director, Fairfield Seismic Technologies, and will be responsible for helping the company capture new available market share. As FairfieldNodal continues to expand its technology portfolio, Bottomley is uniquely qualified to bring these innovations to the marketplace.
Simon Hayter has joined FairfieldNodal as Vice President of Business Development, Fairfield Seismic Technologies, and will be based in London. Coinciding with the company’s global expansion to better serve customers, Hayter will oversee international sales personnel.
“FairfieldNodal sees opportunity for growth during this slow and tepid industry rebound,” said Charles “Chuck” Davison, President and CEO of FairfieldNodal. “We are committed to adding whatever resources are necessary to secure our position as a technology leader in our industry. We believe these individuals add tremendous value to our organization and are happy to welcome them to the team.”
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