September 23, 2013

Hawaiki Signs TE SubCom to Supply Transpacific Cable System

New Zealand company Hawaiki Cable Limited, owner and developer of Hawaiki submarine cable system, has signed a turnkey supply and installation contract with US submarine cable vendor TE SubCom.

The agreement is a milestone in Hawaiki’s planned 14,000 km trans-Pacific cable linking Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii to the U.S. west coast, the company said.

Under terms of the multimillion dollar deal, TE SubCom will design and lay an industry-leading coherent fibre optic cable system capable of 10 Tbps per fibre pair on the Australia/New-Zealand to U.S. trunk. A number of Pacific Islands located next to the cable route will be able to connect to the main trunk.

Undersea cable system elements - known as ‘wet plant’ - will be based on 100 Gbps wavelengths technology and are designed for future upgrades as terminal equipment advances. The cable system will also include SubCom’s Optical Add Drop Multiplexing (OADM) branching unit technology to connect multiple regional branches to the main cable.

“Our procurement process first started in October 2012 and has progressed according to plan. The supply contract with TE SubCom is a major step forward for Hawaiki and adds significant momentum to our project,” said Rémi Galasso, Chief Executive Officer of Hawaiki Cable Limited.

TE SubCom will survey the cable route and use collected data to design and manufacture the fiber optic cable system in its New Hampshire factories. The company operates a fleet of cable ships that will lay the cables across the Pacific Ocean.
The Hawaiki cable system is planned for completion in late 2015.

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