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April 4, 2013

UDT 2013 to Highlight Subsea Innovation

Photo: UDT

Photo: UDT

Returning to Hamburg for the fifth time, Undersea Defense Technology (UDT) 2013 will take place in the Congress Center Hamburg (CCH), from June 18-20.

UDT has for the last 26 years offered visitors to the exhibition floor a unique opportunity to experience firsthand the technological advancements in undersea equipment. 

An eclectic mix of companies have already committed to this year’s event. The exhibition floor will feature stands from Babcock, Lockheed Martin, DSIT Solutions, SeaBotix, DCNS and Kongsberg.

Alford Technologies exemplify the creativity available on the show floor at UDT 2013. The company, a first time exhibitor, will use the exhibition to display its range of explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) products. Of particular note is the new Pluton Maritime EOD Kit; a 60mm user-filled modular shaped-charge system specifically designed for underwater EOD operations. The device’s flexibility is derived from the range of explosive loads, accessories and configurations it enjoys.

EdgeTech’s latest technologies will also be featured in the form of its Littoral Mine Countermeasures Sonar (LMCS) System. LMCS is a mine hunting sonar with long-range capability, ultra-high resolution and integrated SeaByte Automated Target Recognition (ATR) software, which provides detection and classification proficiency. The product is a COTS solution designed around the proven LMCS system but tailored to meet specific operational needs.

UDT 2013’s focus on innovation will also be apparent on the VideoRay stand. The company, another first-time exhibitor, will feature a series of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) including the Pro 4 MIL 300S, an ROV specifically configured to enable military, government and force protection personnel to perform a variety of underwater tasks. The P4 MIL 300S adds BlueView P900-130 2D imaging sonar to the BASE Military System – an upgrade for low visibility environments, whilst the introduction of a crawler attachment enables the RUV to latch onto ship hulls in high current conditions for stable video inspections. 

AEROMARITIME Systembau will also introduce new technologies at UDT 2013. APCOS 4000 represents the company’s latest innovation in advanced platform communication systems. The product satisfies the contemporary requirements placed upon tactical and strategic communications networks and is designed to meet future demands through a hybrid routing and switching communications platform.

UDT Event Director, Anna Campagnoli said, “A major factor behind UDT’s continued success is its unique ability to anticipate, recognise and react to technological evolutions in the subsea industry and UDT 2013 is evidently set to build upon this historic achievement.”

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