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June 8, 2017

James Fisher Subsea Excavation Unveils MultiROV

MultiROV (Photo: JFSE)

MultiROV (Photo: JFSE)

Mass/controlled flow excavation (M/CFE) specialist James Fisher Subsea Excavation (JFSE) has launched the MultiROV system, bringing new levels of controllability and productivity for excavation requirements in the offshore oil and gas and renewable energy sectors.

The MultiROV reduces the services required from a vessel as it needs no stabilizing tuggers or clump weights. On-board thrusters allow movement and heading control which increase the operational window and productivity.
The system’s configuration means it can be deployed in water depths in excess of 3,000m bringing the benefits of M/CFE to the deep-water market.
Graham Murdoch, technical director at JFSE, said, “The MultiROV will bring real benefits to our clients with a range of challenging requirements. Automated heading and positioning controls greatly increase both productivity and the operational working limits.”
The system as standard also has the data hosting ability to run a multitude of survey sensors meaning there are flexible options for the real-time data that can be captured during operation. Additional capabilities of the MultiROV allow for the deployment and use of multiple other subsea tooling including shears, cutters and grabs.
The MultiROV has been developed with ROV specialist Aleron Subsea and is exclusive worldwide to JFSE.
Gary McConnell, business development manager at Aleron Subsea, said, “Its market-leading excavation equipment married with our technically advanced ROV solutions have produced a bespoke system for challenging applications within the subsea excavation market.”
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